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Tribalism & Manufacturing Consent

Man is a social animal. We seek others who are like us to coexist with. Be it a tribe, a clan, a church, a club, or an extended family, we seek social interaction, comfort and support from others.

Those who seek to rule us have understood this tribal nature of humans, and use it to manufacture consent of the governed for their rule. Sometimes consent is merely the lack of dissent. If they aren’t directly in opposition, then the group must be consenting to this rule, goes the thinking. Manufactured consent is brought about in many ways, of course, one of which is to keep the populace attention on trivial matters that allow for the expression of the natural tribalism inherent in all of us.

“Bread and circuses” were the main features of the Roman Empire’s means of controlling the populace. Keep them  fed (with bread) and keep them entertained (with circuses) and opposition has no breeding ground. It has been understood by those who would rule, that these two things are important to exist, if the Empire is to survive.

Today, we have sports, and Hollywood, as the circuses. Attention is diverted from pressing issues through the circuses of these trivialities. While we root for our “tribe”, our sports team, our need for tribalism is fulfilled; at least to a degree. We are part of a group who think as we do. When watching a movie, we root for the hero, as he/she is one of “us”.

Politicians have understood the tribal nature of mankind and use it to their advantage, constantly dividing us into tribes and exploiting us as they do so. Tribalism is good, as it gives us at least the appearance of safety and comfort. It is the manipulation of tribalism that can cause problems, however. False division along tribal lines can have the opposite effects we desire, isolating us, rather than giving us comfort. The diversion of our attention through the circuses can leave us vulnerable to being exploited through manipulation.

Root for the “home team”, or the “hero”, if you choose, but don’t be diverted by trivialities at the expense of your safety and comfort. Be aware that there are some who seek to manipulate you.


Shorty Dawkins



  1. I would add that the “Inferior Tribunals” on Capitol Hill are playing out to be the biggest “Tribal Influencers.”

  2. Agree. Don’t forget to add a place to go hunting (all other areas off limits), a place to ride your dirt bike/quad, Disneyland to numb the senses and fake meat (because beef has been driven out of the diet cycle).

  3. This article is a perfect explanation for the unconstitutional drug war (there’s a reason it took an amendment to outlaw alcohol) and the way the ruling elite have convinced 99% of Americans that property rights and liberty are optional at the whim of government and may be defined, altered or abolished by a simple majority vote of a legislature. Divide and conquer? The popular misconception of the scummy drug addict (most drug users look just like, and probably are, your friends, neighbors, family members and co-workers) and the mythical threat (drug users robbing you… robbery and burglary account for ~$6 or 7 billion every year, and the drug trade is a multi-hundred billion dollar industry, so the vast majority of drugs are purchased with money legitimately earned). And they’re using the threat to convince Americans to abandon due process (if you think that drug users should be in jail because they ***MIGHT*** rob someone in the future, I’m talking about you).

    Oath Keepers likes to rant about the Constitution, when I mention that the Constitution authorizes government to outlaw counterfeit goods, fraudulent goods, pirated goods and NOTHING else, it’s ignored.

    If you think that the “interstate commerce” clause authorizes the government to violate property rights, or that the “necessary and proper” or “general welfare” clause grant any authority at all (as opposed to limiting how government may use the authorities granted elsewhere in the Constitution, then you’ve been brainwashed by the Progressive Marxist Movement.

    And, sadly, like the rest of the “conservatives”, Oath Keepers have been brainwashed.

    1. As long as people keep ignoring the illegal actions of the Federal Reserve, nothing will change. They keep making counterfeit money every day and everyone has just accepted it as the new norm.

  4. I know we should watch the “fake news” if for No other reason than to gather Intel regarding our enemies. I find myself wondering why others can’t understand as we do? Have they never studied world history?
    I’ll stop here but I enjoy your writings very much so keep it going! I try to forward many to people on the other side of this divided republic.

  5. As an Organizational Psychologist I absolutely agree with your assessment. Much of our personal identity is defined by what groups we belong to. Behaviorally this operates subconsciously as we want to be consistent with the Group so we modify our behavior accordingly. Unfortunately Identity Politicians have used this negatively as a lever for Social Change – the WRONG change. While they stoke the fires of group identity they actually want No Identity – only the Group Collective. Don’t have time to get into that but love the comment and warning.

  6. I have authored 3 books on Subliminal Programing and this is what this is all about. If you can see the way they infect Ad’s and one of the big pushes is mixed marriage. If you have been paying attention, and according to the data, 60% of all AD’s are now pushing mixed marriage. This is to divided “We the People”. Not that mixed married is wrong by any means, love is love, but it’s a ploy to dived our Nation and people. The is the Commie/NWO/DemoRat plan, and just one of many plans to drive a wedge between people of the USA. People need to do their research and wake-up to the Satan driven plan behind the NWO, the DemoRats, and the Deep State. Knowledge is POWER!

  7. I agree. the political ruling class divides us in many ways in order to control us. They are deliberately “Balkanizing” us so we don’t get together and stop their implementation of their global government plans. President Trump is a major kink in their plans. they couldn’t prevent his election so they are trying to undercut him and force him out of office, a coup. Nazi war criminal George soros owns the democrat and republican parties, the donkey and elephant wings of the New World Order Socialist Party.

  8. Somehow, the bizzarre implementation of REALITY shows and their psychosocial results, dont seem to be factored in, here. Thanks to fifteen or more years of reality indoctrination, we now magically have an invasive, intrusive, and all incompassing monopoly of personal narcicism… called FACEBOOK… the ultimate social manipulator…

    comments, please!

  9. Great article. If more people would think in these terms (rather than in the immediate short term) it would be nearly impossible for the scoundrel puppets and their masters to control the game. The Flobalist Bankers are the real enemy here, folks. Until we deal with that foe we are simply spinning our wheels.

  10. agreeed! patriot,hunter,gunnut,first nation an assoiate member of oath keepers i gett the drift assoiate members r not th etribe of oath keepers just my money.a cord of many strands cannot b broken,some don’t understand

  11. The US is a near free-fall toward the inevitable breakup of Lincoln’s Northern model of a highly centralized supreme federal government. Prepare accordingly. Where do you want your loved ones to be when the breakup happens, an ‘Estonia’ or a ‘Tajikistan’?

    Take a minute and look at Estonia. It is a far cry from being a Soviet state. Estonia is ranked #6 in Index of Economic Freedom by The Heritage Foundation. The US is ranked #17 and steadily declining. Imagine if Estonia were God-fearing, shared Articles of Confederation with other States, adhered to a gold-standard, was large enough (think American Redoubt) to defend itself, and has plenty of trees from which to hang those convicted of being treason.

  12. ‘Sometimes consent is merely the lack of dissent’. I agree big time. I’ve used the term ‘implied consent’. I’ve been to meetings where the speaker/leader tries to get and maintain control to get projects done his way in this manner. There is an uneasy sense of being coerced and of being manipulated. You don’t want to be argumentative and appear like a black sheep to the ‘tribe’ and not want the projects done but the longer you wait to make it clear that you do not accept implied consent, at some point you HAVE given consent! Yes you have! It would be laughable if it weren’t so harmful. Be careful of being part of the herd. As you get older and your ‘vision’ gets better it becomes easier to resist and finesse your way out of this ‘popularity contest’ – consciously, deliberately! You have to have some courage, some spine.

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