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Right Versus Left

In a video, Devin (?SP) Stack, of Black Pilled, presents an argument that says “When Right vs Left is Right vs Wrong.” While he points out that there are those who claim to be on the Right, who are really Leftists, the misuse of the terms Right and Left has, for years muddied the waters.

G. Edward Griffin, on the other hand, uses the terms Collectivist and Individualist when discussing the differences that truly define the warring factions. Fascism, Socialism, Communism and Marxism are all Collectivist in nature. They place the individual in a subordinate position to the State, or any Collectivist institution. In other words, the individual only has value as part of the larger institution and has no intrinsic value. As Griffin, and others, point out, however, the Collective is made up of Individuals. Thus, it is the individual that is primary. A group, or collective is a concept composed of individuals, whereas the individual can be a part of many groups, or collectives. Families, church groups, social groups, nations, states and cities and even political Parties are Collective groups.

Globalism is the belief in the ultimate Collective: World-wide Collectivism. It will look something like a mixture of Marxism and Fascism, by all indications. James Jaeger, among others, calls this mixture Cultural Marxism and Economic Fascism. Both are Collectivist at the core.

While those promoting Globalism always pretend to be in favor of diversity, they seek a One World culture that lacks diversity; instead promoting a mish-mash conglomeration that will be the one accepted “culture”. No diversity will be acceptable in this new conglomerate. Political Correctness will ensure obedience to it.

Mussolini described his “fascism” as Corporatism, where all important businesses are run by Corporations that are monopolies (or nearly so) that are heavily regulated and granted favors by the government, whereas Marxists would have the Corporations actually owned and run by the government. If this vision of Corporatism looks familiar, you are not mistaken, as Globalist Corporations dominate the economies of the world. This brand of fascism, called Corporatism by Mussolini, gives the outward appearance of Capitalism, while achieving the goals of Marxism.

Leftists are Collectivists, but not all so-called Rightists are Individualists, as many are actually Corporatists in nature. Those on the Right who favor Globalism are really Collectivists. The only differences between Leftists and Globalists on the Right, are of degree, and on the magnitude and timing of changes towatd the Globalist End Game.

Globalists (Collectivists) seek to destroy the sovereignty of all nations, and subject all peoples to a One World Utopia of Cultural Marxism and Economic Fascism. Thus, our culture, our Constitution and all of our institutions need to be destroyed as an advent of the One World Utopia.



Shorty Dawkins



  1. Wow you hit the nail on the head, if Hilary would of won, we would of been a third world country by now. Open Borders and Union dock jobs being filled by far eastern people and paid by far eastern companies. George Soros is the main backer of wanting the USA to fail, because he wants to help rule the One World Globalist Order, where only truly the top 1%ers will have everything and the rest of us will either be dead, in the Gulags or working on the Collective farms for the greater good of the One World Order! Of course, none of my progressive friends or family believe this, but I bet them $100 that if the progressives get control that within 10 years the Constitution will be gone ant the UN will be in charge!

  2. Very succinct and logical analysis, Shorty.
    I have said 2+ generations have been weaned on Star Trek. The Prime Directive has its pro- and de-tractors. I’ll leave it alone.
    The critical (even causative, perhaps) connection to globalism is the standard that worlds may not become members of the Federation of Planets unless they have planet wide unitary government.

  3. Shorty – In view of the fact that you devoted an article to a comment I had made, I’m not quite sure where this article and video fit. I don’t remember my exact quote, but I was expressing what Black Pilled seems to be saying.
    We are dealing with unreasonable people who are neither knowledgeable or intelligent enough to understand what they espouse. Then there are those such as Chuck Schumer who knows what he is working towards, and has no compunction in attaining it in any way possible.
    The point I make about revitalizing the Militia in at least a few of my posts expresses Black Pilled’s sentiment about kicking the can down the road, and leaving the problems for someone else to resolve.

    1. So many good points by both of you !

      I would add that a large part of the problem is that many millions of people have been mind effed and seriously propagandized by PRAVDA/MSM for decades now . so we have several generations (generation being 10 year cycles ) that literally cannot think for themselves any longer. This is why people that are between 20 and 30 today are nearly all incapable of any rational thought processes. They were completely mind effed during the Obama regime of nearly a decade of massive indoctrination. They grew up knowing nothing except what the schools and television pounded into their heads ! Also it was the age of smart phones and that too is indoctrination and a form of mind control mechanisms. There are many control mechanisms most people simply cannot see or grasp and that too is deliberate. The matrix we live under is far more powerful than most people realize.

      The points raised of the corporatocracy really hit the nail on the head as well. That is a near pure form of Fascism here in USA today and it all got put on steroids under BHO and crew. They were going to steer or direct successes like Solyndra and many others and we see how that worked out in the many billions wasted and or frauded from the taxpayers. As well they corrupted every gov agency for the same purposes, to steer social devices as they saw fit.

      Everything in todays political world is completely about control mechanisms created deliberately by government and the corporatocracy they have created as an ally ! They are in fact the same people and their goal is simply to control you and your tax dollars as they see fit . And of course PRAVDA/MSM is not only the propaganda arm of the DEM/DSA it is also a big player in the corporatocracy. They can create any false narrative or false paradigm they desire and too many people simply cannot see what is taking place to control and undermine them ! The good news is that many more are waking up finally although it has been a very long road to get here. And that is the short story !–.html

  4. Excellent truths being conveyed here! G. Edward Griffin is absolutely correct!

    Still, I wish the Oath Keepers would entirely dispense with even using the false and/or twisted terms such as “left/liberal” & “right/conservative”, replacing these misused and deceptive terms with the accurate terms Collectivist & Individualist, conveying which diametrically opposed philosophy is being embraced with regard to any given issue.

    The longer we continue to use these deceptive terms “left/liberal” & “right/conservative” as they have been falsely attributed to politics since only the 20th century, the more deeply and bitterly Americans — and people in general all over the world — will continue to be divided.

    Natural Rights Coalition — Philosophy


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