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As California drifts further Leftward, more and more of its citizens have decided to move eastward. Taxes of all types, high housing costs, and the general feeling that the future looks at least as bleak as the present are driving people out of California, and other Blue States, like New Jersey, New York, Minnesota and Connecticut.


Shorty Dawkins



  1. Herd, lived in California from 1958 onward with trips out for military and long-haul trucking job but CA was the home base until 1993 when I finally realized the place was a lost cause and no place for a blue-collar laboring fellow. I should have departed two decades sooner.

    A truism/adage that’s been around awhile is “As goes California so goes the rest of the country 20 years later. If that is accurate the USA is in deep deep doo-doo.

    Diversity and multiculturalism as practiced from 1965 onward is a destroyer of cultures, societies and entire countries.

  2. Many have come to AZ. The problem with these transplants is that they think they are conservatives but all they are is liberal democrats that got tired of communism. They will spread progressive ideas and infect the new states they move to. When you question them most believe Global Warming is real, abortion is a woman’s right etc., etc. This is not good.

  3. invests in trade schools whose training provides knowledge to perform a job that doesn’t produce a conducive to the area liveable wage , and makes home loans easier to obtain thereby increasing the failure to thrive monetarily due to more debt…. fails to address the real issue that they need to reduce taxes on said middle class, and on businesses to reduce overall costs, and boot out the lazy and worthless welfare recipients and deport the illegals instead of granting them amnesty and sanctuary. while placing them in even BETTER welfare programs then we give our own citizens.

  4. We have seen a good bit of the migration in Oregon and Washington. Most of the complaints I have heard are about their aggressive driving habits. I would imagine Portland and Seattle are major magnets for them, as they are bastions of left wing nonsense.

  5. I’m from No CA and what the Dems/Commies have done to this state is a true crime. 44% of the people here speak zero English. I now feel like I’m living in a foreign country. I have been attacked by so-called liberals and they damaged my car numerous times. I now drive incognito. My friend in Marin thinks I’m insane because I don’t believe in global warming. She told me the Marinites would kill me if I were living there. The people in CA are absolutely insane! It is becoming more communistic with each passing day. They have literally destroyed the beauty of this once great state and littered it with foreigners who could care less about this country and its citizens, built thousands or millions of apartment complexes, restaurants galore, traffic everywhere, and so on. The farms, orchards, lovely hills, peace and quiet – all gone. My hometown and the adjacent cities no longer recognizable or even exist anymore. Very sad indeed, very sad.. and this is called progress???

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