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Help us launch the Oath Keepers Spartan Training Group program

We are proud to announce our upcoming Spartan Training Group program! The Oath Keepers Spartan Training Group program will be open to all patriotic Americans who are loyal to the Constitution, do not discriminate, and are not felons.

Our goal is to form training groups in as many states as possible. To join your local training group, membership in Oath Keepers will not be required, but will be encouraged. In the era of the Founding Fathers, they formed “training bands” with the express goal of training the public up to the high standards of the militia. The Spartan program is the modern equivalent.

Our qualified and experienced military, law enforcement and first responder veterans will train the American people up to a similar high standard. Such individuals will form a pool of trained, organized volunteers who will be able to serve as the local militia under the command of a patriotic governor loyal to the Constitution, or if called upon by President Trump to serve the nation.

How Can You Help?

Through October 16th, we will be running a fundraising drive to raise money for the Spartan Training Group program. Our goal is to raise $100,000 during the course of the fundraiser. You can help this effort by purchasing tickets to our Spartan Training Group raffle. Tickets cost $25 a piece, and each ticket purchased counts as a separate chance to win, so each ticket you purchase will increase your chances to win a Diamondback AR10 .308 Winchester (DB10CMLB) and a Lifetime membership to Oath Keepers. If the winner is already a Lifetime member of Oath Keepers, they will be given the opportunity to gift the membership to a person of their choosing.

Help us launch the Oath Keepers Spartan Training Group program

What Will Spartans Be Asked To Do?

Those who volunteer for the Spartan Training Group program will be trained to a high standard such that they may be called upon to protect our borders, or provide security for schools during active shooter situations, or serve on a Sheriff’s posse under a constitutional Sheriff. Additionally, they may be tasked with providing regular security at local schools, similar to the Sentinel Program enacted by Polk County Florida Sheriff Grady Judd.

Program members will also receive training to handle natural disasters and emergency relief, with the goal of being able to provide aid during disasters as we have in the past during Hurricane Katrina and the recent flooding in Texas.

Short of being called upon by the President, governor, local Sheriff, or to provide disaster relief, members will be trained to serve as volunteer security for local events, churches and effective neighborhood watches for their communities.

Who Will Provide The Training?

Along with the Spartan Training Group program, we will be forming Sentinel Teams. These teams will be comprised of highly qualified, vetted Oath Keepers in good standing and will be trained to provide in-house training in every state to our Spartan Training Groups.

Our Sentinels will provide our first response to disasters and emergency situations, as well as shouldering the responsibility of providing training to their local Spartan Training Group.

Both the Spartan Training Group program, and our Sentinel Teams will be 100% legal, professional training operations that we are putting into effect nationwide. Due to this, there will be a vetting process for positions in either group. Additionally, we can not accommodate or provide training to anyone with a felony record.

Think You Have What It Takes?

Our Spartan Training Groups are open to members and non-members alike, so feel free to apply today. Additionally, if you believe that you already have the training and experience to be a member of one of our Sentinel Teams, we encourage you to apply now! The application link below is for both Spartan Training Groups and Sentinel Teams. Select whichever you are applying for (or both) in the application form.





  1. AR10 is great if you want to carry the weight. I will take a Remington 700 any day. Next not to impressed here. There are several Midwest militia groups I try to follow. I am a retired USAF Master Sergeant. My primary skills are electronics, yet I have managed to build an 80%, imagine that. Just watched a spill on ALex J.’s channel. After visiting this website, think I will stand back awhile longer. How many of you were ready to head to Nevada to help the Bundies? I was waiting for ” ” militia group to deploy. My truck was ready. Berry Soto and Reid where wise in calling that situation off.

  2. This sounds like an amazing program. I hope I get the privilege to not only be part of a spartan group, but get selected for a sentinel position. I have been putting off joining the Oathekeepers for too long, but no longer. To all my fellow patriots, god bless and be safe.

  3. There is another group in TN it may be worth partnering with – Center for Self Governance:

    They give multiple levels of training, each of which build your ability to engage with government in the cause of Liberty.

    A HUGE issue I’ve had with the Liberty movement is that it’s a bunch of little groups working alone. We’re fighting a well oiled liberal machine that works like a team: they will activate people in UT to fight a conservative in FL.

    I see us like a bunch of gnats: annoying, but not much of a threat. But if we united our efforts across groups – as the left does – we’d be a deadly swarm of bees.

    I’m glad to see GW Griffith’s group and Oath Keepers begin to unite across 2 groups: neither becomes less, each becomes more. We need to keep adding more groups to our conservative initiatives.

    One of the most hopeful things I’ve seen lately is the “Walk Away” movement: liberals waking up to the fact that they’ve been mostly lied to and abused by those they have trusted. Here’s his website. Go on Youtube too and find dozens of more video’s from people who are walking away from liberalism/globalism:

    Prager U video:

    And I’ve seen “Left the Left” t-shirts.

    When Obutthead was re-elected I was disappointed, to say the least. But I also thought “this could be the best thing for America. Not because he’ll be good, but because he’ll keep pushing things so far left that he’ll start loosing the left”. Bingo.

  4. I’m not in the best of health, but I’m a former bouncer, bodyguard, and street boxer. I’ve scored quite high on the firearms range even taking home a few trophies and awards. Because of my health I figure I’m good for a first line of defense (cannon fodder if you will). I’d love to join and support this group. Hope to hear more in TN.

  5. I might not be the most physically suited for the spartan training. However, as a former bodyguard and bouncer I can still hold my own and have scored quite well in firearm competitions. I hope the spartan program comes to Tennessee. I’d love to do my part.

  6. Be cautious here…

    Opening this up to the GP is leaving the back door open for infiltration/counter-intel ops by antifa, etc. Aside from that, how do we keep the militant lefties from joining the groups to acquire proper training? Or worse, being infiltrated for ‘green on blue’ type attacks?

    I am 100% supportive of the idea and have thought about something similar for a while now… its about time that we all got better organized and properly trained……. because they are.

    Im just wary of creating/training a Fifth Column

    1. My concern as well. Doesn’t the Spartan groups compete with already established locally organized Militias? Is this a subversive means to put patriots on a national “list” and later to round them up? Very suspicious at this point.

  7. Make Militias Great Again!!!!! We need to be out there bringing it back, it is literally THE LAW, the 2nd Amendment is basically stating that the Militias are NECESSARY and REQUIRED of Americans, this is how we keep ourselves secured and free, let’s put ourselves out there and get good people on our team, i’ll be letting everyone know about this initiative, frankly 100,000 dollars is not enough but we can change that, we need to let people know how important this is… fight for our rights because the mainstream has people believing we live in a Democracy, Newsflash!!!! There’s no such thing as a Constitutional Democracy, only a Republic….in a Democracy your “Rights” can be legislated away, in a Constitutional Republic, they stay unless SERIOUS ratification is in place such as 2/3rds of the Senate and 3/4ths of The People voting….let’s make this MORE than a Militia, let’s make this part of America again. Remember that Freedom is NOT FREE….we need to go all in and bring this back, it is VITAL for America’s future, our future. Thank you Oathkeepers for this initiative, it is only the beginning.

  8. It’s about time OK national caught up to what a few of us are doing here around Lexington, KY. We’ve been training for years and so far I have rucked over 700 miles this year, competed in a 12K Run n Gun 2-gun biathlon/obstacle course race in February, a 10K Run n Gun 2-gun biathlon/obstacle course race in March, a 24 mile 1-day ruck in July, instructed at several basic and advanced firearms courses, and I am scheduled to compete in a 5K Run n Gun 2-gun biathlon/obstacle course race being run by the 5th SFG (The Legion) next month and will be running an M16 qualification couse at Atterbury Joint Manuever Training Center in Indiana in October. We can’t seem to get any Kentucky OKers to get off their butts and do anything. Much talk, and no action. Oh, and BTW, I’m 61 years old.

  9. Martin Niemoller, known best for his 1930’s opposition to the Nazi regime, reminds us today…
    First, they came for the communists, and I did not speak out.. Because I was not a communist.
    Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out.. Because I was not a trade unionist.
    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out.. Because I was not a Jew.
    Then they came for me- and there was no one left to speak for me…..

    Personally, for me, uniting is our biggest hope for standing for our liberty. The Left is united and connected already and they don’t care about the genocide of freedoms, the minimal ones we
    still have and the freedom that has already been taken away. In the last 20 years, over 10 countries have gone through systematic genocide, of those who dare stand up to their government, after their rights to bear arms to protect them from their government, was taken away. Several of them after their country signed the UN Peace Treaty. They are already doing that in some areas here in the United States. If this battle can’t be won through peaceful measures, its best to be prepared for what’s next. For our children, grandchildren and those yet to come. Unity of all people is always best, but unlikely to happen here. The UN Peace Treaty was narrowly voted down by our Congress, by about 6 votes. (Give or take a vote or 2) That’s too close for comfort in my book. That “Peace Treaty” takes away our right to bear arms. I’m not savvy in all I should be. An amateur at best. Any opportunity to increase my skills is worth doing. The Left is already built up. They don’t care about people, only socialism and communism. I CARE, so I’m excited to be a part of Spartan training. Best case scenario, I’ll be better able to support my community of all people during an emergency. Worst case scenario, I’ll be better prepared for whatever comes. Thank you for this opportunity!

    I am the Chair for Orange County, New California. The ONLY LEGAL & CONSTITUTIONAL WAY to split CA, based on Article IV, section 3, of the US Constitution. The last time this was done, West Virginia obtained Statehood from Virginia.
    Approval is required by the CA Legislature but we are prepared for that. As we go through this required process, we are exposing the fraud of the current CA Mono party with our weekly grievances against the State of CA. We have reasons to believe we will be successful and have 3 possible ways of making this happen. (West Virginia did not end up having to obtain Virginia’s permission due to circumstances) We are a split of rural versus urban and have 51 (out of 58) counties involved in doing this. Non partisan, but due to the rural areas, will be a red state, taking 25 Congressional seats from CA, leaving them 4 seats in Federal Congress. We are a Constitutional State, and our 2nd Constitutional Convention will be Oct 6th, in Irvine, Ca. This is open to the public, as we train to introduce and pass bills, by our already formed Senators and Assembly Members. We are 100% volunteer laymen.

    Please see the ORANGE COUNTY ,CA DEDICATED WEBSITE BELOW. (If in Orange County,
    Donations are appreciated, no matter how small. $3, $5, or however much you can contribute specifically to Orange County. Donations go towards education to our county specifically) Our State Website is (Donations to the State for expenses are also appreciated)
    Please take a moment to visit both. We are a non profit. Thank you

    1. Hello Pamela
      This coming midterms I will be voting Red down the line. Since President Trump’s state of the union speech the democratic party has been showing it’s true colors! I’ve been watching grindall61 on youtube and I see how democrats have destroyed California which was once a beautiful state. I see the great job President Trump is doing bringing jobs back, kicking out MS-13 gangs out, growing our economy, ending ISIS, and human/sex trafficking..ect..ect.. Rather than the left helping to Make America Great Again all they do is smear Donald Trump and offer no solutions. Our President is going against the DS or you may say the globalist and he needs our support! God bless our President, Military, Patriots, Whistle Blowers, White Hats and Truth Tellers. Lets all keep up the good fight. I plan on joining the militia myself! Good Luck and Godspeed!


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