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The New Utopia – Free Stuff For All!

Democratic voters in New York’s 14th District, which covers the Bronx and part of Queens, recently chose a member of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) as their standard bearer in the fall elections. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez defeated sitting Democratic Congressman Joe Crowley to gain her spot on the November ballot. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a Socialist, which means she wants to create a Socialist Utopia in America.

Like all Socialists, she wants to abolish capitalism. She seeks to create a Utopia, where everything is free; healthcare is free, college is free, everyone is guaranteed a job and housing. She speaks about justice (don’t all social justice warriors?) and fairness; high sounding words that have no specificity. She wants to abolish ICE, which means she wants Open Borders. Those who want Open Borders seek to destroy America, replacing it with a Socialist (Marxist) Utopia.

In the audio below, which was recorded while she was still campaigning, she speaks before the convention of the DSA, where her speech is all about giving free stuff, and where she uses the glowing words of “justice”and “fairness”. She sprinkles her speech with that catch word “change” that Obama used so effectively.

In all her promises of “free stuff”, Ocasio-Cortez never once says how that free stuff will be paid for. Never once does she say how those “jobs for everyone” will be found. Socialists are dreamers. They are Utopians, who dismiss the failures of Socialism in the USSR, Cuba and Venezuela, and dismiss the fact that Sweden, that supposed paradise of socialism, has pulled back on their beloved socialism in recent years.

Like Obama, Hillary and all Globalist Socialist Utopians, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez offers “free stuff” and talks of a glowing future filled with “social justice” and “fairness”, without saying who will pay and who will do the work. Without saying what that future will really look like. They speak of the hated “big banks”, but never, ever, mention the biggest bank that has enslaved them for a hundred years, the Federal Reserve. They never mention the biggest oppressor of humanity, the Globalist themselves, who oppress us with Political Correctness, who indoctrinate us in schools and with the media, into thinking our culture, our traditions, our entire past is evil.

Hillary, and the Democrats, lost the election of 2016, because they stood for the Globalist Utopian vision … the Socialist vision. Rather than reassessing their failure, they have decided the voters were stupid. Rather than realizing that their Globalist vision is not what the voters want, they are doubling down and going further Left. With the recent primary victory of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the Democratic Socialist candidate, the voters of the 14th District of New York have gone full throttle in their quest for their Socialist Utopia.

Trump won, because he stood for America; for the Constitution, for our culture, our American way of life. Hillary called us “Deplorables”. The Democrats (and some RINO Republicans) seek to destroy America. They want Open Borders. And what will happen if more millions of immigrants flood across those Open Borders? Who will feed and house them? Where will millions of low skill jobs be found for them? The Globalists don’t talk about that. They only speak in generalities of “justice” and “fairness”.

“Free Stuff” is never free. Someone has to work to create that “free stuff”. The Globalists seek to take from us what we produce and give it to those who will support them. They only seek power over us. What happens when the producers stop producing? What if there is nothing left to take? Look at Venezuela for your answer. The Soviet Union fell, in part, because there was not enough “stuff”.

Socialism is only a dream. What happens when you wake up?


Shorty Dawkins



  1. “Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery”. – Winston Churchill

    After a century of pain, suffering and genocide around the world due to Socialism in all it’s ugly forms, a large percentage of the American electorate still don’t get it.

  2. Actually, Ocasio-Cortez addressed where the money will come from this past Saturday. It seems that she wants to abolish private property, and nationalize every business in the country. Personally, I began my business 35 years ago, and sometimes worked other jobs to keep it going until I was a success at it. If she or a socialist government ever want to try taking it from me then all they have to do is be willing to die for it as I am quite willing to kill just about anyone to defend it and our way of life. Watering the Tree of Liberty with the blood of would be tyrants, and maybe my own, will be the only option I am willing to take if she and her friends want to fund their dreams with my many years of hard work and sacrifice.

    1. Dr. Alford, yahoo! I’m with you and will proudly shed my blood in the fight for American liberty, but I’ll take a few with me before I die.

  3. Im just wondering why we allow Communists run for office. I thought we were freedom based. WHY IS THIS EVEN AN ISSUE? WTF is going on? When are parents going to get off their lazy asses and stop the shit going on in schools? If your kid starts talking like a communist cut off the $ and kick their butts out until they learn what life is. STOP letting your kids grow up to be idiots and uninformed jerks . I blame the parents.

  4. She’s also been outed as a Liar and Fraud. During her campaign, she repeatedly claimed she came from a poor to modest at best background, when actually, she was raised in a very wealthy neighborhood as her father was an Architect. She doesn’t like those facts to get out, and gives out new lies to try and repair the damage that fact has caused to her credibility.

  5. SOCIALISM: a [Dangerous] Mental Illness! Lets find a cure- in our Lifetime. Or just ERADICATE it.
    : )

  6. It is possible that the quality of citizenry in the New-Improved USA is such that a constitutional-republic may no longer function as the Founders intended. Other changes such as ever-growing evermore wealthy and powerful monolithic corporations and the elite ownership of the most effective propaganda dissemination systems in all history is permanently altering the once-fertile ground where the Founders’ seed grew and blossomed.

    Too complicated to explain I stick with my belief that all that can save the USA from destruction and totalitarian rule is a successful military coup by PATRIOTIC military officers ready to use the Constitution with required-for-the-duration modifications so that the needed changes in the USA and, perhaps, the Constitution (definitely within federal statutes, codes, laws, etc.) can be made, illegals ousted, borders secured, traitors removed from power positions, corporations made accountable for their evil ways and other required changes THEN conversion back to civilian control.

    With the current state of affairs I can not envision any meaningful changes ever occurring within the USA. Tyrannical evil is too powerful and too embedded into all aspects of the USA.

  7. Were she a true-believer of a “socialist” she would have no chance of being elected, because the “proletariat” whom she purports to represent could not raise the millions of dollars in campaign-contributions necessary for her to be competitive. Watch and see who the big contributors to her campaign are. That will tell you all you need to know about her “socialism”.

  8. First of all, we do not have “capitalism”, we have a “corporate fascist” economy completely controlled by the Globalist Central Banking System. Socialism/Marxism/communism all mean the same thing: collectivism. Human beings have never and will never be able to live under forced collectivism. Historically, these utterly failed and murderous ideologies have been the faithful tools of tyrants to manipulate the public and their seemingly never ending hoards of useful idiots like Ocasio-Cortez. I am certain her campaign will be well funded. 🙁

    1. The same way all Communists and Socialists pay for free stuff…they control and give away…TYRANNY.

  9. As usual, we patriotic, loyal (mostly veteran) Americans keep talking about what we will do if these filthy anti-American scum threaten our way of life. All we do is talk. In the meantime, these “activists” are out there doing everything in their power to take us over. They are winning while we are whining.

  10. Here’s the problem:
    According to the Census Bureau, it breaks down demographically as 22 percent white, 50 percent Hispanic, 9 percent black and 16 percent Asian.
    In addition, 45.8 percent in this district are foreign-born and 67.8 percent report that they speak a language other than English at home.
    To connect the dots, Ocasio-Cortez is telling us and wants us to believe that a district that is so-called majority minority, with almost half of the population foreign-born and the majority of whom don’t speak English at home, should have a socialist representing them in Congress.
    The problem with Joe Crowley, according to Ocasio-Cortez, was that although he is a liberal, he’s not far enough left. He’s not a socialist, and therefore out of touch with the Hispanics, blacks and Asians in this district.
    Sorry, it’s not my idea of good representation to tell constituents that their lives will be improved if the United States becomes more like the failed, problematic places that many of them, and their forebears, left to come here.
    Consider Puerto Rico, where Ocasio-Cortez traces her roots, which is an economic basket case, as result of the same kind of big government ideas that Ocasio-Cortez is telling the constituents of New York 14 they need for a better life.
    You can read more here:

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