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Giffords’ Veterans Tour a Chance to Challenge Participants on Their Oaths

Giffords’ Veterans Tour a Chance to Challenge Participants on Their Oaths
How stumping for “gun control” squares with the Second Amendmentand their oath is left unsaid. (Giffords Veterans Tour)

“Veterans are uniquely qualified to address America’s gun violence epidemic—we’re crossing the country to show why,” the re-branded Americans for Responsible Solutions now calling itself Giffords announced.

Why they’re uniquely qualified is left unsaid.

“About 80 percent of the jobs in the military are non-combat occupations,” reports. And there’s a reason why the Constitution requires the military to be subordinate to civilian authority.

But you wouldn’t know that the way Gungrabby Gabby and husband Mark Kelly have latched onto the military as the arbiters of allowed civilian firepower. Kind of like in the old days, before April 19, 1775, when the military would unquestioningly follow orders to seize arms.

For “progressives,” every day is Opposite Day.

This Veterans Tour is a continuation of another effort. We’ve seen in the past how Giffords teamed with retired standing army brass like David Petraeus and Stanley McChrystal to try and subvert the Second Amendment and neuter the militia.

Just because someone served, or in their cases, enjoyed rewarding careers where they have made even more lucrative connections, doesn’t mean they either understood their oath or meant it when they swore to it. The Veterans Coalition elites clearly would issue orders to disarm the American people, and it looks like the Veterans Tour opportunists would gladly carry those orders out.

That makes it fair for veterans who believe unyieldingly in the right of the people to keep and bear arms to attend the “community-led conversations” at any of the seven stops identified in the above graphic and demand unequivocal answers to some questions, about their oaths, about founding intent and about “shall not be infringed.”

If you do go, please send us an after-action report and let us know what happened.


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David Codrea’s opinions are his own. See “Who speaks for Oath Keepers?



David Codrea blogs at The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance (, and is a field editor/columnist for GUNS Magazine. Named “Journalist of the Year” in 2011 by the Second Amendment Foundation for his groundbreaking work on the “Fast and Furious” ATF “gunwalking” scandal, he is a frequent event speaker and guest on national radio and television programs.



  1. Wow…a tour of solid blue states that have already enacted extra special restrictions on the 2nd Amendment. That’s a tour in force preaching to the choir I see.

  2. Maybe the US should start taking away some of the benefits these retired military people get each time they violate the oath they took. I wonder how long they’d continue if they started loosing money each time they did something really stupid that caused that violation?

    1. I agree Eddie ! this is outrageous !!! BUT they are the minorit, no matter what the media says. we patriots are many, strong, and resolute. we WILL defend our constitution !!! I stand with POTUS !!!

  3. For every Stanley McChrystal and Mark Kelly, there ‘s a hundred Marcus Luttrells and Chris Porantos. The former, political hacks and opportunists. The latter, heroes. Just like Liberals became Progressives are really Communists. Americans for Responsible Solutions became the Veterans Tour are really the Traitors Tour.

  4. The Oath I took in The USMC in 1966, to Support and Defend the Constitution of the United States of America against all enemies foreign and domestic, and to bear true faith and allegiance; it pertains to protecting and defending it from those also in military roles who would distort and subvert our Constitution. It is a lifelong OATH, only expiring upon Gods removing me from the living role. And they should know and be able to acknowledge more than anyone, that it is not the gun, but the moron behind it that is the root of the violence.

  5. so they want militia disarmed, do they? Fine.

    Read what Captain John Parker’s militia did in response to that command at Lexington when the hotheadedyoung Louie Jesse Adair ordered Parker’s men to lay down their arms and disperse.

    That message was reconfirmed a few hours and miles later in the day, when the detail told off to secure the North Bridge at Concord made similar intentions known to Isaac Davis’ Militia as they approached that bridge from further out. The volley fired by the “should be disarming” Davis militia took half the officers present out of the war, and scattered those units so badly it took Col Smith, the officer in command of the Regulars which had marched to Concord to disarm the town, nearly two hours to regain some semblance of order and head his men back toward Boston.

    Then, all along that long road to Boston the militia, decidedly NOT disarmed, proceeded to harrass, scatter, take out of action, about a third of the force that marched out in glory, and fully half that force’s officers.

    THAT is what our forbears thought about the ideaof disarming militia.

    Of course, General Thos Gage had no idea how many well regulated militia would take to the field overnight in response to his fourth powder raid attempt to disarm, as his King had commanded. Gage naifly sent out about 800 men, reinforced with another 1200 in the morning, to late to do much good. Meanwhile, overnight, over FOURTEEN THOUSAND well regulated colonial militia took the field to counter Gage’s raiders.

    THAT is how to deal with orders to disarm militla. And we are ALL militia.

    1. What about our recent “Call to Action” to help out the overwhelmed Sheriff’s battle with organized mobilized armed looters in the Snead North Carolina Florence aftermath? This is a perfect proof example that eliminates all doubt as to why ALL citizens should always remain well armed and ready in this troublesome world today. The active professional police simply cannot, and will never be able to, handle and control anarchy in a bad disaster scenario. PERIOD! And any attempt to restrict citizens from having the option to organize and protect themselves, is a direct criminal assault on their Constitutional rights.

  6. It is just me or do other folks kinda find it fishy that none of these “big time” veterans were enlisted? Do any of them have CIBs? Or any other proof of “seeing the elephant”? Seems like the folks (I’m looking at YOU Kelly, McGrath, and Lamb) were anointed “high-speed, low-drag” instead of “mud-movers” and bought into their own PR releases. You’re right – veterans ARE uniquely qualified to speak on the subject. But not you sorry individuals.
    A pox on all of you self-styled elite gun-grabbing twits. Molon labe. But pack a lunch… Without your “flying machines” and the EM that maintain them you are sorely naive and lacking in the force application game. We don’t need artillery in the field but you need crew chiefs, armorers, weapons techs and a ground guide to get out of the Officers’ Club.

    The Old Man
    US Army
    RVN 1969-1971

  7. Some of those in the so called “gun community” have taken a stance against civilians using military type service rifles in competition. The NRA Whittington Center in Raton, New Mexico will not host the JP Rocky Mountain 3 GUN competition next year because they disapprove of civilians competing with “sporting rifles”. I guess that because they cannot get up the testicles to come and get our guns they will make certain we do not excell in their use. DO NOT contact the NRA with hate mail because the NRA does not run the Whitington Center.

  8. Recall the 16 generals urging congress to legislate more gun control in the name of logic. Logic? Logic dictates the opposite; is it not the governments of the world that massacre 100’s of millions in contrast to the few killed by civilians? Common sense gun control is the 2nd Amendment. I repeat: If the government owns it, I own it. End of debate.

    Yes, generals, who were the chosen leadership, whose oath was set aside. Not a good example of those who chose nor the chosen. Who do they live next door too?


  9. Taking away their freedom and liberty and incarcerating them in some federal prison somewhere for the violation of their oath of office might do the trick? I mean unless they want to push the treason button and go that route?

    1. Gregory, It’s always been a mystery to me why both sides are always arguing about the ‘gun control’ debate but always ignoring the fundamental factual reality that ‘THERE IS NO ARGUMENT OR DEBATE on the 2nd/A or any form of Gun Control!
      ‘Shall NOT be Infringed’ explicitly means there are no exceptions, qualifiers, exclusions, capitulations, equivocations, ‘reasonable measures’ or any other agenda based Gun regulation bullshit. (hear that, NRA?!)

      In fact, if you Check out the article here on Oath Keepers archives where Constitutional Attorney Publius-Hulda clearly delineates this reality and the illegality of it, you’ll then know why USCC 18:242-241 was created, after much SCOTUS case lawuits supported it.

      It is a serious felony to abridge the aforementioned reality of the 2nd/A, and any other Amendment, punishable by life in prison depending upon the degree of resulting damage the violation of this criminal statute causes to your rights. Read this law. It’s a statutory crime to even attempt to make other laws that contradict the Constitution!

      So the obvious question is…Why is the ’68 Gun Control Act immediately nullified and repealed along with all other illegal gun laws?

      Yes, I know what some of you are immediately thinking. ‘It’s because the criminal justice system in America is replete with corrupted politicized prosecutors and judges.

      But i’m telling you, if we could get a true Constitutional Patriot State attorney general and OathKeeper County Sheriff in the jurisdiction where the next attempted gun control law is moving through their state legislation and indict them under 18-242 and perp walk them out of their capital building in cuffs and shackles…
      What do you think would happen next in the great ‘gun control’ hoax?

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