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More Americans Want Larger Families!!!

In the following video, Dr. Steve Turley discusses a coming demographic revolution. It seems that conservatives are having larger families, while secular Liberal families remain below replacement levels.

The replacement level (number of births required to maintain the present population) is considered to be an average of 2.1 births per woman. Conservative women are now giving birth to an average 2.5-2.7 children (estimates vary), while liberal women are having only 1.5-1.7 children. This is actually not surprising, when you stop to think of it, as liberals believe in women’s liberation, the need to halt population growth, and other issues that discourage large families, while conservative women are more likely to believe in strong families, and are more open to having large families.

While the liberals are not having enough children to replace themselves, the conservative women are having children at a rate above replacement level. Children tend to reflect the views of their parents. It could be said that the liberals, by not having many children, are participating in their long-term demise.

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Shorty Dawkins