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Harvesting Liberty

In eastern Kentucky, which is part of Appalachia, there is a project that has been ongoing for a few years. It is called the Kentucky Cloth Project. As a part of the Project, they are growing hemp, creating fabric from that hemp, and, as a project within the larger project, they are weaving American Flags. This project is also supported by an organization called Growing Warriors.

Veterans, many of them disabled, are an important part of this project. They have gathered together with other citizens to create viable opportunities for this very poor region, which allows for people to remain on the land and build a future for their families.

Betsy Ross’ first flag was made from hemp. So were ropes, paper, canvases and many other items of the day. Today, unfortunately, hemp is considered a Class 1 controlled substance, which means that you can’t grow it in this country. A bill was passed in Congress that allows for research projects on hemp growing, and several States have passed State laws allowing for the growing of industrial hemp. It is under these laws that the Growing Warriors and the Kentucky Cloth Project received permission to grow hemp.

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Shorty Dawkins



  1. …and who lobbyed congress to outlaw hemp to begin with so he could import timber for fiber, timber from South America. Timber is inferior in fiber content compared to hemp.

    As stated here, hemp was previously used as a fiber source having many times the fiber content of trees. Once again an example of the general public being duped by the liars in DC so the wealthy can get wealthier.

  2. Take a look before Wikipedia follows suckerberg.

    It’s quite simple…….
    1 You (Citizens) can’t grow cannabis/hemp, as it may be used as a drug…..?
    2 You can’t manufacture products derived from cannabis/hemp, as it may be used, bought, or sold, as a drug…….?
    3 Government can’t TAX cannabis/hemp……
    4 But, Grandma, approved by (Government bureaucracies) can go down to Walgreens and pick up a prescription
    of Oxycodone, or Fentanyl……
    5 By accidental default it ends up in the wrong hands……
    6 Youth becomes addicted or dies…..
    7 That is okay…..
    8 WHY???
    9 Because it was manufactured, Taxed, and controlled by (Government bureaucracies)…..
    10 The fringe benefit of the establishment……? A double “WAMMY”, taxed once, distributed twice….!!!!
    11 Revenue to be earned by the poor unwitting recipients of this supported system…
    12 System at cost first incarcerates, then rehabilitates……..?
    13 Finally at cost, reassimilates these poor unwitting recipients of this supported system, back into the system!!!
    14 Repeat the cycle perpetually, OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER….
    15 All that money to be made by the Government Bureaucracies!!!!!!!!!

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