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Russia to Step in and Save South African Farmers

The South African government has proposed taking white-owned farms and land without compensation to the current owners. Most would consider this theft, but the black majority government is intent on this policy, which would deprive thousands of white farmers of their land and livelihoods.

In a strange turn of events, the Russian government is offering to assist the South African farmers by granting them visas to live, and farm, in Russia. This is a humanitarian gesture, as well as a realistic policy for the Russians to pursue, as they need farmers. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia endured a severe economic retraction, along with the loss of population, as many Russians emigrated to other nations in search of a better life.

Russia had, for a number of years, one of the lowest birthrates in Europe. The Russian government has encouraged larger families in a successful attempt to stabilize the population, and to reverse the population decline.

If you remember your history, the Bolsheviks took land from the Russian farmers, without compensation, in their purge of the Russian establishment during the early days of the Soviet Union, as they attempted to create their Soviet Utopia. Now, the Russians, who have thrown off the Soviet model, see the South African government going down the same path as the Bolsheviks. They are not condemning the South African farmers. Quite the contrary, they are embracing them.

Some people learn from history, some do not.


Shorty Dawkins



  1. I wonder if they would offer me a farm? I could “get all learned up” on farmin’! Just make the offer. ? …as long as it Isn’t anywhere near Siberia.

    1. Yes, they offer free land, 1 hecter=2.2 acers, to anyone willing to live on it for 5 years. Most of this land is in the eastern part of Russia and is very rural. Recently they have opened up some land in Siberia where there is also a shortage of residents. The climates and conditions will only support hardy people.

    2. Ever done farming before? The reason that Zimbabwe had a societal collapse is Zimbabwe did the same thing that S. Africa now seems to be doing – and the reason Zimbabwe had a collapse is that farming isn’t easy and actually takes quite a bit of knowledge and know-how.

      Edumacated people like to make fun of farmers for being stupid – because they’ve never talked to one. I’m an engineer, and I’m 1 generation removed from farming. My grandfather was a farmer, and all my great uncles were farmers on my father’s side. It’s not only difficult work, but it’s 24 hours a day 7 days a week during the growing and harvesting season. In winter, you’re a caretaker if you have livestock. You know what a vacation is? Well, forget the word, because you’re never going to have a vacation again – if you go into it.

  2. Israel will use the precedent that the reversal of apartheid leads to destruction to form their own apartheid state.

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