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Paradigm Shift Underway

There is a seismic paradigm shift taking place in the USA and many parts of Europe. To point out what it is, and why it is happening, I invite you on a little trip.

Our first stop is here in the USA, as we view a video compilation of the many Never Trump politicians, Hollywood activists and Globalist Media personalities who couldn’t imagine that  Donald Trump could become President.

Try as the Globalists might, they couldn’t prevent Trump from becoming President. Why? Ridicule, one of their favorite weapons, didn’t work. In concert, (of course), they pounded him regularly, but to no avail. What they missed entirely, (or saw but didn’t know how to counteract), was that there was an anti-Globalist groundswell occurring. Open Borders became anathema to the voters, and the destruction of our economy by the Globalists was becoming evident to the general population. Hence, “America First” and “Make America Great Again” resounded loudly with the voters, while the Globalists could  only sneer and laugh. Populism and Nationalism were no longer dirty words.

While the Globalist mantra of Open Borders, World Citizenship, Multiculturalism and Inclusiveness was repeated ad nauseum, the voters saw the hypocrisy of the Globalists, as the rich Globalists, like Mark Zuckerberg, built walls around their houses and huddled in their gated communities in order to protect themselves from the “deplorable” masses. In the cocoons that protected them, they could not hear the voices of the people.

Obama promised “Change That We Need”, as he brought in Obamacare, that caused insurance rates to skyrocket. He spent his time on vacations, or traveling to foreign countries where he apologized for US behavior that didn’t jive with the Globalist cult-like ideology. His “Change That We Need” became empty promises, or policies that harmed the USA. After eight years of Obama, the voters were restless. The borders were porous. The economy was going nowhere. Political Correctness was stifling Free Speech.

Unlike most politicians, Trump has been keeping his promises. While the Globalists seek to personally destroy Trump, he is more popular than Obama was at this point in his Presidency. The Democrats, meanwhile, are in disarray, as the Far, Far Left is taking control of the Party. The Never Trump Republicans are mostly ignored by the people, but still seen on the Globalist Media.

As the Far Left Hollywood stars make fools of themselves, and Mad Maxine Waters goes further off the deep end, their dream of a Blue Wave looks more and more like a Red Tsunami.

In Europe, country after country is electing Nationalist/Populist governments. The waves of immigration brought about by the Globalists and George Soros are destroying the cultures and economies of Europe. The citizens are now saying, “No more”, as even Angela Merkel has had to at least partly retreat from her Open Borders stance. In Sweden and Denmark, center-left parties are taking up the banner of anti-immigration, as they see their very survival as relevant parties at stake.

Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria and Italy all now have populist/nationalist governments. Populist/nationalist parties, dubbed Far Right by the Globalist Media, are growing in numbers and power.

As people stop listening to the Globalist “Fake News” outlets, their ability to indoctrinate diminishes. Hollywood Social Justice Warrior movies are now duds at the box office. People everywhere are looking for alternative news sources.

The #Walkaway Movement is seeing many leave the Democrat Party, as they lurch further leftward.

A paradigm shift of global proportions is under way. Those who ignore it, or fight it, will be shocked as it rolls over them.

This is not to suggest that the Globalists are defeated. They are not. There is much work still to be done. We are, however, headed in a direction away from Globalism. The shift has begun. The Globalists will fight us to the end, but the voices of the people are finally being heard.


Shorty Dawkins



  1. From what I have found out the populations of numerous EU countries have slowly turned on the open border politicians that have pushed for open borders for years. One reason is that almost all of the Muslims that have invaded the countries claiming to be running from conditions in their own countries are actually coming to the EU looking for work if they can’t find work they are provided housing, handed money to spend all of this the taxpayers are footing the bill just like what the illegal aliens are given when they illegally come across the Mexico border. If they have one kid it can stay on welfare till it is 18 from what I understand. If they have 10 kids all are raised on the welfare paid for by the taxpayers. That is a very strong reason to keep both groups of people the illegal aliens as well as well as the Muslims which are here to take over the country like they have in the EU out of the USA.

  2. “… A paradigm shift of global proportions is under way. ” Uh, doesn’t that make this movement “globalist”? I thought they were the enemy. I am confused.

    1. Dierdre,
      Maybe you’re a little slow, so I’ll explain it to you. If countries all over the globe are standing firm on their sovereignty and nationalism…..need I continue, or do you wish to keep playing word games?

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