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The Idiocy Of A Victim Mentality

Being a “victim” is the new rage in some quarters. Some fools are so eager to be “victims” that they lose all common sense. (Why is common sense so uncommon?)

In Oakland, ICE conducted a raid on a neighborhood house where they arrested some individuals suspected of human trafficking. The neighbors, rather than finding out the reason for the raid, and having a hatred for ICE, immediately assumed that the raid was concerning illegal immigration, which they apparently approved of, and gathered to protest ICE.

Question: Do those neighbors support human trafficking? Probably not, though some may. If they weren’t prone to knee-jerk reactions against ICE, they might have learned, in due time, the nature of the raid. Not for them, though. They seem to enjoy their “victim” status more than common sense.

As the media and the Leftist politicians promote a hatred for ICE, all sense of decency and moderation is left by the wayside. Facts mean nothing.


Shorty Dawkins



  1. I saw a video about this. These people continued to protest ICE even after they were told by the agents that they were investigating a child sex trafficking ring. I guess that’s OK with the lefties too. Sick, sick people.

    1. Of course they kept protesting. The ugly facts are irrelevant to them. Their blinders only allow them to see that person’s from the ‘special protected groups’ were being ‘targeted’.

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