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#WalkAway Movement to Abandon Liberalism Goes Viral

“Once upon a time, I was a liberal. Well, to be honest, less than a year ago, I was still a liberal,” begins Brandon Straka, on a video he posted on Facebook. That video went viral in a short period of time, and has reached over 293,000 views.

Thus, the #WalkAway Movement was born. Many “liberals” are now abandoning “liberalism” because “liberalism” is, in Brandon’s words, abandoning them. He feels the hate filled Far Left is turning away from things he, and other liberals, have stood for, such as Free Speech.

Brandon is a gay hairdresser who has seen the ugly face of modern “liberalism”, and now he rejects it. The #WalkAway Movement is growing exponentially, as more people like Brandon are feeling left behind by the “liberals” who preach hate, who suppress free speech, promote political correctness and division by race, religion, ethnicity and sexual orientation.

Gays, in particular, are seeing the Far Left embrace of the homophobia of Islam as a threat to their well-being; even their very lives, as Muslims despise gays, even to the point of throwing them off rooftops. More and more gays are now turning to their Second Amendment Rights and are seeking arms and training.

Those joining the #WalkAway Movement are, in my view, most likely the true Liberals of the past, who used to stand proudly for the First Amendment, and for America. Not so the hate-filled “Progressives” of today.  Those in the #WalkAway Movement can agree to disagree. They can hold public discourse, without shouting down opposing viewpoints. They are against racism, not reverse racists.

It is not surprising to me that this #WalkAway Movement has sprung into being, as more and more Old Style Liberals see the hate being spewed by the Far Left Progressives. I was expecting to see it, though not so suddenly. True Liberals are not hateful people, just as True Conservatives are not hateful people. It is the crazies who are promoting hate.

Thomas Jefferson, who was one of the founders of the Democrat Party, would be ashamed of what it has become. As Brandon Straka has done, he would have walked away from it. (Or maybe run away.)


Shorty Dawkins



  1. I predict that the #WalkAway movement will not enjoy the life span of Pet Rocks or Chia Pets because (Repeat After Me): Liberalism is a mental disorder.

    1. Chip,

      Liberalism is a mental disorder born of indoctrination, IMO. It can be reversed by exposure to truth. Not all liberals can be cured. Some can be. Those who can’t be cured are what I would call the True Believers, who cling to their devotion to liberalism in a cult-like frenzy. They block the truth from entering their lives, and refuse to even consider it.

      I have known a number of former liberals who have come to realize that liberalism is a false siren; myself included. When I was 18, I was a liberal. By the time I was 21, the reality of truth forced me to see the light.

      Some disorders can be reversed. Liberalism, for some, is one of them.

      Shorty Dawkins

  2. It’s getting really bad when evil people think that the liberal movement is “evil”.

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