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Eric Parker, Scott Drexler, Todd Engel, Greg Burelson, Jerry Delemus, Pete Santilli…these men stood with the Bundys against a corrupt federal agency (BLM) that was trying to strong arm a family that had cattle grazing on their property, property that the federal government wanted to take.

These gentlemen that stood at Bunkerville with the Bundys, none of whom had any previous criminal records were held without due process of the law in less than desirable living conditions. Separated from their families for standing up & defending the rights of a family & a nation that still believes The Constitution is the law of the land. God fearing, America loving Patriots across this great land of ours are asking that these men be given a full pardon by the people’s president, Donald Trump.

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Shorty Dawkins



  1. Jerry is from NH and did nothing more than provide support to the group. He was not involved in any of the clashes with the armed BLM agents. The BLM instigated the incident to force the Bundys from lands they had used for decades. The Bundys sent the State checks for lease of the land, which by law belongs to the State, but the State returned the lease checks and refused payment. Jerry entered a plea agreement, but the judge ignored the agreement and sentenced Jerry to 7 years and then denied a trial for breach of the plea agreement. Please join me and sign this petition as the entire issue was perpetrated by a corrupt BLM not the Bumdys or the ones providing their support.

      1. We need more “dones” I see 600,000 followers here on Facebook…what are you waiting for? a troohy???

  2. I just don’t believe that the “Law and Order” President is going to pardon anybody who was refusing to comply with federal Law Enforcement officers.

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