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Democrats Counting on Ignorance and Apathy to Swing Midterms

Democrats Counting on Ignorance and Apathy to Swing Midterms
In this they are right — we can’t get complacent.

“Dem candidates embrace gun control in campaign for House takeover,” Fox News reports. “A study by The Wall Street Journal found that of the 63 candidates on the House Democrats’ campaign arm’s list of seats to flip in November, 62 support expanded background checks for gun purchases.”

Of course that’s not all they “support.” We know from statements made by gun-grabbers that the goal is evisceration of the right to keep and bear arms, with no less a figure than House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi lauding a “slippery slope” and former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens advocating repeal of the Second Amendment. The mask should be off on what the end game on guns is for anyone paying attention.

But that’s the problem — most people aren’t, including most gun owners. What little they know they get from “mainstream news” sources pushing a citizen disarmament agenda. At the same time, smaller alternative voices are being suppressed by social media and rigged search engine algorithms.

So in the furtherance of their goals, the gun-grabbers offer “baby steps,” and repackage their blatant infringements as “commonsense gun safety laws.” Doing it that way, along with plenty of illusory emotional appeal produced with slick and fake Madison Avenue-generated “PSA’s,” they start with proposals that sound reasonable on the surface to anyone who hasn’t looked any deeper.

That’s why “pragmatic” gun-grabbers are emphasizing “universal background checks.” Never mind that what they’re really claiming is ceding to government the power to forbid the private sale of property.

Never mind that it won’t make one bit of difference with the criminal population. Never mind that the same totalitarians who think they can control guns crossing borders demand open borders. Never mind that the National Institute of Justice has admitted:

Effectiveness depends on the ability to reduce straw purchasing, requiring gun registration…

And we know where registration leads, but for now, “baby steps”…

Like expanding the list of “prohibited persons” to include prior restraints and due process denials to those accused — but not proven beyond a reasonable doubt — of being ineligible to own a gun…

And then questioning why anyone NEEDS this firearm or that magazine or ammunition or accessory…

And we get back to the problem identified a few paragraphs up: The same people who will go to the polls swayed by the propaganda have no clue they’re being manipulated. “Democracy” really does rely on the forehead-slapping level of ignorance we laugh at in Mark Dice videos.

How do we inform our countrymen in time, so they don’t blindly fall for a birthright swindle that takes us along with them?

It can’t be done – and it won’t be done – unless you are a force multiplier. It’s up to you to share information with those in your sphere of influence. Regularly. No one can or will do it for you. If you don’t do it, it won’t get done.

And if it doesn’t get done, the choices, efforts and sacrifices you and yours will face will be a lot more difficult and final than sharing links to information the DSM suppresses Or recruiting members and kicking in a few bucks to support worthy efforts…


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David Codrea’s opinions are his own. See “Who speaks for Oath Keepers?



David Codrea blogs at The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance (, and is a field editor/columnist for GUNS Magazine. Named “Journalist of the Year” in 2011 by the Second Amendment Foundation for his groundbreaking work on the “Fast and Furious” ATF “gunwalking” scandal, he is a frequent event speaker and guest on national radio and television programs.



  1. I am a young man. I was quite enthusiastic about going to the ballot box to cast my vote. I cast my vote at City Hall…….. Then reality kicked in, after observing no change….If your voting for a individual (candidate) whom states they represent the collective values of a majority of folks whom go out and vote, then you’ve got a great thing going on! Sorry that isn’t the case folks…Hate to be the bearer of bad news. Vote all you want, you’ll effectively gain nothing more that a sticker that was given to you after you cast your vote. Way to go folks, thanks for taking time out of your day. Illusion provided for another moment to allow those that vote to have a illusion of hope.
    The Right Left Paradigm accomplishes nothing. Voting accomplishes nothing….
    The system is corrupt!!! It has been, and will continue to be.
    The great thing about this situation is we have NETFLIX now, we also have SPECTRUM, we also can watch the NFL all season long….We might even be able to order a sheet pizza and a dozen wings……..
    glue yourselves to that television, tablet, or Iphone……..
    Pay no attention to attention….
    Have some Wi-Fi
    Have a social network addiction…………
    It’s all free, as long as you aren’t free…….

      1. Are you British? Just wondering because you used the British preferred word ‘spelt.’ In America, the preferred word is ‘spelled.’ (Not wrong, just not preferred in America.) LOL

        1. He’s economising on letters, 5 as opposed to 7. He probably shouldn’t carry his economy too far. The word “Fags” while only 4 letters, is deplorable, offensive hate speech in the U.S. causing him to be labeled, scorned, etc. The word “Cigarettes” 10 letters would be unremarkable. Context need not be considered. Brits should be careful when speaking in the U.S.. We regulate free speech.

          1. Brits treat their own oh so well!! Imprisoned Tommy Robinson for contempt of court when he was outside on the side walk broadcasting a news story!! MI6 has turned into Stalin’s corruptables; the 21st century Gestapo Brits!!!!
            Here in America we had our own imprisoned Tommy Robinson, that is none other than political dissident Dinesh D’ Souza. However you won’t hear much about him on the MSM due to the fact that he is an American, India citizen, conservative, Christian, Catholic!!! It destroys the progressive lefts agenda…..:-)

        2. Much worse than Britt, Washingtonian. Glad to have you around to hold me accountable Peggy. BTW you should study the “Idiotes” as well we all should.

      2. Greg K it is counter productive to take a jab at bloggers without reason on the OATH KEEPERS forum; And/or any other discussion forum, on any other site. It is elementary behavior, similar to steeling your friends match box cars while playing in the sand box as children. However it happens all the time, and in a perverse way has become the social norm. That is the heckler strategy. A hecklers motive is to interrupt to disrupt. Insult, slanderize, and libel folks to the effect of preventing the exchange of ideas and/or legitimacy. What is appreciated by folks here, in my experience, is a bunch of well informed individuals sharing knowledge. We don’t all share the same beliefs. We aren’t all privy to the same knowledge. We are capable, intelligent and daily sort fact from fiction, in an effort to supply folks with “TRUTH.” We all maintain a well balanced understanding and interpretation of current events on a global level. The authors, members, current viewers, and bloggers at OATH KEEPERS understand the seriousness and consequences that our nation faces. They/we love their/our country, they/we love their/our families, they/we love our CONSTITUTION, they/we respect law enforcement, they/we support veterans, they/we are law abiding citizens, they/we are veterans, they/we are active duty law enforcement, as well as retired law enforcement and regular citizens, they/we have children, grand children, aunts and uncles that all feel the same way, nothing but love for our country, the greatest country ever established, the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. She has faults, She has made mistakes, but She is still not beyond repair. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!

        1. That wasn’t a slam at all Joe…..Obviously you didn’t take 10 minutes and study it. There’s a great lesson in there about Apathy, nihilism, and the fall of the Greek and Roman Governments.

          Study it, it will be worth the time. Words that we use now have very different origins.

    1. As the article alludes to but does not quite say it, we all live in a sort of matrix now ! It is very real and deliberately created to control the masses and how they think ! It is all about PRAVDA/MSM, the propaganda arm of the DEM/DSA . They can create any false narrative or false paradigm and ignore any crime or bad act they desire at any time. This is nearly 100% control of media outlets and it is a form of mind control. I have been writing about it and explaining it now for 7 years now and people are just now starting to see it all for what it is. Even at sites like this one they have been very slow to realize the seriousness of PRAVDA/MSM, pure propaganda !

      We are making progress simply because more people are waking up to these realities and we have a president who sees it all as well, because they tried to screw him hard with the propaganda. You say you are young so I will give you a little bit of advice from someone who has far more wordly life experience in many matters . Do with it what you please , but many young people do not have any kind of realistic reference point of what a bad day is ! Here ya go – What if I had just given up as you seem to be doing and threw my hands up in the air in 68-69 on the Cambodian border engaging NVA regularly and surrounded more than once ? Had I taken your attitude I would NOT be here to still fight the fight and trust me I am likely more fit and stronger than you are mentally and physically even at 70 ! All I am saying is, time to rethink and get a new reference point from a give up attitude and get your own shit together !

      Yes there is massive corruption and it is being exposed bigly so join in to help, not complain. Here are some excellent reference points and be sure to check out the fitness page for a reference as well ! When I train people I weed out the complainers and sorry asses very quickly because I realize you cannot help anybody that is not wiling to help themselves. Everything we see before us today was created to mind eff the populace by serious control freaks and apparently you seem to grasp that part. Now do something about it ! For starters throw away your smart phone as you seem to suggest and get strong and well trained out for any event. This also applies to many here not just you, as many have let themselves get fat and lazy, mentally and physically ! Focus on being a warrior for righteousness and nothing less and be part of the solution, not the problem of acquiescence and apathy that has been so prevalent in USA for a long while now ! As I said it is changing and you can help make a difference, but only if you start with yourself.

      I was crippled seriously for almost 10 years and healed myself by not giving up , anybody can do the same thing !–.html

  2. Being a hardcore Constitutional Libertarian I attempt to speak truth into current affairs regularly.

    About 2 months ago my socialist neighbor came over to hang on my gate and start a confab. Having always falling off the fence to Freedom you can imagine when the commie started up about how Trump was evil because he destroyed Obamacare and The Public Unions. I had all the correct arguments, but what I didn’t have at the time was my cell phone withe all the saved evidence that destroys their BS narrative.

    What really struck me was the Unions thing. Not knowing what she was grousing around about, I walked in the house and searched it. What Trump is being charged with in court is; “Not allowing Public Union folk to work on Union affairs more than 25% per week and for them to use their own resources when they are fired for cause.” BTW the main complainant is the Dept. of Treasury.

    Here’s what’s important; Every Progressive argument is sown with Hypocrisy. Save those stories and their counters in your phone so that you can support your case wherever possible. All progressives learn to lie to themselves first, everything after is second nature.

  3. Yes they are counting on ignorance and apathy in a big way because they have nothing else as a plan. But they also have PRAVDA/MSM, their propaganda arm and that is their real power or at least has been in the past. But it is also fading and collapsing as more and more is exposed. The answer and solution is simply to help many more people see it all for what it is, propaganda, lies and distortions !

    Many control mechanisms have been deliberately created to mind eff the masses in the last 10 years or so, like all of social media which is 100% designed to use smart phones as the tool of choice. None of it is coincidence or free markets at work as the CIA helped create all of it ! And today we see just who the CIA and FBI actually are ?

    We need many more people to wake the hell up and realize their own government morphed into a serious criminal enterprise during the Obama years by putting it all on steroids from the Bush years !

  4. The 2nd amendment reads “shall not be infringed”, but if you removed the amendment tomorrow it wouldn’t make one shred of difference if we followed the rule of law. Few look past those 27 words, and in fact the first 13 are almost universally ignored.

    So we have another article telling us what is wrong with this country, but no articles SCREAMING that the law of the land places the power “to execute the Laws of the Union” in the hands of the People, not the State.

    What has happened to this great experiment ‘of the people’ granting enumerated powers to government ‘deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed?’

    The answers can only be found in understanding our own shortcomings. We have made the written word more powerful than our actions. We lament at the open abuses of government but fall back at any opportunity to correct and chastise our charge. We fear any label that might be heaped upon us, for with it can easily come legal sanctions outside the scope of governmental authority. We are herded, prodded and subjugated by power hungry officials who garner power from our fear rather than clearly enumerated and granted powers.

    Ambivalence toward our obligations and our complacency with a mythical good fortune has made us subjects to a carefully engineered demise as a free society. Within that society reside the ‘Body Snatchers’ whose high thinking ideals are fed to us on a daily basis through the medium of an orchestrated media. Each and everyday an American individual is replaced by the controlled offspring of an agenda driven academia.

    1. This is a timely article By David C. Your comment is also timely.

      Yesterday a bunch of Attorney Generals from several states took the Defense Distributed Gun Printing to Court. Not because it’s illegal to produce our own guns, not because it’s illegal to own the equipment, not because it’s illegal distribute the drawings, not even because there are patent infringements. They took it to court on the basis of the “Greater Good,” or “For our own Safety.” As you know putting the “Shall not Be Infringed” aspect aside, the 9th Amendment secures our Freedoms not described by the first 8 and and statutory Codifications not secured by the Compact signed by the several states. In other words they are attempting to make Law via the Judiciary Branch, thus circumventing the process of and to subvert the Constitution.

      To make sure I looked up Sedition and by definition this is “Sedition.” Not only that we have Statutes that address it directly. I will give you a link at the end here so you can fish around. Early in this post I encouraged Joe to look up the “Greek Idiotes.” He took offense, not knowing the subject de jour, but the short of it is; they were the original Democratic Apathetic Nihilists. It’s especially interesting because the Roman Republic suffered in part to a similar nihilistic outlook.

      Get this, here in Washington State we are Registered 42% Republican and 39% Democrat, yet we voted 54% Democrat for President and 46% Republican. Here’s why, due to Seattle’s stranglehold, a lot of Republican Folk on the West side feel that their votes don’t count. Happens in the East as well. All we would have to do is show up one good time and shut er down, so to speak.

      1. Greg K, Thank you for the link. I recently asked a well known attorney about certain actions, and whether those actions could be construed as sedition. Yes.
        I have, for the last several years, been attempting to build a case surrounding the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. I’ve spoken on the topic, written some articles, written to the NRA, contacted representatives and even challenged them to open debate. The problem is that the vast majority are inculcated with half truths, and what appears to be deliberate twisting of the words. The 2nd amendment has 27 words, and only the last 14 are recognized by the so-called pro-2nd community.
        What I’ve reaped from those who should know better than to take the same tact over and over can best be summarized by Dr. Carl Sagan’s lament on being bamboozled.

    1. If you get the chance, plug your nose and walk onto a college campus and research this topic. As you probably gleaned, there are two camps on who, or/and what the “Idiota” were. Remember history gets written by the “Educated.”

      There’s whole fascinating aspect as to how the Greek Democracy was formed to allow for the Assemblymen (educated Land Owners) to interact with the Idiota. Painting it with a broad brush, eventually the Idiota got dissuaded and discouraged from improving their lot in life. It had implications on who got trained to participate in the military and education systems, etc.

      Nick made a spot on comment about our current education system that applies here. Bottom line is; the Internet doesn’t do it justice, and it appears the commies don’t want the masses to be educated on this interesting piece of history.

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