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“Media” prints false information about Oath Keepers…again.

A group (that was unknown to Oath Keepers) announced a protest for Saturday, August 25 at Chapel Hill, NC, over the “Silent Sam” Confederate monument being torn down. A left wing “media” source used information from a facebook livestream to quote someone who claimed to be the leader of an Oath Keepers group. They published, as truth, information from a random facebook video. That information has traveled through various mainstream media sources. However, this person and group are not affiliated with Oath Keepers and never have been. They were using the trademarked Oath Keepers name without our knowledge or permission.

We found out about the group and their supposed “Oath Keepers” call to action the day before the event, and we did some research to find out who these people were. We privately sent the group leadership a demand to stop using our trademarked name. Friday evening, the group did a livestream video discussion. They said they had received our request, knew that Oath Keepers was trademarked, never planned to join Oath Keepers (just liked the name), and agreed to change their group’s name. This group’s new name is on their facebook page and on their livestream video of the protest on Saturday. We appreciate their taking care of this matter so quickly.

The name “Oath Keepers” can only be used with the permission of the national Oath Keepers leadership, and by authorized Oath Keepers chapters and members. It’s just like any other trademarked name. It’s legally protected. And a national “Call to Action” for an event can only be done by Oath Keepers national leadership. This has nothing to do with anyone keeping their oath as that is strongly encouraged for absolutely everyone. It’s about the unauthorized use of the organization’s name.

This is not the first time that various media organizations have neglected to verify the information they’re printing, especially in regards to Oath Keepers.

Situations like this seriously hurt the media’s credibility because they are printing, and relentlessly re-printing, false information.







  1. False flag operation? Common tactic. The Web assists with the use of this ploy. I use it myself but in a way that does not put me at legal risk. A common use is when I make a comment at a message board. Consider this scenario; yet another USA citizen is harmed in a horrid manner by an illegal alien invader (undocumented immigrant according to elite-owned media). The comments are the typical refrain of anger and outrage… the “preaching to the choir” scenario. To stick out from the mob and hopefully achieve my desire of arousing the masses I will chime in with a statement I do not believe in. A statement that is knee-jerk rhetoric implanted in the non-thinking politically correct citizen-sheep of the USA: “All humans are legal” or some other trite phrase typically based upon emotions.

    The replies obtained inform me I HAVE aroused the crowd and my task is done. Folks, when trying to influence folks on-line in a text manner the fewer the words the better. Yes, some topics require more words to convey the message. But, the fewer words used the larger the audience of folks reading your message.

    USA folks are, generally, mentally lazy. And the average reading comprehension level according to studies is around the 8th-grade level. Be aware of your audience and try to make your message applicable to that audience. Okay… that’s enough. For a peek at what the New World Order Globalist open-borders agenda mob is doing online and in real-life in New York City follow the link below. Please notice how that shroud their “leftist” agenda in buzz words and language that can make those opposing their efforts as evil or other negatives. The “About” page is enlightening.

  2. And Wikipedia (pedophile pedia) has OK as anti government malitia? Makes veterans flocking to join? NOT

    1. Also last night on FOX news, Carlson Tucker show, he was interviewing a “Antifia ” leader who stated that they where fighting back against fascism groups , hate groups, and included the III 3% group as one. They should pray we don’t show up.

      1. ” They should pray we don’t show up.” Right… the Maxine Waters showing. I’m all in, but strategic planning has to be backed with tactics that leave us in a position of measurable overwhelming power and strength. Winning is more fun. lol

  3. So the fake news liberal media actually used the Oath Keepers name for a story that didn’t involve Oath Keepers but when they reported on the attempted Maxine Waters protest the didn’t use our official name instead calling use a far right anti government group…
    Every local news channel here in Southern California reported it that way, guess they agree with Wikipedia…
    We should work to correct that!

    1. Yes, the Wikipedia post on Oath Keepers should be corrected, and it has been several times that I know of. They immediately change it back. Wikipedia has a leftist agenda which is more important to them than the truth.

  4. “GOOD EYE”, OK’S. Great observation, swell preventative planing and decisive intervention, to protect your material, merchandise, logo, reputation, and organization. Great work contacting the organization who pirated your legally protected material and tried to use it for their agenda, while discrediting yours. It was respectful by the pirating party to cease and desist immediately after you contacted them. However, this will happen more and more, in a furtherance to destroy, silence, and defame all organizations, all voices, and all people opposed to a Marxist, 21st century system.

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