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Trade War – China in the CROSSHAIRS

President Trump is insisting that China needs to open up its markets to American goods and play on a level playing field. China has rejected US demands, thus far, and thus a trade war has commenced. The US imposed tariffs on $35 billion in Chinese goods and China responded by imposing $35 billion in tariffs on American goods, which is above and beyond the tariffs it already imposes and which prompted the US to make its demands.

China is in a weak position, as its economy depends, to a massive extent, on trade with the US. It exports over $300 billion dollars in goods each year to the US. With a population that has a massive disparity between rich and poor, it cannot stand to throw tens of thousands, or perhaps millions, out of work.

Trade between nations is important, but for years the Chinese have not played on a level playing field. Trump insists it must be.

Black Pigeon Speaks gives his view on the trade war in this video.


Shorty Dawkins



  1. Most people do not realize, that America does not NEED anything, from any other nation. We have oil,gas,timber,steel ore, and vast tracts of farmland. We could literally seal our borders completely, and produce everything we need. So, if another nation does not want to play fair, then let them sell their products to another country.

  2. America always acting as a big brother of the world. This kind of action is at least double meaning, either to neutralize the world economy or keep their influence and personal interest.

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