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View the film REVELATION Dawn of Global Government – FREE – July 12-22

Oath Keepers is pleased to have another opportunity to offer a FREE viewing of this outstanding film. Sign up below for free online showing anytime from Thursday, July 12 thru Sunday, July 22. If you missed the previous showings, now is your chance.

REVELATION Dawn of Global Government starring music legend Charlie Daniels, Special Ops General Boykin, Alex Jones of InfoWars, “George Washington” and many more.

As Patriots who cherish Faith, Family and Freedom, it saddens us to see those who would undermine liberty and our God given rights. Veterans, Christians and Liberty Lovers all agree this is a “must see” film.

For 10 Days ONLY… July 12-22


Go here to see the trailer and register for the FREE screening.

Free Revelation Movie Screening


Join our epic journey to WAKE UP AMERICA! Share with everyone you know!

Our founders were certainly inspired by Providence and so are we!


This is The Freedom Film of the Year!

Register here to watch the movie for free between July 12th and 22nd.

Free Revelation Movie Screening






  1. I keep signing up for this and getting nothing. Last month was the same. Where is the video???

    1. The link to watch the film will be emailed to you on July 12 at 7 pm central time. You will have until July 22 to watch it. and share it. Please check your inbox and your spam folder.

  2. This is truly put together very well I have watched the screening twice now and will watch it again I am looking to purchase this movie to add to my collection. Great job guys…

  3. I bought this movie about two years ago i think. Excellent documentary and it is a warning. to all who are concerned about liberty.

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