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Do Not Go To College

Coach Red Pill has some advice for those who are considering going to college: Don’t Go!

Why not? Because you are setting yourself up to be today’s version of an Indentured Servant. The debt you will burden yourself with, through college loans, will keep you in debt slavery for many years.

Unless you need a college degree to pursue the career of your choice, i.e, doctor, lawyer, engineer, pharmacist, etc., the debt you accrue while getting your degree will put you in debt slavery for many years, and delay your success, your future, rather than enhance it. He gives all the facts that educational administrators fail to tell students.

Rather, he suggests, get a job, start your own business, and learn about life and yourself. You will be ahead of the curve, can have a family and a house at an earlier age, and have no debt hanging over your head.

One reason he doesn’t discuss is the simple fact that colleges are the training (read indoctrination) centers for Globalism.

Coach Red Pill did a second video on college education where he refined what he brought up in the first video. He talks about what college means today, not what they say it means. Accreditation is not education. Getting a degree does not mean you have gained more knowledge. It is a statement that says you have been compliant and done what was asked of you, no matter what was asked and no matter how ridiculous it might have been.


Shorty Dawkins



  1. I have to agree with his statement. I went back to school a few years ago to complete getting my Bachelor’s degree, 20 years after not finishing the first time. Received my degree with 3.66 and never have been offered a job to compliment the degree. For a while I was making dollars over minimum wage to get by and raise a family. Now I am back doing what I was doing before going back for the degree and have a 50k debt I can never repay. I am 56, have no retirement and cannot make the payments. What a waste of time and money.
    Go to vocational or trade school and be happy…
    I should have!

  2. Coach Pill has made some very true points. The massive college debt will leave you a debt slave for decades. The federal
    college debt consolidation program is a help along with the income based repayment plans available. The rules for college debt are many and sometimes change. The debt is covered by a life insurance policy in the event of your death. Uninterrupted payments are made for about twenty-fives years, then the remainder of the debt is cancelled (check the federal program to be sure). College debt will not go away if you claim bankruptcy. College debt stays with you no matter what.

    Why take on debt in college or graduate school? One case was that hiring, longevity and promotion was not granted by merit. Sometimes a graduate degree made it so the administrators had to hire you and keep you even if some in the administration did not want to b/c the individual was not “somebody” or related to a “somebody” in the community. In this case a graduate degree was necessary in order to get hired, stay hired and reach retirement.

    In my case, have earned four degrees and learned a lot of things that helped me to get and keep my job. I was a “go-to guy” for several who sought my expertise. I needed what I learned. True, college is a lot of politically correct nonsense and jumping through hoops garbage, but I learned a lot that I needed, too. My “terminal degree” was the one that hit me with debt, but in my case, I had to get it.

    Times change. At one time I thought a 4 year degree in business administration would have been better than the undergrad and grad degrees I had. Not any more, at least in my area. Now I think certificates, diplomas or associate degrees from a community college would be sufficient to enter a field and someday own a business.

    Our country needs more people with degrees and graduate degrees in medicine. Look at the waiting lines everywhere. However, liability insurance is very high, start-up costs can be prohibitive, and pay is not always sufficient. Just ask some nurses, pharmacist assistants or other professionals. Also, a lot of colleges and universities are not not doing us a favor by screening out and discouraging so many undergrads and graduates in medicine and other needed fields. Sometimes professors think they teach “the gateway course” to the whole career.

    The need for college keeps changing. What field should a young person study? Will there be jobs by the time they graduate? A lot of the problems folks run into occur because of manipulation of markets by others with the power. This mess needs to stop. College debt slavery needs to stop. We need to pray and ask God to help and guide us on a daily basis. The Creator and Sustainer of the world is wiser than the fallen manipulators.

  3. Very well written, I’m almost 76 do not have a college education. The writer brings up valid points. I believe a mandatory service time(2-4) years after H.S. would educate people as too what they wanted to do, and G.I. bill could help with any college expenses. Our nation would be stronger.
    Thanks for the opportunity to say this.

  4. True points from a general perspective. However the premise here is college degrees have roughly the same in utility.
    Avoid the ‘feel good’ degrees….liberal arts etc. Be careful of the degree you (or your kids) pursue.

    Science (careful here, as not all science degrees are worthy of the time and money), engineering, medicine (especially)…..are worthy degrees.

  5. Meh, don’t go to college just to get debt. I like being educated. I wish I had a clear path to law school when I was starting college. I should have gone to community college to get a paralegal degree, and then transfer to State for my undergrad once I started working as a paralegal. I would have had little to no debt if I had done it that way. The law school I go to costs less than $13,000 for all four years and I will be working for myself when I graduate.

    There are pleny of ways to get educated, debt is real and should be avoided. I am not a fan of trade schools. They left me with no job.

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