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Rand Paul urges Trump to pull security clearances

There is a new issue that has appeared in the public discourse, that being the question of removing security clearances for retired CIA and intelligence personnel. Should they continue to be privy to highly classified information after leaving their posts?

Rand Paul would like to see a blanket removal of clearances once they leave their posts.


Shorty Dawkins



  1. Absolutely remove security clearances once an employee leaves. It is unsafe both for the security of our nation and the employees as well. As long as their clearances are in effect, they are targets for extortionists and the countries confidential files are in jeopardy. Thank you Senator Paul and thank you President Trump both for having the courage to do what is right.

    1. I agree 100% to remove the clearances of all x-officials, across the board, the way Brennan, comey and strzok are conducting their conduct they seem to already be compromised by some treasonous outside force.

  2. As a civilian contractor working in Naval ship repair I had a low level,(confidential) security clearance allowing me access into classified spaces to accomplish repairs and modifications as necessary. When my employment terminated so did my security clearance. This should be standard procedure for all Government workers be they, contractors, military, civil service, appointed bureaucrats, and politicians elected or appointed.

  3. If the Trump administration doesn’t pull security clearances from the Obama holdovers, the administration is welcoming with open arms a Coup d’etat. Clean house or sit in shit. Shit or get of the pot so to speak. “Get Er Done”…….!!!! Since Reagan for 8, you have Bush for 8, Clinton for 8, Bush for 8, Obama for 8……? Good thing term limits were set for the office of President of the United States of America…………Nuff said………….
    Abolish the Federal Reserve, The Internal Revenue Service, all Alphabet agencies that bleed the American tax payers dry, and re-instate the Republic, and the Bill of Rights. If this is accomplished America shall breath again, and its citizens will enjoy freedom as the founding fathers envisioned.

  4. Still trying to figure out how Brennan had one in the first place.
    Living near Hanford, I remember the requirements for getting a Q clearance and not being a Communist was one of them. In fact, if we would have drug a commie through the streets in the 70’s or 80’s we would have been hailed as heroes. Times have definitely changed…not sure I’m on board with it.

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