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South Africa Gun-Grab a Necessary Step toward Anticipated ‘Slaughter’

South Africa Gun-Grab a Necessary Step toward Anticipated 'Slaughter'
Who’s up for some “commonsense gun safety laws”? (Photo via Genocide Watch)

“South Africa is opening the door for tyranny,” José Niño writes in Gunpowder Magazine. “The Constitutional Court of South Africa recently ruled that 300,000 gun owners must turn in their firearms.”

That overturned a lower court decision ruling sections of South African gun laws unconstitutional. And that means gun owners who “failed” to register are now required by “law” to surrender their firearms to the authorities.

Such a requirement could not come at a more dangerous time. Not only is land being taken from whites, the political sentiment and rhetoric in the country is heating up to the point of being explosive.

“We are cutting the throat of whiteness,” Marxist/racist Economic Freedom Fighters leader Jacob Malema told a cheering crowd in a packed Johannesburg arena. He demanded removal of a mayor because he is white and declared, “Angry white people can go to hell.”

“We are not calling for the slaughtering of white people, at least for now,” Malema declared ominously. That leaves, “when we think we can” open.

With savage attacks on the rise, no doubt combining vicious crimes of opportunity with those fueled by hatemongering rhetoric, some white South Africans take the threat so seriously they’re organizing.

Suidlanders, an emergency-plan initiative constituted as a non-state civil defense organization under the Geneva Conventions, anticipates the collapse of South African infrastructure and its degradation into civil war and/or murderous lawlessness.

An emergency preparation plan for that eventuality by the group includes:

“A nationwide off-grid communications network has been designed to function when the conventional communications grid goes down. A nationwide online evacuation assistance website provides extraction coordinates to our members. Through our nationwide monitoring network we are aware of and report incidents of instability around the country.”

What’s unknown at this point is the likelihood that any mass effort to act on the ruling will take place. That’s been a complaint of Gun-Free SA, the country’s gun-grab “lobby” that “acting as a friend of the court, welcomed the ruling, but also expressed its lack of confidence in SAPS’s ability to enforce the law. Director Adèle Kirsten said that since 2010 there had been a steady erosion in the effectiveness of the act to save lives because of actions by the police and gun owners.”

She no doubt believes herself exempted from the hate her “countrymen” in the featured photo are feeling. And as for citizen disarmament, it’s never enough for such people, there or here.

You’d better believe there are those after the same goals in this country.


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David Codrea’s opinions are his own. See “Who speaks for Oath Keepers?



David Codrea blogs at The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance (, and is a field editor/columnist for GUNS Magazine. Named “Journalist of the Year” in 2011 by the Second Amendment Foundation for his groundbreaking work on the “Fast and Furious” ATF “gunwalking” scandal, he is a frequent event speaker and guest on national radio and television programs.



  1. Rhodesia was the model and South Africa the beta test, Europe is next. The US is the end game goal and make no mistake it is hampered only by the 2nd amendment.

  2. And someone explain to me what a white South African farmer is supposed to do, after he surrenders his firearms, and a group shows up with the prolific “panga”(machete)

    1. Easy, never, ever, give up your guns! When they come to take your weapons, give it to them a bullet at a time!

    2. I would leave if I could. This will continue until they see a good opportunity and then they will murder all the whites. They will be left to run South Africa themselves. What a mess that will be. Without the white settlers, there would not be a South Africa. How stupid will that make them feel? I hope it blows up in their faces. I hope everything quits working and falls apart. They are just like the left in the US. We need to ALL get along. If you don’t like the white boss of your company, educate yourself. Become the black boss of your company. Don’t kill the white boss. Mankind has a lot to learn.

      1. I disagree, the point of all getting along has long past. How do you plan to get along with someone who’s only goal is to kill you and take your property that you worked hard for? It’s time to speak up and put these statists in their place. This is not just about race. Look at the faces of the ANTIFA terror groups in the news. A lot of white faces in there working against their fellow countrymen.

        1. The only reason there are white faces in the Antifa crowds is simple…stupid people following an ideology they do not question, regardless of the message or actions deemed acceptable. They will only wisen up when they are accosted and subjugated to the same behaviors they espouse…school of hard knocks is a school for those who don’t learn the easy way.

          1. The chameleon had made himself to appear white over selective breeding for a thousand years and knows he will not be subjugated as he was meant to infiltrate and bring down the real westerners. They’ve come to kill, steal and destroy.
            Now the book of Revelations makes more since to me today than it ever had in the past. A Manifesto by the middle east, not a prophecy, but a promise. While we are so distracted with our after life our lives are being destroyed and taken by a well planned organization and religion is the window dressing..

            When we are pure at heart it is mind blowing to realize that people would think and execute such a plan rather than just get about their own business and live and let live. I can’t even make this stuff up.

            I still pray to the Real Creator mainly who ever he may be and still even go to Jesus, even though I’ve learned that many Saxons had been forced by beheadings and their children indoctrinated since 782AD the Massacre of Verden. That is why religion is all around us not by an invite but forced/occupation, and other religions are trying to do the same to us.

            Don’t be fooled by the fifty shades of white. Regardless of indoctrination if a grown peron can’t decide between the Bill of Rights and to take from others rather than invest in themselves, then they are more likely perpetrators before a lost cause.

  3. Let’s watch the Suidlanders. As CPTiers I think we can learn a lot from these folks. They know South Africa is collapsing. They’re preparing a nationwide off-grid communications system and extraction system. I think we can learn some contemporary real world stuff from these folks. They’ve had a lot of years of experience and to prepare. Maybe we can help somehow. I’ve always had hopes for an international approach to Oathkeepers. Venezuela is an example on how not to do it. I think Suidlanders have a much better chance to do it well.

    1. The comparison between South Africa and Venezuela strikes me as interesting. In South Africa dis-armament has NOT YET been completed; whereas, in Venezuela, it was substantially completed. If, as we suppose, the outcome will be influenced by the existence of a “well regulated militia” then we might anticipate South Africa to be “secure[d]” as a “free state” whereas Venezuela was not. Or, more realistically, that the deterioration will be resisted – to some effect – in South Africa whereas it wasn’t resisted effectively in Venezuela. (I’m not optimistic here; merely extrapolating our 2A principle to other nations with the hope of imagining the implications.)

      What I’m driving at is an argument that our Constitution’s 2A is “raciest” – or, more narrowly put – “nationalist”. I invite the reader to struggle with this assertion and see where it might lead; seems interesting.

      We all hold that the right to arms is an inalienable endowment by our Creator. Nevertheless, Madison and the founding generation limited the guarantee of that right to “the People”. Those who are outside the class of “the People” – presumably those who are the People of the USA – enjoy NO guarantee of the inalienable right-to-arms endowment by our Creator. And so, it’s perfectly Constitutional for Congress to deprive non-citizens of access to “the arsenal of democracy”.

      This observation plays out in a number of contexts; I confine my focus to just one. The Feds will license export of arms from the US to other countries at whim. Depending on Federal whim, we will export/or-not arms to South Africa, Venezuela, Mexico, etc.

      So, suppose the Feds prefer to “not get involved” in developments in any such foreign country; the rationale doesn’t matter for our purposes. The Feds will refuse to grant a license to export a shipment that they perceive is destined to white farmers in South Africa. Nor to resistance forces in Venezuela. Nor to “autodefensas” campesinos in Mexico. Our initial reaction might be supportive of such denials of export licenses.

      But what does such an initial reaction say about our commitment to the right of all humans to the endowment of right-to-arms by our mutual Creator? Are we being hypocritical? Is there a raciest – or just nationalist – component to this sentiment? How does our reluctance to “get involved” in foreigners’ internal affairs really work-out in practice.

      One obvious aspect is that the Feds sometimes decide that America will no longer tolerate the slaughter of innocents in some foreign conflict; so, they send in the US Marines. That certainly “gets us involved” where we would NOT like to be. Had we opened our gun-shops as the arsenal of democracy we might have afforded innocents of the means to an effective self-defense; but we would not. So, instead, we sometimes send in the Marines. How’s that working out for We-all?

      It’s hard to imagine how freedom-fighters in most foreign countries would shop in America and then take delivery of arms shipments in their homelands. So, to simplify our study, let’s turn to Mexico with which we share a large land border and ready access by sea.

      The Feds license exports of arms to the Mexican Army, which in turn, sells guns to municipal police forces. There is growing evidence that the latter “leak” out of police arsenals into the hands of criminals, cartels in particular. There is less evidence that these leakages run to ordinary peaceable citizens who would use them for self-defense. So, observe, that the Feds whimsically license exports to the Mexican government but do not do so to Mexican civilians (Eric Holder’s Fast & Furious project excepted.)

      Can we imagine a state-of-affairs whereby a Mexican citizen – bearing a Mexican ID and a Mexican certificate of no criminal record (routine there) – could shop in a Texas gun shop? By what moral or principal of international law ought we to slam-the-gun-shop-door in his face? It is already our policy to allow aliens with non-immigrant visas (under some prescribed circumstances) to buy guns in the US. Why not open the gun-shop door more widely?

      Do we – Americans who cherish our 2A guarantee of an inalienable right – really believe that the Creator meant this right for just us – His Chosen People? Or, do we believe that this right runs to ALL His Peoples? And, in this latter case, what might that mean for the peaceable citizens of Mexico, Venezuela, South Africa, etc. in their struggle to be governed by their own consent?

  4. Whoa! Just looked up the EFF in the picture. So that ‘Pure Hate’ banner is for real. How shocking and sad that people would be motivated by that and not laugh at it as something impossible and ridiculous.

  5. You can wait for them to come for you… can leave before they get there….or you can gun up,find some volunteers, and go after “Them”.

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