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Red Wave! Dems Committing Suicide Ahead of Midterms!!!

The Democrats are moving further to the Left, embracing such things as the desire to abolish the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE), as a means of opening the borders to, potentially, tens of millions of immigrants from around the world who wish to come here for the Free Stuff our social networks offer.

Far Left activists wish to destroy the USA in order to usher in their beloved Globalist One World Socialist (Marxist) Order. Rather than grasping that many Democrats and Independents are turning away from the Far Left idiocy, the Democrats are doubling down and going further Left. They are committing suicide by doing so.

New York Mayor De Blasio has embraced the abolish ICE movement, along with others, in a desperate attempt to open the borders to all immigrants, even as most of the Nation wants tighter border controls, as evidenced by polls. Hollywood stars are, of course, lining up behind the abolish ICE movement, even though their influence has dropped drastically.

While the Democrats believe a Red Wave will sweep them into power in November, their embrace of the abolish ICE movement will be their Achilles Heel. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the 28-year-old Democratic socialist who unexpectedly toppled incumbent Rep. Joe Crowley (D-N.Y.) in Tuesday’s primary race, has been outspoken about her desire to abolish ICE. In their East and West Coast cocoons, these socialists can’t grasp that those outside their bastions of liberalism are shifting to the Right, not the Far Left. The rest of the country is waking up to the destructive nature of the Far Left. In “flyover country”, we cherish our Constitution, our culture and our traditions. The Far Left rejects all of them.

The Far Left is driving traditional Democrats to abandon the Democratic Party, as evidenced by the #Walkaway Movement, which has gone viral.

This latest idiotic belief in open borders and abolishing of the agency that enforces our immigration laws is so far from meshing with the voters, that the Democrats have no chance to gain majorities in either the House or Senate.


Shorty Dawkins



  1. Wish I could be as optimistic as the article author. Are you folks aware of the nearly incomprehensible wealth thus power arrayed against us? The propaganda power of our enemies drowns our voices even though our numbers are far greater than our foes.

    Alas. I still have not detected the leaders of the Founder’s quality to step in and perform the needed tactical operations. Maybe they will never appear. Without them the enormous amount of brain power the tyrannical elites can hire will ensure their lustful greedy desires overwhelm every section of the planet they design to lord over.

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