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UN Continues Push for Global Monopoly of Violence

UN Continues Push for Global Monopoly of Violence
“‘Excessive spending on weapons drains resources for sustainable development. It is incompatible with creating stable, inclusive societies.’ — United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres launched his new disarmament agenda this week.” (UN/Facebook) It’s telling they chose to illustrate that declaration with a firearm typically associated with citizens, not governments. According to our would-be global masters, we can’t even own revolvers…?

“Regulating small arms is a unique challenge,” UN Secretary-General António Guterres declared in a June 18 press release. “It is not simply a question of addressing Government stockpiles. Out of some 900 million small arms in the world, three quarters are in civilian hands — the majority unlicensed.”

“Controlling and regulating small arms therefore requires action that goes well beyond national security institutions,” Guterres continued. “It includes providing alternative livelihoods for former combatants, engaging with municipal governments and police, working with civil society, including grass-roots organizations and community violence reduction programmes, as well as local businesses.”

Anybody see exactly that unfolding here?

It’s not like the UN considers rights unalienable. Its Universal Declaration of Human Rights reads like a Utopian’s wish list until you get to Article 29:

“(2) In the exercise of his rights and freedoms, everyone shall be subject only to such limitations as are determined by law. . . [and] (3) These rights and freedoms may in no case be exercised contrary to the purposes and principles of the United Nations.”

In other words, the law is what the UN or any of its despotic member regimes say it is–as is your “law-abiding” status. And, of course, there is no declaration that the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

The UN Panel of Governmental Experts on Small Arms report proclaims, “All States should determine in their national laws and regulations which arms are permitted for civilian possession and the conditions under which they can be used.” So if the answer is “none” and “never,” your job is to obey.

And that not being enough, the push continues to force everyone into a “monopoly of violence.”

That’s a term coined by German political economist and sociologist Max Weber, who supported approving Article 48 into the Weimar constitution, establishing “emergency powers” to bypass Reichstag consent, and allowing Adolf Hitler’s rise to unchallenged power.

And lest anyone think the end game is control of guns, allow Guterres to disabuse you of the notion.  Yeah, he wants’ em, but there’s a reason for that. Total control:

“Only through sustainable development will we be able to build just, peaceful and inclusive societies and to achieve lasting peace. The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development is our agreed road map for building peaceful, resilient and prosperous societies on a healthy planet. Among the 17 Goals, there is a specific target to reduce arms flows, based on improving the tracing of weapons.”

“Agreed upon”? Did you agree to anything?  Anybody see any “consent of the governed” from those of us working to push back infringements and usurpations against our Constitution and Bill of Rights…?

The thing is, this is hardly new. Tyrants craving totalitarian control have plagued mankind throughout history. That’s why our Founders ordained and established a Constitution to “form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity.”

That’s why they mandated that “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

Guterres’ absurd arrogance is hardly new. He’s merely the latest flunky for the evil, squirming globalist Philosopher Kings that would control all as if they were gods.

Treasonous domestic enemies and useful idiots working to disarm their countrymen mask their subversion as “commonsense gun safety laws.” We know that’s a lie, that they’ll never be satisfied that the next infringement is enough. “Experience hath shewn” that each incremental gain is always used as a beachhead from which to launch the next incursion. Here’s what Sen. Thomas Dodd, principal author of the Gun Control Act of 1968 (coming up on its semicentennial) had to say:

UN Continues Push for Global Monopoly of Violence

Similarly, the UN’s plotting to get your guns with the help of U.S. elites should also come as no surprise to any informed gun owner, despite their protestations that all they want to do is control “illicit” arms (and guess who gets to define what those are). Old-timers ought to remember “Freedom from War,” a plan of treason committed by the State Department in 1961, but it may be new to some younger readers. It not only cedes Weber’s “monopoly of violence” to a “U.N. Peace Force” superior to any national interests, but gets up close and personal in the “Third Stage”:

“The manufacture of armaments would be prohibited except for those of agreed types and quantities to be used by the U.N. Peace Force and those required to maintain internal order. All other armaments would be destroyed or converted to peaceful purposes.”

The operative word is “all.”

But no one is talking about taking your guns.


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David Codrea’s opinions are his own. See “Who speaks for Oath Keepers?”



David Codrea blogs at The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance (, and is a field editor/columnist for GUNS Magazine. Named “Journalist of the Year” in 2011 by the Second Amendment Foundation for his groundbreaking work on the “Fast and Furious” ATF “gunwalking” scandal, he is a frequent event speaker and guest on national radio and television programs.



    1. This started as Agenda 21 (2021). They couldn’t get it done then, and will never make the 2030 deadline.
      God gave us our rights and guns are how we retain them if need be.
      The Blue Hats are already on American soil.
      The elite have created chaos and have Americans against each other, making it hard to organize defense.
      Here is a link to the UN Disarmament website…See for your self.

  1. Where is the line in the sand? It seems you, us conservatives and gun owners keep taking steps back and drawing new lines in the sand as each step backwards puts us closer to the ledge. I can only wonder if its because we know how much hell would be unleashed if we ever do boil over and fight for our constitution once again. The patriots are at the tipping point. Again…..where is the line drawn?.

  2. To me the U.N. stands for unelected and therefore has no say in how we are governed and especially no say in our rights that are God given as in the right to protect ourselves. Should they ever decide they will physically disarm us then i would advise them to stay where they are. BTW Obama just recently gave a speech at the Bilderbergs and he said people must be willing to give up their rights which shows exactly what he really was. President Trump you know what to do.

  3. “Guterres continued: “It includes providing alternative livelihoods for former combatants.” Probably in the nearest gulag with no hope for another free day ever in our lives.

  4. Trump has the right idea by withdrawing from the UN. Kick them out of our country- they can go hang out with Soros and scheme against our country elsewhere! They are all useless.

    1. DAV,

      Trump has not withdrawn from the UN, though I hope he will. He withdrew from one of their organizations. I forget which one at the moment.


  5. “What are we to do?”, you asked. We are to continue to resist; fighting the Globalists and their agenda.
    Right now most of us are fighting them from the Soap Box in the public forums, while some of our Brethren are already skirmishing with them in the streets. Expect these skirmishes to spread and intensify.
    We have been successfully fighting them – and beginning to win – at the Ballot Box, but we must not rest on our laurels nor indulge in internal feuding and bickering on the theme of “ideological purity”. Our enemies are ramping themselves up on all fronts for the November Elections. We cannot afford to merely hold onto some of our gains; we must gain more traction and beat them even further down, demoralize and dishearten them for an entire generation.
    Victory at the Ballot Box ultimately shapes the battlefield for continuing victory at the Jury Box. “They who win the ballots not only write the laws; they appoint the judges who apply that law.” It’s that simple. Right now we stand very near to the historic opportunity to correct the “progressive/activist” drift of the Federal Judiciary for the next half-century; replacing “legislate from the bench” judicial activists with steady, well-versed Constitutionalists, most critically on the Supreme Court. We can only achieve this by continuing to hold the Presidency, increasing our numbers in the Senate, and maintaining control of the House of Representatives.
    I’m not talking to a circle of wide-eyed green kids; everyone reading this is salty enough to have heard the old saw about, “You get your freedom from four boxes: the Soap Box, the Ballot Box, the Jury Box, and the Cartridge Box.” You already know that the Cartridge Box is the one that empowers the other three. It’s the one that tells would-be oppressors that there are … consequences … for ignoring or, worse, suppressing, the Right of the Citizen to speak freely in public forum, to cast his ballot and have it duly counted, and to petition a jury comprised of his Fellow Citizens for redress of his lawful grievances.
    Now is a time for preparation, for watching and taking note. Ignore the televised ranting from the glittering fools; they’re only there for distraction. Listen closely for the quiet voices murmuring subversion close to home. Listen for them at meetings of your local School Board, your City Council, and your County Fiscal Court.
    Listen to the local Committees of both political parties; you may very well here the distinct accent of big-government “progressivism” spoken by some insiders in both places. Learn to recognize your enemy, no matter how well-camouflaged; mark them well and watch them. Watch yourself, as well. Never make the too-easy descent into fanaticism; you’ll not like what you find at the bottom.

  6. Idea: USA warrior class carves out a large section of the Old-Dying USA. I would prefer the continental divide west. Seize ample armaments of all types including half of all strategic and tactical nuclear weaponry. Half of the Air Force and Navy.

    Then start building New USA.

    For the heck of it consider reading the first few books of Johnstone’s Out of the Ashes fictional series. Mentally omit the sci-fi aspect and ponder the Tri-States concept.

    Staying on the path we are rolling down now leads only to ultimate victory for Globalsts/NWO filth. They are backed by immense corporations and more wealth than us common folks can conceive. Individuals or small groups no matter how battle-hardened in younger years will be quickly overwhelmed by numbers and tactical equipment.

    Reality hurts when the realization that you are screwed strikes hard. The elite-owned propaganda systems will be adding an ever-growing number of brainwashed/indoctrinated to the PC cohort and their votes will overwhelm you and me and the ever-diminishing number of freedom-loving folks rooted in pre-PC days.

    Yamamoto uttered his famous dirge after his Pearl Harbor victory. He knew ultimate defeat awaited but was honor-bound to ride the storm out. We will do the same but I fear that ultimate defeat is inevitable unless an extreme tactic is used. Keep playing the political game with tyrants running all aspects of the USA and the future will ensure some form of NWO.

    A new cohort of Founders are required to avert ultimate defeat.

    Brainpower is needed more than firepower… at this point. Initiating the actions to create New USA is when firepower enters the picture and the military better back us or failure is assured.

    We are at a critical juncture in human history. The tyrants own the propaganda systems. With that power eventual victory is assured unless an extreme action commences within two or three generations. If freedom victory does not occur by then I fear a New Dark Age awaits the common folks of the world. At least the serfdom will be mostly safe… if you serfs obey.

    1. I disagree.

      Give up our nation to the traitors that serve within our governments and to a FOREIGN ENTITY? H_LL NO! How do we bring our nation into line? READ the document that created it. Become the Militia, and do NOT let the traitors and ignorant stop you as it is IN WRITING for all who are here, even those in the rest of the world, to read, know, understand.

      Still have not read the document that you are Oath bound to? That is because you have been programmed not to. You will find every excuse for not reading it. Break the programming now, at least start with the pocket Constitution. Yet, you will most likely find that difficult for you to do, NOT because of reading skill, but because of the programming you have received, are still receiving. If you find that you cannot break that programming, and many will, get someone to start reading it to you or with you. It will make it a bit easier to do.

      Consider that…
      “June 29 marked the end of the Third Review Conference (RevCon) of the United Nations’ Programme of Action (PoA) on Small Arms and Light Weapons. Delegates at the conference, INCLUDING REPRESENTATIVES OF THE UNITED STATES [<– traitors], worked on producing updates to the global gun-control agreement."

      All who are veterans are 70% of the way to being part of the actual constitutionally required Militia of the several states that has as its written constitutional duties to enforce the US Constitution and each state's Constitution, the LAWS of our land, etc. That last hurdle makes you constitutionally, LAWFULLY able, with others also meeting those requirements to enforce the Laws of our land, the Constitutions. Veterans can train others in this nation so that more American people can meet those requirements and assist in enforcing the supreme Law of this nation, the highest Law of each state, defending our state, our nation, and to keep those interested in becomiing a LAWFUL military training and ready for when we are invaded by the UN at the invite of those UN delegate TRAITORS. Those that are assisting the UN while serving in our governments, along with ALL of those DOMESTIC ENEMIES who serve within our governments can be charged with felonies, Perjury, treason, crimes against our nation, etc. That will start stopping the enemies of our nation – foreign and DOMESTIC, once they no longer can get away with Treason, etc with impunity.

      But it all must be done constitutionally.

      God Bless All! Stay Safe!


      1. Cal – While I agree with you to a certain extent, I’m still puzzled as to why there is such a resistance to taking steps through the legislatures and the courts to begin the process of revitalizing “the Militia of the several States”.
        Members of this organization should be willing to at least start an organizational process to bring the issue forward. Is it so difficult to look at what the Founders did and follow the game plan? I suppose I should have asked the questions, much the same as you, has the membership read the Constitution and do they understand the words, authorities, restrictions, and declaratory statements that were carefully debated and penned.
        This is a starting point, but if this organization is unwilling to put a plan forward then I will humbling ask if it would be ok to point to my website in order to start the process?
        For those here who are LEO, I’d like to point out that the legal doctrine “Inclusion unius est exclusio alterius” applies, and should be firmly applied when reading Article 1, Section 8, Cls. 15&16.

  7. Put a bunch of carpenters in a building and task them with solving the problems of the world, and the solutions that arise will involve vast amounts of lumber and many bench saws.

    Why should we act so surprised at what comes out a building full of international politicians?

  8. So glad we have a Constitution and a Bill of Rights and the fact we are a Constitutional Republic, not a Democracy, to all those that keep saying their parents do not know how to run a Democracy or we live in a Democracy. I mean even Congressmen say we live in a Democracy, they must smoke a lot of pot while their brain cells are being burned in their brains or they want George Soros’s Globalism, the New World Order or the UN’s One World Order which can be construed as Communism!

  9. The UN is populated by thieves, murders, and thugs. They will never hold any legal sway in the United States. If and when that time ever does come it will enrage patriots and they will act just as they have always acted. The United States comes first for me, even before family, wife, son, mother, and father.

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