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Trump-Putin Summit and the Death of the New World Order!!!

The uproar that the Globalist Media and politicians have erupted in over the press conference Trump and Putin held, after their summit meeting, in which John Brennan, and others, have accused Trump of treason, among other things, was to be anticipated. They tried desperately to prevent the summit from happening, because it endangered their “Russia did it” meme.

Dr. Steve Turley has a unique outlook on what the summit accomplished. As Brennan, a Deep State actor for the Globalists accused Trump of treason, the question arises in Turley’s mind of whether Trump did in fact commit treason, but treason against whom? He says that Trump did in fact commit treason, but it was against the Globalists, not America. Trump called out the Globalists, and in the process committed treason against them.

The battle lines have been drawn, and the fight is engaged between the Globalist New World Order versus the Populist Nationalist Traditionalists.

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Shorty Dawkins



  1. Agreed Shorty. Trump and Putin are natural allies in the war against the Globalists and Islamists.

  2. Scientific Rationalism, Globalism, etc., can never arrive at a higher standard than that of the Holy Bible. Note that globalists’ fundamental base of thought is anti-Bible. The Holy Bible provides wisdom that applies to all the challenges of today’s world. That is because the Bible is from God who made and sustains this world.

    Back to the globalists. Briefly, remember how President George Herbert Walker Bush tried to lead the U.S.A. into the New World Order and opened up the door for NAFTA by offering low interest loans to U.S. corporations so they could move overseas, especially to Mexico. Millions of our jobs went away. President Bill Clinton pushed NAFTA through a willing Congress (on fast track). President George W. Bush refused to spend the money Congress allotted for the border wall, and kept two U.S. Border Patrol officers in prison for dealing with an illegal alien. President Obama carried on this trend of globalism making law enforcement groups not enforce laws against illegal aliens. He purchased millions of round of hollow point ammo for federal agencies that heretofore didn’t use it such as the Department of Education.

    In 2016, both lefty Dems and Republican RINOS worked hard to keep the people’s choice from gaining the presidency. This is why President Donald J. Trump is being attached from so many sides, many times every day.

    I pray for President Trump daily. God mercifully raised up a man who would work to put forward the principles of righteousness and justice. I pray because no man, however talented and gifted, is able to carry on good and resist evil, without the help of Him who made and rules over all.

    We must pray and not faint. We can know what to pray for when we read God’s Holy Bible. We sinners are not sufficient to carry out good, justice and righteousness, but God will help us. This is what we mean when we say “God bless America.”

  3. I truly believe if Trump was really against the NWO, he’d STOP using our tax paid military to take over the world, putting in puppet leaders who will follow U.N. agendas. Yes, Trump has done many good things, but why is the U.S. still even a MEMBER of the U.N. given the fact that Agenda 21 and 2030 are completely overthrowing our current form of government? Watch this video for some scary truths about all this. !! (If I were Trump, I’d have had a wrecking crew at the UN building the day I took office!!! And all prior traitor presidents would have been arrested that same day too for AGREEING WITH AND COMPLYING TO UN AGENDA 21/) Please watch this vid..

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