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New York Times Hires Blatant Racist

The New York Times recently hired Sarah Jeong as part of their editorial board.  That she is a racist cannot be denied, as her own Tweets prove it to be true. You can view a number of them here, or by watching the video below.

With the hiring of Jeong, and the defense of that hiring by the Times, it is obvious that the Times is declaring open season on whites, particularly white males. Any claim the Times had on being the “paper of record” is now completely lost.

The New York Times defense of its hiring Jeong:

New York Times Hires Blatant Racist

Once again, the Times has shown it is a Globalist mouthpiece intent on promoting the “white privilege” narrative in an effort to divide us by race, while claiming to be “inclusive”. Hypocrisy!

The maniacal drive by the Globalist Media to promote hate and division through their various memes “white privilege”, “Russia collusion”, “anti-fascism”, and “identity politics”, is getting shopworn, and so obvious as to be childish. Sensible people everywhere are turning away from their antics.

That the Times, and other Globalist shills, defend their minions, while viciously attacking those who oppose their ideology is known, and discarded by thinking people. This new disgraceful chapter in the history of the Times is but a sign of the Globalists going into full-attack mode. It is patently obvious that they are so hell-bent on destroying our nation, that their fangs are now open for all to see. A cornered animal will show its fangs. So does the New York Times.



Shorty Dawkins



  1. Constitution protects freedom of speech and there’s been plenty of speech both ways! So I’m standing up for Constitution which allows all Americans to voice their opinions without being prosecuted. Government control is not an option!

    1. This is not a question of free speech Godfather. Thanks to free speech, we know who this creep is…which means NYT does too. This is a question of double standards, hypocrisy, and the death of the Fourth Estate.

  2. What ever happened to an unbias press? I know I just like asking that question I know the press is so far from being fair it it isn’t funny. They wonder why readership is down and newspapers are failing across the country. Who trust’s the news anyway I know I don’t.

  3. Some folks use the term “War on Whites” to describe the activity of Sarah Jeong and others akin to her. I prefer the term “War on Western Culture. In some to many ways, depending upon which elite-owned-media lackeys is spewing tripe, these people want to alter much to all of the foundations that created the USA and other Western countries.

    Various labels also apply such as Globalist and New World Order. It is handy to compare the feud between systems with the one(s) during the Cold War when Communism and free-market capitalism butted heads.

    The Berlin Wall fell and Mao’s sick experiment was altered so that even those cadre adopted a modified form of capitalism to make their economy function. Pondering Trumps’ interactions with Russia I wonder if he possibly views that country as possibly being in ally for sustaining nationalism and fending off the tyrannical elites and their massive corporate power apparently wanting to supplant the existing Western nation-states with some form of “New World Order.”

    Current affairs are extremely complex and difficult for us common folks to understand. The “signs of the times” can be interpreted in many ways. What worries me is the IMMENSE propaganda power of the corporate systems that control media, entertainment industries and other venues where indoctrination aimed at the masses drowns out individual voices. Toss in corporate power over governance and another venue of propaganda spewing occurs via K-12 schooling and at higher education levels.

    So very complicated!!!!

    Then toss in the diversity and multiculturalism scam and open borders and the ongoing barbarian invasion of all Western countries and the invasion of…

    Islam is far more than a religion. It is also a way of life, a set of customs and if not constrained by outside forces an economic AND governmental system. Islam is not compatible with the Western way of life. It is our right and DUTY to preserve our Western way of life.

    Why is NATO allowing Sweden, Britain and Germany to fall to foreign forces? Hungary is standing up to the barbarians and the tyrannical elites using those barbarians as a way to bring the West to its knees. Does a New Dark Age await us if the tyrannical elites attain their desires?

    Oath Keepers may have to expand its reach from protecting the Constitution to fending off the New Age Tyrants that the Founders told us in their writings would likely need to be confronted at some point. Perhaps that time is now.

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