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South African Government Begins Seizing White-Owned Farmland

It has begun. The seizure of white-owned land without, or with little, compensation, has started.

Zimbabwe 2.0!

Zimbabwe (once called Rhodesia) tried the same thing. It seized white-owned lands and turned them over to blacks, just as South Africa did. Deja vu all over again. We know what happened in Zimbabwe, and the chances are very high it will happen in South Africa.

As a side note, Zimbabwe has now asked it’s former, white farmers to return.

Zimbabwe and South Africa are prime examples of European Elitist imperialism of a bygone era. Both practiced a form of apartheid, so they were chosen, by those same European Elites, to practice reverse apartheid, which will not benefit the native populations. Zimbabwe is a basket case because of it. South Africa will join them soon, if they continue on the same path.

Zimbabwe once exported large amounts of food. Today it imports large amounts of food. They have gone through a long period of hyper-inflation that has been remarkably similar to what Wiemar Germany endured. The nation has collapsed and its people struggle to exist.

The example of their neighbor, Zimbabwe, stares South Africa in the face, but they are choosing the same path. Only ruin faces them, if they choose to continue.

The Globalists love chaos. They promote it. They want starving subservient masses to beg them to save them.

The Globalist Mainstream Media (MSM) has been silent on the events in South Africa, which shows they approve of the South African government’s policies, just as they have been largely silent on what is happening in Venezuela. The MSM adores the Socialist government of Venezuela, even as its people struggle to feed their families amid widespread shortages. Did Stalin worry about the starving masses in Ukraine? No. He had promoted the food shortages there because he wanted the grain the Ukrainians produced in abundance so he could export it, for hard currency. The masses be damned!

The masses are always damned by the Globalists. The masses, to them, are just worthless mouths to feed. This is what Elites have always thought.

I feel sorry for the people of South Africa, but they have chosen the path that will lead to their ruination.


Shorty Dawkins



  1. Follow through w the Russians taking in the white farmers. Why can’t usa have south Africa white skilled laborers, since they have to give their jobs to blacks, homes to blacks, land to blacks

  2. The point here is our government steals our lands as well. Ask the question what dud tge Bundy family stand up to? How many land owners walked away from the land theives? We Americans are blind to what had been happening here because most Americans are not affected and have some false brain washed idea that western ranchers are evil. Meanwhile huge farms of corn, soy, etc are left alone. Wake up! Why are foreign countries controlling our western lands? Why murder ranchers? It’s been a war out here while city dwellers are indoctrinated into believing land owners are evil. Agenda 21…..30…

    1. The West is not people to people in the east. It is a place. America is not its people to the people in the east. It is a place. So the people in the east care little about America or Americans. But America is Americans, without Americans there is no America, but they have been brainwashed by the communists to believe just the opposite.

  3. When the Iraqis attempted to steal Kuwait land Bush went to war. The blacks are stealing the land in South Africa that does not belong to them and America does nothing. Whites in the fed gov hate themselves and other whites. It is ingrained in them thru long years of college miseductation and solidified by the Obamas of the US so that they can keep their cushy jobs in the fed gov.

  4. There were those of us who were there in 1994 and tried to tell the South Africans not to vote yes in the referendum. We were marginalized and dismissed as conspiracy theorists and bigots. It would be different with Saint Nelson, they said. Besides, they could then look forward to World Cup participation instead of being banned. it was a form of “peace in our time”. That time is now up. The ANC has tipped its hand by going after a game farm first. Asset stripping at its finest. The ANC has doubly harmed SA, first the agricultural sector and also the tourism industry. This coupled with a forced confiscation of nearly 400, 000 civilian forearms has starkly shown us the future with those who have eyes to see.

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