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Dr. Steve Turley Discusses Two Recent Polls

There are two recent polls that show a sizeable increase in two things: Trump’s approval rating and secondly, support for secession.

I find it interesting that support for secession has increased recently, mostly among Democrats. They hate Trump, and the anti-Globalist movement so much, that after years of pooh-poohing secessionists movements, that the Democrats now are beginning to see it as a viable option.

It is also interesting to see that since the censorship campaign began, and the outright ridiculousness of anti-Trump rhetoric has ratcheted up, his poll numbers have steadily increased.

As Dr. Turley points out, both these polls tend to support the idea that the Globalist secular domination that previously existed is decaying, in favor of a nationalist, populist, traditionalist based society. We are seeing this shift in many nations.


Shorty Dawkins


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