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Stewart Rhodes and Matt Bracken on Hagmann Report Tonight, 7:30pm Eastern


Oath Keepers Founder Stewart Rhodes and Navy SEAL Veteran Matt Bracken will both be interviewed together tonight, July 16, at 7:30PM Eastern, on The Hagmann Report.  Interview will run 90 minutes, until 9pm Eastern.

Go here to watch

Topic tonight will be:  How will the right respond should the left initiate widespread political violence/ domestic terrorism?  In essence, what would a civil war in modern America look like?

This will be a video interview, with a split screen, live-streamed on the internet.  It will be recorded, so if you miss it live, you can watch later.   We hope to take audience questions as well.



This is a sobering and disturbing topic, but one we need to take seriously.   The escalation in leftist violence and increased expression of violent intent is making it harder and harder to deny that we are on a clear trajectory toward open, armed conflict between the left and the right in this nation. No sane person should want or welcome such a horrific conflict, as civil wars truly are horrific in every way, but when dealing with a left now nearly totally dominated by radical Marxists in leadership, we cannot shut our eyes to the historic, factual record of what Marxists do, both as they strive for power and once they achieve it.   Their track record, with approximately 100 million victims in the 20th Century, speaks for itself.



Stewart Rhodes

Stewart is the founder and National President of Oath Keepers. He served as a U.S. Army paratrooper until disabled in a rough terrain parachuting accident during a night jump. He is a former firearms instructor, former member of Rep. Ron Paul’s DC staff, and served as a volunteer firefighter in Montana. Stewart previously wrote the monthly Enemy at the Gates column for S.W.A.T. Magazine. Stewart graduated from Yale Law School in 2004, where his paper “Solving the Puzzle of Enemy Combatant Status” won Yale’s Miller prize for best paper on the Bill of Rights. He assisted teaching U.S. military history at Yale, was a Yale Research Scholar, and is writing a book on the dangers of applying the laws of war to the American people.



  1. I’m only the son of a naval officer, but was raised to Love this country and stand by my Pledge of allegiance to this country and Flag! And like a lot of people Will Not be pushed into a corner.

    Thanks for keeping people informed!

    Matthew Cole

  2. Stewart Rhodes is right on target with his assessment of the left and their plan for violence. However, we (the right in general and Oath Keepers specifically) are not as prepared as we should or could be. As an Oath Keeper in central Texas, I have been waiting 2 years now for some kind of organizing effort, but none has been forthcoming. I am not alone in my frustration. I have met dozens of current and former OK members with the same complaint. Does Texas OK have local chapters? Is there an ‘organized’ OK presence in Texas? We would love to know, but we have no point of contact.

    1. I have the same problem in Northern NV. Im beginning to wonder if the lack of training is nation wide.

    2. I tried to find local Oathkepper’s meetings in San Diego County and found NOTHING,
      What a disappointment.
      I got in touch with Nancy Larned of OK who gave me a name and email address;
      I never received an answer.

      I also joined a local VFW Hall in hopes of meeting like minded patriots.
      Those folks are pleasant enough but, they seem to like to skirt the issues – Fear? IGNORANCE?
      I have a friend who gets out and talks to people LOT. He often tells me of meeting militia
      people who are VERY private so it’s extremely difficult to get involved.

      I guess it’s like the rest of my LITTLE life – I remain alone…..

    1. yeah my thought exactly David. Why is this even an issue for us to try to resolve when we pay people like police, FBI, Military to take care of this. What am i missing ? Our Gov. is here to protect us…..well in theory…….so why can terrorist groups openly do this? This isnt freedom of speech it terrorist training. Why arent trucks waiting at the end of their fun fest , ready to load them up and hall them off to Gitmo? Seems San Francisco isnt the only place where sh*t resides all over the street.

  3. Flashback to the 2008 presidential election primaries….This is paraphrasing… There should be an equivelent to the military ….A civilian group that is equally funded and serve the civilians of this country…Barack Obama….He never stated what kind of training so that is left to speculation…

  4. This is why we took an oath “…to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America against all enemies foreign AND DOMESTIC…” Most of these ANTIFA groups are wannabe thug Millenials who hide behind their masks and intimidate people by getting in their faces and yelling.

    When dogs go bad, you have to put them down. When self-proclaimed anti-American protestors are emboldened to rise up and take paramilitary action against the American people, their actions must be terminated with an overwhelming response.

    If ANTIFA chooses to start escalating their actions from legally protected protests to violent domestic terrorism, I and many others I know are more than ready to answer the call.

    1. Agreed. I tried to make that point on the show. If Antifa goes “kinetic” and uses firearms or explosives to attack people, it will likely result in “open-season” on Antifa by both retired cops, military veterans, and skilled gun owners who simply have had enough of domestic enemies of the Constitution who are open terrorists. And like I said in the interview, if that happens, it Is likely those foolish Antifa kids will die thinking they were actually fighting “Nazis” and their last thought will be that they were killed by “Nazis” when they in fact were fighting against and being killed by people who are NOT Nazis, and who are NOT racists, but who simply won’t sit by while Antifa kills innocent people. That is what is, in fact, very sad. Many of these kids (in their twenties, but still kids to us) are just “useful idiots’ for the Marxist professors who pull their strings and who have successfully brainwashed them to hate the nation of their birth, to hate our Constitution, and to hate their fellow Americans, and especially by indoctrinating them to think that anyone who is a constitutionalist, conservative, or libertarian is ipso facto a “racist” and a “Nazi.” These foolish kids actually drink the Koolaid and are true believers in that Marxist worldview and propaganda.

      I would prefer that we have a chance to de-program as many of them as possible before the crap hits the fan. I don’t want to see America’s veterans have to put them down like rabid dogs, but that is what will happen if they keep on the trajectory they are on.

      I just had lunch here in Montana with another Army infantry veteran, and over lunch we chatted about his favorite hunting rifle, with which he took his last elk at 960 yards, first shot. That is a skillset that Antifa just doesn’t understand. They have no friggin clue. Not to mention all the fieldcraft that goes with it when out on a hunt. That takes time, sweat, and being out in the dirt to develop. It take seasons of hunting, and seasons of practice and careful tuning of man/rifle/scope/bullet. And there are men like that all over the West, and all over this nation, in all the rural areas.

      In addition to all the hunters, we also now have a massive population of combat veterans with very recent experience. And the great mass of them self-identify as constitutionalists/conservatives, and you can imagine what they think of people who burn the American flag and fly the Soviet flag as common practice at their “black block” actions. Not much.

      While we should certainly never underestimate our opponents, I think the leftists are grossly underestimating all of us in “flyover country” when it comes to military capabilities. Grossly.

      ONE CAVIAT: GET IN SHAPE. If you have let yourself go, physically (like I did, for too many years), it is not too late to fix it. I have. You can to. like I said at the end of the Hagmann Report interview, the day before the interview (Sunday) I did hill sprints (eight times up and down a very big, very steep hill of over 100 yards) and then a kettlebell workout (3 sets each of goblin squats, swings, overhead presses, bent over rows, and “farmers walk” carries our of Dan John’s excellent “Hardstyle Kettlebell Challenge book). I have now lost 35 lbs and counting, by use of intermittent fasting, fasting (up to a week), yoga three times a week (go ahead and laugh, but I challenge you to do a 90 minute hot yoga class and then tell me it was no big deal), and a mix of cardio (ruck marching, hill sprinting, jumping rope, boxing workout) and resistance training (bodyweight, such as pushups, and kettlebells). It’s not complicated.

      Get in shape! You will need fitness. Your knowledge, past training and experience, and your dialed in weapon will only be accessible if you are in decent shape. Otherwise you will fall flat on your face or flat on your ass after a few minutes of stress and duress when the time comes. Think back to the military. They started with fitness first, and that was something you were expected to maintain up to a certain standard, because without it, you will fail.

      I don’t care how out of shape you are, you can improve and get back into shape. It is never too late, so long as you are still breathing. Clean up your diet and try intermittent fasting (where you go a long period each day without eating. Some go 16 hours, and then eat. I go 20 hours and eat inside of a four hour period each day. That cuts down on the number of times your blood sugar spikes, and allows your body to access your fat reserves). Is is effective. It works. And move. Workout. Lift, run, if you can. Or swim. Try yoga. It is fantastic for functional range of motion, movement capability, balance, and functional strength. For resistance, you can start with your own bodyweight. Climb stairs and hills for your legs. Do bodyweight squats and lunges. Do pushups and pull-ups. Then try kettlebells. They are awesome for functional strength and improved athletic ability. Kettlebell swings and gobbled squats are fantastic.

      You can do it. It’s not too late. I know, because at 53 I am now in better shape then I was in my 30s, and I am just getting started. Took me about four months of putting fitness first to build in the healthy habits that now have me on the road back toward true combat effective fitness. I’m not there yet (not where I want to be or really need to be) but I am on the path, and it feels great.

      Go for it.

  5. We have no organization here in north Georgia either especially around the Dalton area where it’s needed most, (Dalton appears to be a sanctuary city) any contact numbers?

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