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Talking Heads Try To Regain The Narrative

Mainstream Media (MSM) talking heads are desperate to regain the trust of Americans. They think they can do this just by proclaiming they tell the truth while alternative media only spews lies. Is this projection, or what?

NBC’s Chuck Todd was so obvious in this attempt that it was really pathetic. In a segment on Meet The Press, Chuck Todd said conservatives lack of trust of the mainstream media was “not based in much fact.” Really, Chuck? As if the MSM has been basing their reporting on fact? The American people are turning away from the MSM because we know it is filled with lies and propaganda. I never trust anyone who asks me to “trust them”. Trustworthy people don’t need to ask you to trust them.

The MSM has a very low opinion of the American public. Of course, it always has. Before there were alternative sources, they were able to control the narrative. It has lost that ability, and it is desperate to get it back. Why is there a sudden increase in censorship? Because they are trying to control the narrative. They are trying to regain trust. Trust lost, however, is difficult to regain. A large dose of humble pie would be a nice beginning, but ultimately, it comes down to being trustworthy……. all the time, not just when it suits them.

The Globalist controlled MSM has been exposed for what they are, a bunch of propagandists, who have a huge disdain for the American public. For CNN’s Chuck Todd, whose network has lost a large volume of its viewership, to actually claim that the MSM is trustworthy is laughable. Chuck, your network is dying. It is too busy pushing its Far Left, Globalist propaganda to even notice, let alone do something to rectify the situation. Patting yourselves, and your fellow talking heads, on the back, or giving each other fancy sounding, but empty, awards won’t work anymore, either. The American public has wised up. When will you?

View the Meet the Press video here.


Shorty Dawkins



  1. It really is amazing to watch…how far we have fallen. They are professional liars. They are paid to lie and spin, bob and weave. Where will they be when the music stops? Stephen King couldn’t write this!

  2. This is hilarious. The Bundy family woke so many people up. I thought CNN was news in March of 2014. The next month I saw and heard what all MSM did to complety misconstrue what Mr. Bundy was saying during their interviews of him. He used language that was par for his age of people and MSM used his choice of words to slander him. That slander was coming from FOX as well. Fair and balanced my rear end.

  3. “Meet the Press” has become so propaganda-laden that I quit watching it. I tried off-and-on but kept being driven away for lengthier periods. When Todd, the lap-dog lackey of his corporate masters infested the show, my disgust with the propaganda spewer resulted in a total abandonment of what USED to be a conveyor of news, thoughts, opinions and ideas from ALL sides of the political spectrum.

    I am convinced that an actual class war of some nature is underway in the USA along with all Western countries. I declare “class” war since moneyed elites with immense power and control of vital corporations appear to be behind many to most, maybe all, of the activities that have aroused the ire of freedom-loving nationalistic patriotic persons in ALL Western lands.

  4. MSM, what came first the roster or the hen??? Most people watch MSM for a laugh, watching the wolves in their den.

  5. I gave up watching TV months ago. Don’t miss it one bit. MSM touts Fox News as fair and balanced but it is just a ploy to convince the public that there really is a chance to get accurate news. It’s a lie. By the way, I used to get mailings in my email from Oath Keepers. Lately however I have gotten none at all. Is Oath Keepers being censored? It would not surprise me.

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