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NEA Whistleblower: Teachers Unions Setting Stage for a Civil War

NEA Whistleblower: Teachers Unions Setting Stage for a Civil War


The below write up is from a current National Education Association (NEA) employee who is disturbed at what is happening inside teachers unions and feels compelled to speak out.


The NEA just held their national convention in Minneapolis, Minnesota, June 30-July 5, 2018, and adopted the following resolution:

New I. White Supremacy Culture

14 The National Education Association believes that, in order to achieve racial and social justice, educators must

15 acknowledge the existence of White supremacy culture as a primary root cause of institutional racism, structural

16 racism, and White privilege. Additionally, the Association believes that the norms, standards, and organizational

17 structures manifested in White supremacy culture perpetually exploit and oppress people of color and serve as

18 detriments to racial justice. Further, the invisible racial benefits of White privilege, which are automatically

19 conferred irrespective of wealth, gender, and other factors, severely limit opportunities for people of color and

20 impede full achievement of racial and social justice. Therefore, the Association will actively advocate for social

21 and educational strategies fostering the eradication of institutional racism and White privilege perpetuated by

22 White supremacy culture. (2018)

[read the full resolution report here]

Both the NEA and AFT (American Federation of Teachers) are competing to determine who can be the most anti-white in America. The two national unions look to the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) for information and guidance, with the SPLC seen as the final arbiter as to who is and who is not racist in America.

The only problem is that if you are conservative, value the U.S. Constitution, and believe in liberty, you are declared a racist. Both the NEA and the AFT have determined that it is easier to organize around race then bargain for teacher salaries and benefits. Both national unions believe it’s a successful strategy for recruiting American Black Teachers. They also see this as their strategy for transforming our national culture and way of life.

It began first as an “unconscious bias.” The doctrine was that white people did not know they were racists but could be trained to not be. Now, the policy is that the white culture must be purged, period, and that white people cannot be cured, or cure themselves of that taint.  This is absolute racism in reverse. This is the new centerpiece of the leftist organizing movement and it is designed to make all non-white people feel like victims. Therefore, you must have government — rules and regulations – that purge white thinking, symbols, and images. The focus is on organizing students through an anti-white curriculum, organizing teachers to be opposed to all conservative thinking (which is “racist”) and to intimidate parents and community members towards their point of view.

According to this view, all things American are in fact ‘White supremacy culture’ – our Constitution, our laws, our way of life, the concepts of private property, individual liberty, free speech, the right to bear arms, in fact the entire Bill of rights, the very concept of limited government, etc. All of it is “white supremacy culture” and therefore must be destroyed.

That’s “purging.” This is what purging is. Anything that is American now, historically, is now “white American” and “racist” by definition, and must be purged. It is a three pronged attack: focus on the teachers, the students, and then the local community.

If you were to walk into any teachers union meeting in Los Angeles, Berkeley, Portland, Chicago, or New York, just to name a few, you would hear a discussion that would remind you more of a communist or socialist cell than a debate on teacher working conditions, salaries, and benefits. Instead of attacks on management, you would hear screaming and yelling on how awful the current U.S. President is, how Israel is evil, how the American flag is racist, and why there should be open borders.

Teacher union organizers are setting the stage for a major revolt in America: a civil war that may have already started. To do this, teacher union leaders have formed coalitions with single-issue organizations who have no loyalty to America or her basic values. These coalitions include such causes as gay and lesbian rights in the more militant LGBT community, environmentalists, NFL players revolt against the National Anthem, anarchists, Black Lives Matter, gun control enthusiasts, open border advocates, Palestinian nationalists, and La Raza, just to name a few.   Making matters extremely dangerous is that these causes are connected to a world-wide international network, which of course is linked to the unholy alliance of globalists and tribalists — both opposed to the nation-state system.

The globalists,  through the likes of George Soros, and the tribalists, supported by Moslem jihadists, are very much represented in local teacher union meetings. Many teachers endorse these views through a euphemistic curriculum (called common core). Examples include global education, bilingualism and multiculturalism, anti-white courses, and student programs which reject the U.S .Constitution and the American Founders. In other words, teachers are doing the bidding of the union organizer who knows that the seeds are being sowed for either support or passive participation in what only can be described as a coming civil way in America.

Specifically, for the teacher union organizer, there are very few challenges to what is going on in the schools and students are being used to create a political storm that primarily is anti-conservative and anti-American. Chaos, fear, and anger are the goals of the organizer; a major departure from the past where specific labor outcomes were the mission of the union.

The teachers union has been a major force behind open borders and the de facto elimination of the nation-state system.  Along with other public sector unions, teacher union leaders have promoted the influx of illegal aliens with their children to create cheap labor and students to pack our schools (with more students come additional money and union members). By the millions, illegal aliens are being used to depress wages in America. This will result in anger between American citizens and illegals. In our schools, the unions are using students as a force-mulitplyer for anti-U.S. Constitution causes. For example, the national student walk-out against the Second Amendment.

The teachers union has been the major force behind attacking President Trump and a major force in the the “Resistance” movement. It should be absolutely obvious that this organizing campaign is code for attacking the basic electoral credibility of the United States. The “Resistance” movement, in combination with the investigation of Russian involvement in our elections, is creating the national narrative that our elected President is illegitimate.

This is a continuation of the election of President Obama. Teacher union organizers were a major force behind the election of Obama. He was a candidate that could represent every left issue imaginable and represented a coalition like never seen before. This gave teacher unions the opportunity to continue the organizing at the local level for national issues. (Something which is the European Union model and not the U.S. union model which focuses on the local level).   Obama was seen as just the beginning of a permanent leftist lock on the presidency, in particular, and a general lock on political power in the U.S.

When President Trump won, it was much more a personal setback to union leaders and organizers than a setback in policy; policy was simply a means to achieve more power. It is now clear, especially with the Janus Decision, that the union organizing effort has been given a major setback and the unions must up the ante if they are going to gain back their position and power.  The handwriting is on the wall, it’s time to destroy, not just defeat conservatives and the right.

The above suggests that a “perfect storm” is being formed to create a civil war in the United States; a civil war which will be permitted by most Americans who will remain passive and uninvolved. This will be, in many ways, a civil war of attrition. Teacher unions will lead the charge because they have the most to gain: power and control. Because the school is central to our urban areas, it is the main organizing entity. Here, teacher unions can organize teachers, students, and sympathetic community members. Most important, organizing activities can change values and beliefs. If the school curriculum is grounded in open borders, the U.S. Constitution is viewed as a racist document, and white people are automatically connected to racist organizations (even if they have nothing to do with them) and by their very DNA are regarded as “racist,” it is easy to see that the civil war has already begun.

Signed: NEA Insider




Stewart Rhodes

Stewart is the founder and National President of Oath Keepers. He served as a U.S. Army paratrooper until disabled in a rough terrain parachuting accident during a night jump. He is a former firearms instructor, former member of Rep. Ron Paul’s DC staff, and served as a volunteer firefighter in Montana. Stewart previously wrote the monthly Enemy at the Gates column for S.W.A.T. Magazine. Stewart graduated from Yale Law School in 2004, where his paper “Solving the Puzzle of Enemy Combatant Status” won Yale’s Miller prize for best paper on the Bill of Rights. He assisted teaching U.S. military history at Yale, was a Yale Research Scholar, and is writing a book on the dangers of applying the laws of war to the American people.



  1. I tell everyone i can to take your children OUT of these Institutions of Indoctrination! I experienced it as a student and a teacher, so i know for a fact that probably 80-90 % of teachers in public schools & universities are teaching Marxist Leftist ideologies as the ideal! Don’t hand your children over to them to brainwashed!

    1. As a retired public school teacher who home schooled our own children, I can tell you that public schools are child abuse. Half the time during the school hours are wasted. While homeschooling using ACE curriculum very little if any time is wasted. What Shelley states is very true. Public school used to be Christian many decades ago. Presently they are indoctrination center for Marxism. The few teachers taking a stand against this indoctrination are being harassed and pressured to quit or retire. The Bible and Christianity is not welcome in the public schools.

      1. Yes, as a Native American, I say to you that schools used to be used against us for Christian indoctrination, and now they are used for Communist indoctrination. They were wrong before, and they are wrong now. Leave religion and philosophy out of it, and teach good ethics instead as well as sound logic and strong subjects such as math, grammar, the physical sciences, history and geography, and don’t do it with computers and cell phones, but make them actually use their young minds. After that, the rest will sort itself out. Religion should be taught, and demonstrated, at home. You teach your’s to your Christian children, and we will teach our’s to the children in our tribes. No one has the right to force their religion, or any political or social philosophy, on anyone else. If you do so then you have violated the 1st Amendment of the Bill of Rights.

        Yes, there is going to be a civil war in this country. Over the course of the past 400 years Christians have tried to marginalize our tribes, even though your form of government was adopted from the Iroquois Confederation, and these Marxists hate us too. We will defend ourselves in the coming war, and will side with those who stand with the Constitution, but will not tolerate anyone that tries to push their beliefs off on us in the process. We traditional Native Americans, as compared to the progressive “Apples” as we call them, are Warriors first, and everything else is a distant second in our lives. When the time comes then remember this acronym for WAR: We Are Ready!

        1. Dr. Alford thank You for your post. As a white male this is one of the most truthful, powerful statements I have seen describing our current situation. We all came from certain people and its not wrong to be proud of your people or your heritage. Yes, the whites founded this nation on the backs of minorities, but I prefer to believe that we have all evolved in our thinking and racial prejudice has been on a slow but steady decline. What is happening now is PHILOSOPHICAL , where Marxism seems to be the preferred group-think of leftist America. We have seen the results of this warped ideology. World wars, mass murder, total destruction of human decency, millions of lives destroyed etc… But yet the American educational system still kneels at the alter of Marx. I just don’t get it. You would think these so called educated people would learn from history but I just don’t see it happening in our lifetime. When there is civil war I hope I’m around to fight.

      2. Excellent read Stewart and RWC thanks for the ACE curriculum heads up !

        We are in war for minds people , nothing new at all just more folks realizing it . The matrix is well advanced here in USA today.–.html

        Between the schools at every level and PRAVDA/MSM our society is propagandized from cradle to grave intensely ! The DEM/DSA control freaks have likely made Goebbels very proud ! And don’t forget the RINOs as well who participate. Do NOT think we are out of the woods because Trump is president , we are not and he needs our help on many levels. Mostly helping inform the masses of the situation, because many are still fast asleep. Be the antithesis of the fake resistance !

    2. Agreed. None of my six children have ever attended public school for that very reason. All homeschooled, I am proud to say. They only go into a public school to take part in a wrestling or jiu jitsu tournament.

      In the more rural, “red” states, and in rural areas, you can still find teachers who are not avowed leftists, but that is all too rare. T he predominance is decidedly on the left and even the far left (all the way to full strength Marxism). Even worse in the universities.

  2. I am a school bus driver. One day when I was talking to a teacher, she told me that she was going to retire early because of Common Core. She didn’t want to be involved with the corruption and destruction of the grade school children that she was teaching. True to her word, she wasn’t there the next school year. (Good for her!)

  3. This is an outrage! These snake pits posing as schools need to be overhauled and reformed…this has to be priority ONE, or we have no future. And by WE, I don’t mean white people. By WE, I mean Americans! Damn…wake the F up people…get off your F’n couches, out from behind your computer screens, and get in the faces of your representatives!!!

    1. Fuck our representatives. YOU look at the bullshit fbi doj ROGUE pos,s. Everyone says,”its onlt the top people”.i dont by that. We figured they would clean their own house. Then we waited.then we nudged. Then we Prayed.
      Now we have a CF on our hands that laughs and tells congressmam”you dobt wanna go there buddy”.ERIC TRAITER HOLDER during Fast and Furious…….
      The only way i see to keep from going kinetic is to use a very very old tool. Dam Polygraph. Anyone in a positiin of authority, even a macdonalds manager, needs to get polied….
      Rosenstein needs to be wired up on natiinal TV. ANY VIOLATION of the Public Trust equals TREASON.
      Hey folks,look up. They are spraying shit on you. Any idiot that says conspiracy theory needs to pull their head out if the sand. And their……Geoengineering was announced 18 months ago,including the msm covered spraying of Lithium Hydroxide. Feel a bit tired?
      Fall asleep to easy?
      Look up. Take that streamlight a bit after dusk and shine it up. Then call your congressman ha ha,ha .
      WE ARE tge people we have been WAITING FOR.
      Dont call your congressman, demqnd he take a poly. Not for”have you ever stolen anything in your life”.im talking about part one crimes. I dint care about free ballgame tickets. Hell,we would have no gov left!.wait………JK.

    2. There is two words for the problems in this nation that need to be eradicated: LIBERALS /DEMORATS! BOTH ARE POISON TO OUR COUNTRY AND OUR CONSTITUTION!

  4. Yes indeed! Satan is on the attack. Satan knows his time is short. What better way to destroy Christian morality than to change the future by brainwashing the children of a culture? Satan needs to destroy the US in order to further globalism.

    1. Satan has a serious problem. The mass media controlled by the Globalists is nothing more than an echo chamber for snowflakes. They are both being heavily funded to create the ILLUSION the snowflakes exist in large numbers when they do not. That’s where the landslide for Trump came from. If there is a civil war it will exist of over ninety per cent real Americans; black, white, brown, Asian, Gay, Trans et al who want NO part of this insanity. I strongly disagree with the author that Americans won’t react to defend themselves. The boiling frogs are jumping out of the pan at warp speed. That’s why the Globalists are ‘doubling down’; they are running out of time. I believe too many people world wide are seeing this tyranny and social engineering for exactly what it is. Psychopaths are unpredictable to be sure, but I believe their reign of terror is ending.

  5. The ultimate source of the NEA’s present-day subversive power is the Supreme Court of the United States, which upheld the supposed constitutionality of compulsory pubic-sector collective bargaining for teachers in the case Knight v. Minnesota Community College Faculty Association. One cannot determine what that case was about by reading the truncated opinion the Court published, however; you have to go to the Court’s archives and peruse the actual briefs and record submitted–because this was another of the Court’s political fixes with a phony opinion, with which experienced attorneys are all too well acquainted. There was an earlier case, Abood v. Detroit Board of Education, which provided a lesser degree of cover for the AFT. That case–after some 40 years!–was finally overruled by the Supreme Court in its recent Janus decision. But, of course, the damage had already been done, and may prove irreversible. Maybe the NEA will get the same treatment–again, unfortunately, decades too late, after the damage has become irreparable. So, if one wants to assign blame for the present-day mess, blame the nine fools and political toadies on the Supreme Court at that time, who could have disarmed the NEA right then and there, but instead enabled it to wreak the havoc which has ensued. I assume, though, that not 0.1% (if that) of Oathkeepers who read this comment have any knowledge of this history. And the percentage of ordinary Americans who know what happened is probably a couple of orders of magnitude less. Thank “public education” (read: NEA and AFT) and the “mainstream media” for that.

    1. Mr Vieira,

      Are those specific archives searchable & available online, or must one visit the physical (brick-and-mortar) archive facility and present ID/credentials in order to have access, and/or obtain “true and correct” copies of the actual “briefs and record submitted?

      I am dismayed almost continuously now at every new discovery and revelation which uncovers the depth and breadth of chicanery to which our Constitutional Republic has been subjected, the degree to which “lawmakers”, in collusion with unions, leftist media, and various “naked communists” have subverted the “pursuit of happiness” of us, their fellow men, to the point of jeopardizing our very “life, liberty…”

      This [situation] is nothing less than an infected “swamp”, filled with sludge, emitting foul, noxious gases…and every other possible applicable metaphoric descriptive term or phrase. The best disinfectant…is “sunlight”. Sunlight – is exposure, dissemination of knowledge – especially by influencers – people capable of reading, understanding, translating for others, and influencing them toward “good” by sharing “Truth”. Nobody here is required (by me) to believe in, or live by the Bible, or Christ’s teachings, but these biblical axioms’ wisdom stands through ages, and speaks for itself: “My people perish for a lack of knowledge”, & “You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.”

      Can anyone deny these? In short, I want that information…to devour it, transform it into knowledge, that knowledge in turn becoming power – one weapon among others to place more power for liberty in the minds/hands of my friends, neighbors, and any in my sphere of influence.

      You are free – in fact, invited to contact me with further details. I don’t expect to be “spoon-fed”, nor for anyone to do the work for me, but I’d like at least a few resources to tap, a nudge in the right direction.

      I’m sure that there are others like me, who having read the main article about the NEA’s unabashed subversion of the Constitution, and their shameless duplicity…(not to mention your informed comment) are ready and willing to “do something”.

      We shall “not go gently into that good night”, but rather “rage against the dying of the light” that is our beloved republic!

    2. Actually, we can blame the Globalist Central Banking System psychopaths who OWN the governments and mass media and whose agenda is to utterly control and then eliminate most of humanity. Everything we see, including mind-bending social engineering, pandemics, nuclear war et al, is all coming from Globalist ‘top down’ imposition upon the people… they want us either disarmed or killing each other. It is unfortunate people’s eyes glaze over whenever you try to explain to them the entire situation globally is based on a CONFIDENCE game of simple genius. The Globalists have convinced a dumbed down public that pieces of paper and data entries are “money”. That is the entire foundation of their power over humanity. If the people can understand this simple confidence game, it would bring the Globalists to their knees in 24 hours. End of game. I am not holding my breath for the Sheeple to figure this out.

  6. There are a lot of great, good intention teachers but their integrity is quickly being lost due to Socialist Anti-Constitutional objectives of union leadership. With laws now protecting workers from abuse, I see no need for them to exist today. In particular, I strongly object to unions in any government jobs.
    Labor Unions were required to eliminate abuse of workers during the 1800s and into the mid 1900s: “Originally they were formed to provide workers with representation. Years ago employers took advantage of employees, may have paid them poorly, made them work an excessive number of hours, did not provide safe working conditions and at times abused the employees. The government passed laws to require better working conditions, did not allow child labor, addressed safety issues, etc. Many people feel that unions have outlived their purpose and have made American companies unable to compete because of high salaries and generous retirement benefits that make it difficult to compete with non-union or foreign companies. Unions have been suspected of having ties to organized crime and corruption over the years.”
    If only this was still true: “Their activity today centers on collective bargaining over wages, benefits, and working conditions for their membership, and on representing their members in disputes with management over violations of contract provisions.”
    But there is strong evidence that Unions are being used as a Political Tool to subvert our Constitution. Makes me want to believe a sarcastic remark posted to yahoo.answers “Unions were formed by the soviet union to spread communism.”

  7. Shelly & RWC speak the truth. And, as being a “early retired” public school teacher, after 26yrs of service, I can tell you California is the worst! There are so many public school teachers who see the hypocrisy and anti-American sentiment in the ranks of their unions(and their “leadership”), who are afraid to speak out. Why? Retribution in the form of negative “performance evaluations” and overtly ostracize those who are brave enough to speak out against their Marxist indoctrination policies and subversive agendas. So many school teachers in the last five years have retired early, because they don’t believe in the political agenda that their unions have put in play. Hopefully, a newer, “free-thinking” generation of students will see the evil intent the education system has been forcing upon them…and will rebel and speak out against it.

  8. Hat tip to Shelley & RWC, “Mama don’t let your babies grow up to be PS Morons. Let ’em be normal and home-schooled as such, they’ll grow up to be happy without you as their crutch!” ~ Willie “wish-he-wrote-it” Nelson

  9. Why do you think DeVoes made it easier for everyone to home school or to be taught in a private school easier and the public school teachers hate it! Several of my relatives are liberal public school teachers and they think DeVoes is a crackpot for letting more people home school their kids or put them in Christian private schools!

  10. “Public sector” unions should not even exist! and they sure as hell shouldn’t be allowed to influence politics!

  11. If the NEA believes this idiotic racist BS, then they don’t have the intellectual judgment to educate our children. We need a law to destroy these anti-American institutions !!!

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