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Have you seen the movie Revelation? It’s free thru Sept. 2!


We’re thrilled to have another opportunity to present to you

the top rated, critically acclaimed film

REVELATION  Dawn of Global Government

Have you seen the movie Revelation? It's free thru Sept. 2!


Starring Charlie Daniels, Special Ops General Jerry Boykin, Alex Jones, George Washington, and many more.


The American Republic, Christian faith and liberty are rapidly being destroyed by the Trojan Horse of globalism. The more we understand their methods, the better we can recognize globalist agendas and prevent further encroachments on our way of life.

If you have seen Revelation already, do you have friends and relatives who would enjoy and benefit from this documentary? Please send them the link to this article, or post the link on social media. All they have to do is sign up for their own personal free access link.


Help relight the Lamp of Liberty!

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Have you seen the movie Revelation? It's free thru Sept. 2!






    1. Thank you! I agree. I have watched it several times. I have also watched the Trilogy of interviews that will be offered by email, and I will watch those again also. No matter how much I think I know, there is always more to learn.

  1. Hi Folks, Here it is 5:45 in the morning and I am checking my email and just now see this notice for the Revelation movie. For some reason every time I click on a link to register for the movie, I get an error message that “too many redirects were made”. I reckon I’ll try again later ?

  2. I have recently seen Dinesh D’souza’s movie “Death of a Nation “ and Trevor Loudon’s movie “ Enemies Within”. “Revelation” is spectacular and is at least as good as the other two, and that is a high bar to hurdle. Great credible cross section cast. Everyone who cherishes this nation, our Constitution and our freedom should view this and share it with a friend.

  3. Friday 8-31-18. 18:33 hours
    When I try to register for the Revelation movie, I get an error message. “Too many re-directs” it says. This has been going on since the free offer first came up.

  4. “Safari cannot open the page because too many redirects occurred”. This is happening on my IPhone, and it ticks me off.

  5. Of all the movies I have viewed regarding the history of the destruction of our Republic and its Constitution…

    Revelation (all discs) is the best.

    Watch it, buy the discs, and make sure it is viewed by as many Americans as possible, from all walks of life; and, if you have friends in foreign countries, send it to them. The rest of the world is counting on the USA to save the sinking global ship.

    God bless the Untersees for what they have done for God, country, and world.

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