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PragerU Breaks Down Why the Left Demonizes Masculinity

Social Justice Warriors think masculinity is “toxic”. They want to feminize men. Of course, they are the first to run to a masculine man when trouble beckons. Give me a break.

Men have their role in society and women have their role. The two sexes complement each other. Denying that is to deny that there are two sexes. Oops! They do. Oh, well. You can’t account for stupidity.


Shorty Dawkins



  1. Was always taught that God, Guns and Guts made America (and made it Great). The Pandercrats, other Progressives and the Globalists have been active in the effort to remove God from all aspects of our daily lives. They have actively been seeking to disarm us since 1934. And over the last 20-25 years they have been trying real hard to turn our little girls into little boys, and little boys into little girls.

  2. The problem is “Toxic Feminimity” Women are never satisfied bla,bla,bla! Men should do this, men should do that! They have to change their way.
    Why don’t women quit being such jerks themselves?
    Men going their own way MGTOW is the solution. Look it up, get off the plantation guys! Quit listening to all those womens’ crap!
    Free yourself!! Nope…….. this ain’t SPAM neither.

    New found evidence…….
    This is the masculinity the LEFT is afraid of………
    They just didn’t know it existed for real!!!!!!!!
    Once they found out,
    Suckerburg and his Silicon Valley Alumni constituents had not choice to conspire against,
    Whom are anything but masculine,
    Wen’t into a frenzy at Starbucks,
    And tried to shadow ban folks……..
    Most Americans saw the attack……
    What a net loss for the super tech tyrants……
    When Ego and Power get in the way of business,
    business FAILS!!!!!
    Check the link,
    bit of comedy,

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