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Maxine Waters and Her Followers Prove Our Point

Maxine Waters and Her Followers Prove Our Point:

Today, before our protest against Maxine Waters’ incitement of violence was scheduled to begin, our advance team leader on the ground, Johnny Itliong, along with the leadership of MAGA Girls, met with LAPD leadership. We always liaison with local police before any event.

LAPD informed our leadership that there were already 50 Maxine Waters supporters in front of her office armed with steel pipes and baseball bats.  And LAPD also stated there were three busloads full of other Maxine Waters supporters staged nearby, waiting for us to arrive before they deployed.  LAPD advised our on the ground leadership that LAPD could not guarantee the safety of any protesters, and strongly advised that the protest not be held because of the danger.  LAPD added that if a riot occurred, and we were attacked, the LAPD officers would withdraw and we would be on our own.   

Maxine Waters and Her Followers Prove Our Point
Maxine Waters supporter, armed with a baseball bat.

Given the high likelihood of lethal force violence (steel pipes and baseball bats to the head are clearly lethal force), and out of concern for the safety of other peaceful protesters such as the MAGA Girls, our advance team leader, Johnny Itliong, made the decision to cancel the protest.  

Which only proves our point. 

You can’t even hold a peaceful protest in front of Maxine Waters’ office, protesting her incitement of her supporters to violence, without facing the violence of her supporters, to the point of lethal force.

We went there to conduct a peaceful protest against Maxine Waters’ inflammatory incitement of harassment and intimidation, with her calling on her followers to harass members of the Trump Administration, saying:

“If you see anybody from that [Trump] Cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd and you push back on them! And you tell them that they are not welcome, anymore, anywhere” 

And that is exactly what her followers did today against a planned peaceful protest, with her followers showing up armed with steel pipes and bats, in an angry mob, to make it clear that peaceful protesters are not welcome there, with local police reading that mob’s intent and concluding that it was not safe to hold a peaceful protest there in front of Maxine Water’s office.

We were only attempting to do what Maxine Waters herself later stated in her re-wording of her original comments  –  that everyone has a right to peacefully protest, that all citizens should protest concerns that they believe are unjust.   Unfortunately, you can’t do that in front of her office without being attacked (the footage from today shows her supporters chasing one man down the street, apparently just because he was white, with one Maxine Waters supporter, who was filming, asking others “did you chase that white boy down the ally?’ and then saying “if you’re anti-Maxine, don’t go down there” and “if you’re pro-Trump, don’t go down there.”)

It is sadly ironic that it is Maxine Waters’ supporters who acted in a violent and racist manner, after she libeled us by asserting: 

“The Oath Keepers would like nothing more than to inflame racial tensions and create an explosive conflict in our community”

Oath Keepers is overtly, and strongly, anti-racist.  Our bylaws expressly deny membership to anyone who discriminates on racial lines, and our call to action for this protest clearly stated: “Other patriotic groups are welcome to participate in this protest, so long as they support the Constitution and do not discriminate on racial lines.”  We are hated by white nationalist groups precisely because we are not racially orientated, are outspoken in our oppositions to racism, and because we have a zero-tolerance policy of allowing racists to participate in our events.  We welcome all patriots, of all races, as our “about” page makes clear.

In fact, our team leader on the ground today, Johnny Itliong (who is also on our national Board of Directors), is half Filipino and half Mexican, and one of our national LEO Liaisons, Greg McWhirter (also on our BOD) is a current serving black police officer. Greg was particularly incensed by the libelous statement issued yesterday by Maxine Waters that described the organization Greg helps lead as an “anti-government militia” that is violent, and that is intent on inflaming racial tensions. Our membership is made up of current and former government employees, and we are most assuredly not anarchists, since we defend the Constitution which established the Federal Government. Nor do we incite violence or initiate violence.   We merely defend ourselves and others against illegal violence, as we did in Ferguson, in Berkeley (twice), in Portland, Boston, etc and as we conducted disaster relief after the hurricanes in Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico last year, for example.

But those facts didn’t stop Maxine from libeling us, and didn’t stop her supporters and her allies in the media from following her lead.  

Today, some of her supporters also grabbed an American flag off of a passing vehicle and burned it.  That provided the telling optic of Maxine Waters’ supporters burning the flag of their own nation, and the flag of the nation Maxine Waters supposedly serves, as a member of Congress, right there in front of a congress-member’s office, as they cheered her on as “Queen Maxine.”   Clearly, those supporters hate this nation, hate the First Amendment, and feel loyalty only for Maxine, rather than for the nation of their birth.

It should be noted that the protesters on our side would have been unarmed and the police would not have allowed them to carry any weapons to defend themselves with. LAPD made it clear they would have policed and controlled our protesters only, to the point of regulating how thick a stick we could use for a sign, but would not have policed or controlled the Maxine Waters supporters.  As was done in Berkely, twice, we would have been prevented from carrying pepper spray,chemical mace, riot shields, collapsible batons or any other means of self-defense.

The only Oath Keepers who could have been armed would have been our current serving or retired police officers, who have a right to carry concealed handguns nationwide under LEOSA (Law Enforcement Officer Safety Act), as our current serving and retired police officers did at Berkeley.   We wanted to avoid any of our police officers having no choice but to use lethal force to defend themselves from attack by pipe and bat wielding Maxine Waters supporters.

We went there today to conduct a peaceful protest against violence, not to engage in violence.  

And the response of Maxine Waters and her supporters only proves our point.  


From the Washington Times:

Maxine Waters and Her Followers Prove Our Point
(AP Photo/Jae C. Hong)

A group of counter-protesters there to support Waters were chanting “black power” and other slogans when the pickup approached.

The vehicle, occupied by two men who appeared to be white, was stopped by the crowd. Some marchers opened the doors and one grabbed the flag flying on a pole in the bed of the truck, which sped off.

The flag was stepped on and lit on fire as someone stoked the flames. A few people cheered and someone yelled, “This is not the American flag, this is their flag.”


From DML News


From Red List News

Maxine Waters supporters show true colors: shut down peaceful protest with threats of violence.


Stewart Rhodes

Founder Oath Keepers


Stewart Rhodes

Stewart is the founder and National President of Oath Keepers. He served as a U.S. Army paratrooper until disabled in a rough terrain parachuting accident during a night jump. He is a former firearms instructor, former member of Rep. Ron Paul’s DC staff, and served as a volunteer firefighter in Montana. Stewart previously wrote the monthly Enemy at the Gates column for S.W.A.T. Magazine. Stewart graduated from Yale Law School in 2004, where his paper “Solving the Puzzle of Enemy Combatant Status” won Yale’s Miller prize for best paper on the Bill of Rights. He assisted teaching U.S. military history at Yale, was a Yale Research Scholar, and is writing a book on the dangers of applying the laws of war to the American people.



  1. There is plenty of evidence that Oath Keepers is none of the things Maxine claims. When will the libel lawsuit be filed? Imagine what Oath Keepers could do with a huge cash award.

    1. I would have hoped that the local Police would be there to “Protect and Serve” the peaceful Oathkeepers demonstration….all of them are cowards…treasonous cowards – regardless of their political leanings, they should all be fired for dereliction of duty. Sons of Bitches…….Syd Smith is absolutely correct in his post.


      1. This would have been a prime opportunity for ICE to do a sweep to disclose any illegals in Mad Max’s crowed.
        Also, one would wonder how many wanted felons were there. Her following is made up of diversity weilding mis-fits, so the guilty and innocent idiots must have been present in great number. This would have been reason enough for the cops to take an interest, but their leadership played coward.
        Tied hands of legitmate law inforcement is a given in our new police state, when even our Justice Dept. practices lawlessness.

      2. My very QUESTION. Why is the police backing down and not confronting the rioters being Maxine WATERS thugs. She isca racist HYPOCRITE

    2. I live 75 miles from Los Angeles. Had I known in advance, I would’ve gone anyways. We can’t continue to allow these domestic terrorists to operate openly. This is a cold civil war, and they are winning with control of the media to herd the dumbed down low IQ radicals. Camp Pendleton is an hour away (wink). Bringing a lead pipe to a gun fight is stupid, and only justifies deadly force.

      Set up a cordon to protect innocent bystandards, and take the racist Bolsheviks to task. It’s clear that the DOJ and Congress will NOT serve justice to the Deep State, or the globalist left.

      1. Hopefully everyone read Pitt’s comment…It has 2 excellent points.

        We need to employ stand off groups at all our activism, and just like the progressives, be able to enlist them with a few text messages.

        We need to create or employ favorable media sources to get the truth out.

  2. Gentlemen: I am a private citizen. living in the little town of Woodland, Washington, about 20 miles north of the most wacked out city…(or at least, a runner up) in the nation, Portland, Oregon. I have a total ( 4 Reserve and 11 Active Duty) years of honorable service to our country..98-72, USAF, a Medic, and 87-96, US Army, being medically and honorably retired in 96. I was an E-7. In the latter branch I served as a Drill Sergeant and then a Personnel Sergeant. I am a 32 Degree Scottish Rite Mason, and a 40 some year member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, Division Commander in Mississippi and now in the Pacific Northwest. Last, I am an Anglican Priest with the American Anglican Diocese of the Northwest. Now retired, last Parish being Saint Mark’s Anglican Church, Klamath Falls, Oregon. I am a Trump supporter, a bedrock Conservative Republican. Lastly, I am a registered firearms owner, a life member of the NRA and indeed hold and have held for many years, concealed carry permits for both Washington State and Oregon.

    I am deeply, fundamentally disturbed at the direction our great country is going. The insanity that unrestrained Liberalism, the Left and it’s minions and their unrelenting assaults on our First Amendment rights (a right given only to them, as witness the disgraceful events around Maxine Water’s office today)–the never ending attempts to destroy the 2nd Amendment, the vilification of anything and anyone who supports anything other than the insane and increasingly violent agenda of the Left and THEIR twisted beliefs …..the rioting and mayhem brought to us by such nefarious groups as Antifa, etc, all these have slowly led me to the conclusion that America, our great and wonderful country, is in deep, deep trouble, and the time is NOW for those of us who value the rule of law and order, who respect our Law Enforcement, First Resonders and Military, both Active Duty, Reserve and (like myself) retired…we need to stop wringing our hands, and step up to the plate in this precious land’s defense.

    I am single, and my girlfriend, who is a retired Parole Officer, in observing these events, made this comment to me recently regarding the salvation and remedy for this entire mess…. She said, “It’s going to come down to the rednecks, the bikers, and the veterans.” I am one of the three, and proud to know members of the other two. Before today I had never heard of your group. That’s my loss. Count me in. You stand for the things I was taught to cherish, and I will stand shoulder to shoulder with my Brothers and Sisters of, in the secular sense…as the Book I believe in says in a religious sense…”…like precious faith.” Perhaps I should paraphrase it to say…” precious belief..”…in the rights, beliefs and privileges, unadulterated…of the greatest document in our nations history…the Constitution of these United States. I salute you, and others who are of the same mind. Count me in. And if you need a Chaplain…I am at your disposal. And don’t let that clerical collar fool you. For it was one of such who said, as the Japanese rained down fire and destruction at Pearl Harbor…”Praise the Lord…and pass the ammunition!” Father John Sigmon

    1. “I am a 32 Degree Scottish Rite Mason. Last, I am an Anglican Priest with the American Anglican Diocese of the Northwest.”

      A priest [and] a Mason? More like a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

      1. Try explaining your position concerning both instead ad hominem reaction.
        My studies and research led me to drop Masonic affiliation. However, not everyone goes beyond the idea of service.
        So, explain yourself, Raymond, so I am not tempted to put my words in your mouth. I could get it wrong.

      2. Hi Raymond: Let me fill you in. Historically, the Anglican Communion ( IE, it’s base is the Church of England) has not had a problem with it’s members being a part of the Masonic fraternity, for that is EXACTLY what it is, a fraternal order and nothing more. I am not interested in engaging in the time and shop worn arguments against such. Suffice it to say that here in the US there has been a great effort to educate those who are willing to LISTEN to the fact that that is all that we are, and indeed, the two subjects that are off limits in a Lodge of Master Masons are these two…POLITICS and RELIGION. Indeed, there are 3 things that a man must hold dear and true to be one: A belief in the Afterlife, belielf in a Supreme Book, as determined by your own religious opinion, and a belief in One God, however your Faith defines him. And we go NO FURTHER THAN THAT. No theology, no plan of salvation , none, nada, none. And I suspect this is not the place to launch into a debate for or against our Order. I am here, because of my dismay at what is happening to our beloved country, and the document that set it head and shoulders above the other nations of the world in 1776–that landmark in the history of mankind…the Constitution of the United States of America. I am here because I sense that it, and the liberties offered therein, are in mortal danger, and unless men and women of any ( or none) faiths, creeds, and beliefs rise up in it’s defense, (to misuse an ancient Persian adage) “This too, shall pass.” And in profound words closer to our own time: …..

        “These are the times that try men’s souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman.” (Thomas Paine, 1776)

        And, indeed, they are. And I commend you for your concern for that great document we all hold sacred. Just a suggestion: You might want to preface remarks like, “A wolf in sheeps clothing” with another time honored phrase: “In my opinion.” My best, Fr. J. PS Just FYI: many of the signers of the Declaration and the Constitution were…..Masons. Hmmmm….Now, lets figure out how we are gonna win this fight…because win we must, and win we will.

      3. I personally like and appreciate an articulate response and Father John Alexander Sigmon has just demonstrated that and more. If Oath Keepers is to grow and become a force to reckon with, they will need his kind of people as part of their membership.

    2. Sir..great post, and thank you for your service to our great country. I believe strongly, there is but one issue driving this bus, it is open borders.

  3. So your telling us that the LAPD let a group of people with bats and pipes assemble and threaten. Then stated there was nothing they could do about it. Hard to believe. NYPD would never let that happen. Ever. You show up with a bat your going downtown cuffed.

    1. I was thinking the same thing. If your kid chewed a pop tart into the rough shape of a gun, the school would ban him for life and the police would show up at your door on the premise of preventing some future potentiality. But watching people standing on the street ‘armed’ and taking no action because they haven’t done anything “yet” is okay with them. I’m no lawyer but in some circles I think that’s called menacing, a chargeable offense. Then there’s loitering.
      You can’t set up a lemonade stand without written permission from the state nowadays, how is it you can stand ‘armed’ in front of a politicians office, blocking the sidewalk threatening riot and claim to be exercising your right to protest? Without a permit.

  4. “proving a point” is a useless waste of time with these people. Maxine Waters and her supporters have to be at the very least beat down and put in there place or she will become the next Hitler.

  5. The time for talking is just about over, now we’re now being threatened with deadly force.
    So we will just sit back now an let the threat of violence an savages rule the day an take rights away from Americans . Not FOR MUCH longer. I’ve been threatened an next time I’m standing my ground an what happens happens, tired of being a target tired of walking the streets owned by fascist,racist ,commie socialist , this is my country not a bunch of soy boy assholes that rule by numbers.

  6. I want to be clear. I am not inciting or suggesting anything here. I am asking a question after my statement.
    It appears that we (The American People and OK) were intimidated once again into keeping our mouths shut.
    At what point do we say “no more”?

  7. Their handlers wanted a violent confrontation in order to break the back of The OathKeepers organization. I’m not sure what the answer is unless we can rally two or three thousand Patriots to participate in these events? Very sad that the LAPD appeared to be unconcerned with The OakKeepers safety.

    1. HOW does the LAPD get to decide violent protesters are allowed to show up armed and ready to conduct a beat down? And clearly state, OK NOT permitted bats, pipes, are strictly prohibited from anything which could be used in their own defense… WHO GETS TO DECIDE THIS WITHOUT QUESTION?

      THIS is exactly what people are completely fed up with. When a police group like the LAPD are ordered to ALLOW the trouble makers, rabble rousers, the anarchists, the Radical Left Wing domestic TERRORISTS to show up at a planned, PEACEFUL protest WELL ARMED and the good guys are ordered to present themselves defenseless as lambs to the slaughter, WE HAVE A HUGE PROBLEM.

      The LAPD needs to be taken to task,. We need to know who issued those orders to them (you know they didn’t decide this on their own), and that person needs to be held accountable.

      Who issued the orders to allow Maxine’s gang to be armed, Oathkeepers disarmed? This is THE question because this is exactly what has been going on around this country. Domestic terrorist groups have been green lighted to conduct violence against American patriots. That’s just a fact and those responsible for that green lighting MUST BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE.

      1. Hopefully, Bill will read this as well Judyann.

        In Portland after an ANTIFA/Proud Boy confrontation, the police on the scene reported that the Conservatives were “Mainstream Americans” and as a result easier to reason with. They didn’t say it outright, but suggested that the Left is unhinged. Yep, that’s something we already know.
        The police simply are there to Keep the Peace, and appealed to reasonable group.
        The Oathkeepers did the right thing! Even if we bussed in 100,000 it would come off wrong. JudyAnn mentioned Greenlighting and she’s correct. In fact, 3 probable conclusions could have played out; 1) We backed down–>Maxine will now say that “this is the way to handle a bully, with overwhelming force.” 2) We got assaulted and kicked butt right up until they Instagramed in 100,000 withing minutes to overwhelm our folk, in which case, she would use the same line. 3) We send in 100,000 via a rich benefactor and overwhelm them–>Maxine would then say, “The bullies showed up to fight, we’re the victims, blah, blah, blah.”

        As it stands we have the Moral High Ground. BTW you get extra points for knowing what Gaslighting means ;))

      2. The leftists have a rich benefactor. We do not. We also keep it legal, and the opposition does not. Maxine Waters slandered us before the event to rile up her base of hard core leftists. (These were not the skinny Antifa kids.) Her “supporters” were allowed to be armed with pipes and baseball bats, and we were not allowed any form of defense. This is how it is in many parts of California today. Self defense is not allowed. The Democrats in California totally control the state. The gun grabbers at the Capitol in Sacramento are slowly but surely disarming the law-abiding citizens. Criminals will always have guns. No wonder so many Californians have left for free states, including almost all of my extended family. We don’t even have to have a permit to open or concealed carry. A mob threatening physical violence like Maxine’s “supporters” would not happen in my state. We can defend ourselves.

  8. Jeremy,
    First off you refering to the men burning the flag as “monkeys” goes against the Oath Keeper bylaws in not being racist. Second I somewhat agree I would love to clash with these idiots and disarm them. If the police were going to monitor the sign stick size we should have had a bus load of Oathkeepers waiting without signs or identification to blend in and take them out. We have been trained and are smarter than her followers, we should use it.

  9. Are you serious? Read the article again, the odds were against Oathkeepers in every way.
    Like the old saying goes, “Don’t take a knife to a gun fight”

  10. George Soros and his money win again. Who paid for the buses and the protesters? Where is our benefactor? Who will stand up for America?

    1. I’m learning that our own corporations fund racial divide with the profits they gouge from the “majority” who all supposedly have this elusive thing called “generational wealth.” That’s why I fail to understand partisan divide over things like “Outlaw Dirty Money.”

  11. When in Mexifornia, all bets are off, new rules apply, and America and the Constitution are but dim memories, replaced by violent totalitarianism. The LAPD, never known for stellar law enforcement to begin with, has apparently become the lap dog of the radical left. They say that what happens in what used to be California will soon become the norm for the rest of America. Not if I can help it…

  12. While Waters may be a worthless subversive Socialist moron not worthy of expending assets on, I do feel that backing down from this confrontation was a mistake. It’s painfully obvious that LAPD is scared of their own shadows by letting the potentially (probable) violent liberal extremists walk around carrying baseball bats but won’t allow the peaceful group (us) carry anything but tomato stakes. Then to further say – we won’t step in to help if things get violent – really!! Sounds to me like they’re in lock-step with the Waters crowd if you ask me. They don’t want to upset the local thugs, less they might get irate – then they could have a problem and Heaven forbid any more riots should break out in the land of milk and honey. No, our protest should not have been cancelled. It should have gone on as scheduled and when the shit started then we should have done whatever was necessary to protect ourselves, since the LAPD wasn’t going to, and shown these Socialist bastards what happens when you try to hurt an American.
    Unfortunately, now that this one has been cancelled, they think they’ve won and this is how the war could be lost – for good men to do nothing.

  13. IMHO, Maxine Waters, as clearly shown by her words and deeds, is a terrorist who is violently attacking the United States of America, and the Constitution; a coup to overthrow the present government by force.

    There is a saying, “Never Underestimate The Power Of Stupid People In Large Groups!” The Maxine Waters Gang is a large group of stupid people! Although they had the First Amendment Right to demonstrate non-violently, they were relieved of their right to defend themselves by the LAPD, and the Oathkeepers made the correct decision to cancel their non-violent protest, thus protecting innocent bystanders and themselves from being placed in harms way, considering they would be forced to enter into a situation where there would be no police enforcement in case of violence, and it was obvious the Maxine Waters Gang, themselves armed with lethal weapons, would start something just because that is what these paid mercenaries are hired to do. The Progressive Democrats are not the friends of the USA, and violence, agitprop, and obstruction, steel pipes and ball bats, are their weapons of choice! Effectively, the refusal by the LAPD to enforce the law here, and “protect and serve” being absent, was positively support for the Maxine Waters Gang of thugs, not the City of LA or the USA, and I’m ashamed for them. The LAPD should have disarmed the Maxine Waters Gang, or allowed the Oathkeepers to arm themselves, for obvious reasons; Progressive Communists are apparently a protected class in LA. The Maxine Waters Gang, and their “queen,” are a clear and present violent threat to the USA. Ms. Waters should probably be sued for libel, but she has political immunity, being a democrat.

    What I really don’t understand is why Maxine Waters is allowed to retain her seat in the Congress of the United States! Her conduct is certainly not becoming of someone who is supposed to be representing the USA! That certainly speaks volumes about the attitude of our Congress Persons. What in the Hell is the matter with these people! Maxine Waters should be removed from office, tarred, feathered, and ridden out of town on a rail! This Communist must be removed from government. As a further matter, ALL Communists and Obama, Bush, Clinton holdovers should be removed from any positions in our government.

  14. I recall being sad for the EU after learning of the various “no-go zones”. Currently I’m bewildered that we now have them in our great country.

  15. Just wait…. November is just around the corner…. If more Conservatives win Congressional seats, this will get worse…. If more Liberals win Congressional seats, it will get worse…. So, in essence, by not going to the planned protest and using the force necessary to protect yourselves, we are just postponing the inevitable…. But, I believe, as usual, the Liberals will win the open seats in Congress and the Conservatives will do nothing…. Everything our President has done for this country thus far will have been in vain and the Globalists will again inch closer and closer to achieving their goal of world domination…. and we…as good men….. did nothing….again….

    1. …maybe these high profile traitor types need to be Benghazi’d. Then claim it was a YouTube video. It’s ckear to me they want us dead. Not just quiet, but dead. That’s why they came in swarms armed with bats and pipies. Not sure which man will go all in and Okinawa these creeps. Guess we are all too comfy in our little spaces. Does anyone live on the same street as these pukes? Eventually hiding in Idaho or Montana or where ever will fail. One big city at a time is getting Kalifornicated.
      Do unto them what they are about to do unto you. This is our home… protect it from all dangers. Maxine is a full on fool. Another lefty coward and provocateur.

  16. I think it hilarious that the Oath Keepers didn’t show up. This riveted attention on the rioters because strife broke out ANYWAY. Flag burning, chanting, chases, upward fists all made for great eye opening entertainment. Spice was added by the disgraceful attitude and cowardice of the LAPD in making themselves unavailable to protect peaceful protestors. I would love to see the accumulation of anger by the Waters gangs if you kept on scheduling such protests and not showing up.

    1. I agree! Do a dry run till they get completely complacent. LAPD and the pussyhat soyboy hairless cowards certainly showed there hand. ha ha

  17. React to Maxine Waters’ lap-dog lackey thugs in the manner they operate and failure is likely. Out-think those fools. Oath Keepers, get your best and brightest minds with a competent attorney present and make your plans. Be smarter than the foe!!! Knee-jerk reaction is idiotic.

    In a way… the LA event as it turned out may provide Oath Keepers and the patriot cause with more positive publicity and/or negative publicity for that evil Waters fiend than if OK was able to stand in protest.

    If events progress in a manner threatening the Founders’ creation I toss out a stray thought. Those of us reaching life’s end, for the cause of liberty, freedom and our blessed Western ways of life, may be willing to go out with a bang. In the proper place. And in the words of Forest Gump; “That’s all I got to say about that.

  18. Don’t know why anyone would be surprised at the reaction of Maxine’s supporters. The far left seems to be so full of hate that they have lost all sense of decency. Just sayin.

  19. Those who burn the American Flag and claim ‘This is not the American Flag it is their flag” are racist, and that is unacceptable in this day and age, and must be condemed by Maxine or she is part of the problem. Maxine was very calculationg telling people not to show up, as she knew the uneducated would be infuriated and would show up in force, while tellign teh media it was the Oathkeeprs fault. People beleive what they read. You were wise to not show up, as the media is labeling you (out there) as the trouble, when in fact you only want to uphold the Constitution. By not showing up other than sacrificing a flag shows loud and clear who the problem is.
    This will continue until there is a second revolution in this country, at which point society will completely break down. The uneducated will strave to death as the handouts will stop when there is no government, and 99% of Americans have forgotten how to heat a home in winter, filter water, grow food, or generally provide for themselves.
    Some day ALL the hate groups will get their wish and a revolution will start. Not in all the country, because there are many places in this country where the uneducated racists do not live. However the cities will crumble. The suburbs will defend themselves when the uneducated come looking for food. 🙂
    America will destory itself until ALL government realize it is time to work together, under the principles this country was founded under. The handouts have to stop, the taxes against the citizens must be reduced by half of what they are now, let the uneducated in Maximes corner starve, need for high taxes solved. It will happen sooner or later, one way or the other.

    It’s coming.

  20. Please tell me that we had a plan B…Pleas tell me that this is the outcome that we actually planned on (because this reaction is no surprise). Please tell me that there is a plan for a media blitz about this. We will need to pay for ads, because the there will not be enough coverage from “news” outlets. Unfortunately, this article is “preaching to the choir”. Can the OK BOD members sue for libel as they lead the organization, and she was obviously referring to them as the racist instigators? Can we bring a class action lawsuit against Maxine Waters as she has defamed anyone that is now, or ever has been an Oath Keeper?

  21. This is indicative of many things. First is the recognition that the formation of the Oathkeepers was a necessary good thing and we need to build numbers for the coming conflicts. Second, it was an intelligent decision not to risk armed conflict under the circumstances with the LAPD and California in general lack of reverence by the elected officials and the State and City law enforcement for their sworn duties and in respect of the US Constitution, especially the rights to assemble, the right to free speech. The Antifa, Black Lives Matter and soon to come the jihadist followers of Muhammad and Islam will need to be met with appropriate force in order to protect the American citizens. While we would much rather debate in a responsible manner, with the aforementioned Soros and Saudi /Iranian financed groups it will not happen. That is why I believe Oathkeepers needs to reach out and grow substantially for the coming violence. I am in favor of the way current Oathkeepers leadership acts in responsible law abiding manner. As an immigrant from UK and seeing what is happening in my old country, in Europe and Scandinavia, it is not that far from the need to physically protect our country.

  22. “anti-government militia” <— Don't know how the rest of feel about this moniker, but it pisses me off….I am not "anti Government:" I am "Anti Unconstitutional Government."

    1. Got so caught up in my comment, that I forgot what needed to be said, At some point, if regular folk would have opposed the Brownshirts in Germany, the NAZI party may have been thwarted. We are witness to present day Brownshirts as evidenced by ANTIFA in Portland Oregon. In that case the Proud Boys stepped in and knocked a jackal smooth out when the violence started. IDK if the Proud Boys are rascist, or what their affiliations are, but I do know that Oathkeepers are protectors when the paid administrators fail in their duties. That seems to be the case here…at some point we will have to confront the evil. It’s time to step up and prepare for that eventuality.

      To this note I just heard yesterday that an ANTIFA burglar was arrested at his home. They searched the premise and found; aluminum powder ammonium nitrate, and other device making supplies. We saw this with Occupy Wall Street, when a bridge bombing was adverted. These people are nuts and they seek violence as their first resort, just like the Domestic Abuser. Search “Gaslighting” when you get the chance.

  23. Oh my. Let’s just say that there were a peaceful protest of removal of a Confederate memorial… And the police would…

  24. Mr. Rhodes — I understand your anger about not confronting these scumbags, but I don’t believe you understand the difference in the situation as it occurred in California, a state with illegal arms prohibitions, and a police force that admitted its own cowardice and violation of its oath of service. The decision by the leadership in California is much like that old saying about “living to fight another day” and recognizing the possibility of innocent bystanders being hurt.
    Oathkeepers got wind of a peaceful meeting in a City park in Scottsdale, Arizona that a muslim speaker heard about. She relocated her own meeting to that same park and advised Antifa to visit the “competitor”. Oathkeepers called us in to protect the peaceful speakers. We were joined by a uniformed militia group. Scottsdale Police patrolled the park from time to time with marked and unmarked cars. The Antifa group started to arrive and group with intent to begin their troubles. A small group (some had baseball bats in back packs) started to approach the speakers and a few of us duly armed Oathkeepers walked out to let them see us. That group appeared startled. They huddled together and then walked back to the others in their parking area. After about 5 mins, they got in their vehicles and drove slowly through the park. Not a shot was fired and not a body was punched or hit. Mr. Rhodes, I plead with you to reconsider your membership and withdraw your cancellation. We need good Americans as you seem to be.

  25. You should have let the peaceful protests happened and when and if the Maxiane Waters crowd drew first blood, the bring in your armed people with more than they could handle. Meaning your armed people would be in the background ready for something to happen.

  26. What I find funny is that whenever any of these protesters are asked about their employment they almost always answer that they don’t work. They are already socialist. What they don’t understand is sooner than later they’ll run out of other people’s money. Which reminds me, how does Waters justify paying her daughter $600,000 to stuff envelopes?

  27. Good try; think you should try again but with more back up. The position taken by the police isn’t a problem for me , just after the smoke settles the Oath Keepers’ don’t take the blame and get the punishment. If the police stay out of it from the beginning they can do the same when it’s over. We conservatives never seem to win these confrontations, were the ones who take the high road, while the thugs are free to intimidate and assault peaceful Americans. Good idea though and good effort. Your website is is great, the news, grass roots movement are making an impact. May join the club in the near future, keep up the good work.

  28. It’s pathetic… LAPD officially informs Oath Keepers that armed persons are gathered, laying in wait, ready and committed to engage in violence against them, yet, in the same breath tells Oathkeepers that no personal protection equipment is allowed. Chief: You take the blame for this one, and any more like it. Your officers don’t work for Maxine, they work for us. I smell federal criminal and civil lawsuit $$$$ awards i n the wind… wrongful injury, maiming, and even death.

    1. There’s the problem. They DON’T work for us. If they did they would have the same Social Security/Medicare as us.

  29. The LAPD are cowards for not protecting peaceful protester against unlawful thugs and anti-American fools if you vote Democrat you have shit for brains!

  30. What ticks me off is, FOX NEWS just ran the story on the protest and made it out that oath keepers was to chicken to show up! Didn’t even mention that libtards we’re had weapons and not a word about the LAPD saying there were 2 more bus load of protesters and they would stand down, FOX NEWS is what DEEP STATE INFECTED!

  31. We the Patriots, must take this country back and we must do it now! Diplomacy is not an option with these people.

    The time for action is long overdue!

  32. The violent Leftists are in effect helping the Conservative’s cause when they come out and act like intolerant, self-righteous fools. To engage with them would only soften the impact and delay their impending self-destruction. Be wise, and let them self-destruct.

  33. I mean Jeremy, if we couldn’t carry weapons and LAPD wasn’t going to protect us, what were we supposed to do, take casualties on a battlefield! We were going against the LAPD and Maxine’s protesters! Obviously maybe you haven’t come under fire, when you are unarmed you don’t stand in there and take fire you retreat , so you can fight another day, without taking casualties! Maybe next time we will come with numbers and the police force will be there and, allow us to carry weapons to defend ourselves! Until LAPD or any other California police force acts according to their policies, it is useless to try to protest peacefully!

  34. Maybe someone has all ready said this, but did you know the SPLC has labeled the Oathkeeper’s as a HATE GROUP! I just read this today, I think the SPLC has lost their minds!

    1. The SPLC has never been in their right minds. They have been, and continue to be, an American hating, anti-constitution hate organization of their own right. Any person or group that does not follow the ideology of what they believe the United States should be, which is totalitarian Communist, is the real enemy in their eyes. Let their be no doubt in anyone’s mind that Maxine Waters is one and the same as the SPLC – she is a communist.

    2. The SPLC is set against the Oathkeepers more than any other group, do you know why?

      When you read their filth, three things stand out; Hate Group (total BS), Militant, and Stewart Rhodes comes across as “Reasonable, but has fringe ideology,” or something to that effect.

      Hate Group is BS, because they have never advocated as such, EVER, Nor have they perpetrated violence in any way.

      “Stewart Rhodes comes across as reasonable.” Gee could it be that he is in fact, “Reasonable?”

      Here’s what scares the hell out of them, and why they consider Oathkeepers their #1 threat. The Oathkeepers are not “Militant” (Progressive groups certainly are though), Oathkeepers have the personal to pull off operations with Military Like Precision.

  35. I read every comment posted , and we can cuss and discuss it from now on but the fact remains that there will be blood in the streets soon. The anti American element must be eliminated at any cost. What a tragedy that we have polluted and diversified ourselves and this great nation into a cesspool of hate and filth.

  36. “Know your enemy”. Nobody was expecting that the LAPD works for the thugs, clearly. You can’t go into a communist cesspool, which includes their police department, act politically correct and expect a result any different than this. Reminds me of the patriots at Concord Bridge, being called off and going home for fear of armed red coats. Maybe it can be said that this protest wasn’t worth crossing the Rubicon or that OK are not the right entity to handle an operation like this (not saying this about members). By going there to protest, OK violated the usual stance of directly defending or providing security or running relief efforts in a disaster. The Maxine thuggery in Cali needs to be confronted but in a different way.

  37. What kind of leadership is at the LAPD that their officers informed OathKeepers if a riot occurs, “they are on their own?” Riots mean violence and violence means someone being seriously hurt or killed. Yet the courageous LAPD like Pontius Pilate “bravely” washes their hands and stands down while “unarmed” peaceful demonstrators would have been attacked by those carrying pipes and bats if they hadn’t left the area. And – how is it that the LAPD didn’t disarm those who came with such weapons? Are we at a point where only those intending to engage in terror have rights versus those wishing to use their First Amendment rights to protest peacefully have no rights? This is more reason why every citizen needs to be armed – especially in California where there’s a non-functioning police dept. in Los Angeles who no longer seems interested in “serving and protecting” while a woman in Congress urges her supporters to attack people they don’t agree with. Does anyone see a Civil War on the horizon?

    1. Excellent essay. Well-written, concise and conveying vital information and thoughts that relate to the event discussed and large, densely populated Los Angeles as a whole.
      Maybe Oath Keepers needs to protest those controlling the police. Who is ordering the police hierarchy to act ass they do. The rot is permeating the systems that operate the USA.; legal, economic, corporate, political… everything.
      Use every peaceful method possible. Make the Founders proud of us. However… if ALL fails… it is imperative that a new set of Founders comparable to the originals be gathered to lead We, the People.

      1. L.A. is firmly in the hands of the democrat party and has been for quite some time. With this in mind it’s quite clear as to who ordered the police to stand down in this situation.

    2. California is a different animal. The state is gone. It is run by the Democrats completely.

  38. The mob-o-crats won – for now. But we learnt somethings that will guide us in the future. I can’t blame the police from talking themselves out of a violent situation, as unfair as it was to Oathkeepers. Granted Kalifornia police are probably mostly Liberals which don’t help. Tactically speaking, I think Oathkeepers did right to “runaway to fight another day”.

  39. Why didn’t the police arrest Maxine and Friends for attempting to incite a riot?? Why didn’t police support Oathkeepers? There was a time when vets and cops always supported each other, because they were patriots. Very, very disturbing events.

  40. There was a very short notice of this event IMHO. Maxine Waters and George Soros actually pay people to show up any place, any time. They pay for those buses. You just had to know there would be a large # of paid thugs there. If you know you need no less than a 100 then somehow have groups/chapters RSVP so you know approximate numbers. I live in Texas and if I had 45 days notice I might could swing something like this. One week or less, most people with jobs can’t make it, even locals.

    You have to go through with the event once you commit to it, be that at announcement time or when you have enough #’s committed, be that 50 or 50,000. I understand the safety issue and have no desire to have my own head bashed in with a pipe or bat, but basically, we just witnessed how Hitlers brown coats and Musollinis black coats were ‘allowed’ to take over entire countries. I wouldn’t call what happened cowardice, but someone had to know what type of thuggery was going to be waiting. To many think the system will take care of this. It won’t and the LAPD proved that. If you haven’t noticed, our system is broken and it will take hard people willing to stand up against monsters like Waters or all our states will start to look like her district.

    What was planned? I am leary of showing up to rallies, be it OK or others, because of what I saw at the anti-sharia rally held a couple of years ago. We were outnumbered. The paid thugs show up with their loud speakers, flags, weapons, smoke, etc… There was NO PLAN other that to apparently stand around… I stood there for a couple of hours and finally left. I despise the left but when they show up they are organized by at least one person and can carry on for hours.

    1. You are right on..I attended a move a Confederate monument rally in Texas. There was a guy in a t shirt and ball cap. with unusually large Confederate battle flag image on each The guy , i believe was a plant and the media was all over him.

    2. The leftist groups have funding from wealthy leftists like George Soros’ to pay for websites, buses, matching tee-shirts, professionally printed signs, socialist/marxist flags, etc. Paid professional organizers shout chants, etc. thru bullhorns to indoctrinated followers. We, on the other hand, usually pay our own expenses and often can’t get the day off work.

      1. “usually pay our own expenses and often can’t get the day off work.” Exactly, plus Liberty Minded folk are not natural clumpers.

        These are the things we have to change…if we truly want success.

  41. Kenneth,
    After reading your post I ask myself. Where has this gentleman been when we have call to actions and we stand our ground in the face of the enemy on so many occasions all across the nation. Like D.C. during the inauguration, Boston Free Speech Rally, NY Foley Square Free Speech Rally, Ferguson, or any number of the call to actions just in the last two plus years. Where were you? Can you tell me which of the many call to actions you have attended and helped hold the line? You are calling them cowards but were not there to see the situation on the ground. It is not being a coward if you make this decision for the benefit of the people under your charge to protect life. Even the military does not just send in under manned forces into a battle without support which is what you are asking these men to do. Considering that there was 50 to 100 protestors plus three bus loads waiting for them to show up these people were armed with pipes and bats. That is not sound judgement or tactics. Trust me I understand the frustration you feel but we have to be smart about what we do. Sometimes we have to withdraw that is a fact of life. Are you willing to get members seriously hurt or killed because they were out numbered and had no way to escape just so you can say we stood our ground. That would be incompetent of any leader to do.

    Bret Hamilton
    Member Oath Keepers National Board of Directors

  42. Chaz,
    Maybe you should have been there to help then. There is a lot of talk on here that more should have been done by people who were not there. We do what we can. Till more get up off their butt and help. If you think more should be done get up and help get it done and quit relying on other to do it and blaming someone else when you don’t like the outcome. It takes numbers and manpower without it we can not succeed in our mission to turn the tide. It takes action not armchair quarterback key board warriors. It takes men and women of action to get the job done.

    Bret Hamilton
    Member Oath Keepers National Board of Director

    1. Chaz, they did not “slink away with his tail between his legs”, they made a decision based on everything there, including the LAPD who flat out told them they were on their own, even though the Maxine Waters group was armed with weapons, yet not arrested or those weapons confiscated. Remember that Oathkeepers were told in advance that they were NOT ALLOWED to bring in sticks, pipes, weapons or things that might be used as weapons.

  43. LEOSA might provide no “right” for serving/retired FEDERAL or FORMER FEDERAL EMPLOYEES to bear arms! It is my understanding that the US continues its funding of the (obviously un-constitutional, illegal; un-ratified by the US senate) UN SMALL ARMS TREATY. AS I AM SURE YOU ARE ALL AWARE, OBAMA’S POSITION ON THE BESTOWAL OF US GOVERNMENT PERSONNEL FILES TO THE WORLD was that it was perpetrated by “CHINESE HACKERS”. … . (Sure, and the moon is made of green cheese, too). THOSE WHOSE FEDERAL PERSONNEL FILES WERE AFFECTED had best expect that they remain under special surveillance by UN goons. “Rights” under LEOSA likely are unenforceable, should the UN decide to employ drones to enforce the SMALL ARMS TREATY to which King Obama was a signatory! (Watch out for ID theft problems, too).

  44. As a Nine tour Vet you should know better that to call people cowards unless you were there and know for a fact they acted with Cowardice. Which I doubt you were there and only know what you have read and heard in the so called news. The leaders acted as they should given the circumstances that they were dealing with on the ground. when out numbered more than ten to one and no backup or support it would have been pure incompetence to go in and risk the lives of our members and the other protestors that they would not have been able to protect. If we would have had to use deadly force to protect ourselves or others it would have been our people going to prison and the media would have made sure we were hung out to dry as the aggressors as they were doing before we ever showed on site. It would have been a know win situation that would have proved bad for our image that we are working so hard to change from what they have been pushing about us for years and are just now starting to make progress with.

    Bret Hamilton
    Member Oath Keepers National Board of Directors

  45. As Oath Keepers we do not air our dirty laundry in public and this is a public comment section! If you are member and have a constructive criticism save it for the forums where it might actually serve a legitimate purpose otherwise you run the risk of being labeled a troll and you will be ignored and or deleted. We encourage civil debate but will not tolerate racist or crude behavior to our members or anyone else.

  46. As Oath Keepers we should not air our dirty laundry in public and this is a public comment section! If you are member and care about this organization save your constructive criticism for the forums where it might actually serve a legitimate purpose otherwise you run the risk of being labeled a troll and ignored. We encourage civil debate but will not tolerate racist comments!


    1. I didn’t get past the early part of the video where he calls us white supremacists. He is either clueless or deliberately slandering us. We don’t allow racists in our organization or at our events. That is spelled out clearly in our bylaws. We also have Board of Directors member who is Filipino and Mexican. Another board member is black. And Stewart Rhodes, the founder of Oath Keepers is 1/4 Mexican. The speaker in the video obviously doesn’t care about the truth, but only about pushing a divisive, racist, leftist agenda.

      1. He travels and his speech is of anti white. He either made the movie or uses it as an example of the slaughter of Haiti 1804. Claims they can’t talk to the right as in debates but armed. What I gathered from his videos. Street fighting like it’s normal for them in LA.

  47. This old coot fought 40 years for constitutional government only to realize that Patrick Henry was right. Henry walked out of the constitutional convention in protest as he saw that the Constitution was a failed model. It created the monster, the supreme central government including Jefferson’s despised federal judiciary. Henry knew a tyrant like Lincoln would come along and destroy States’ rights.

    I have also written of so-called ‘patriots’ who talk big on the Constitution but refuse to fight for it. The Republicans’ NDAA destroyed our Bill of Rights. With the stroke of a pen, We the People became mere subjects. Not one shot was fired. That was 6½ years ago. That event was our generation’s Declaration of Independence. The tree of liberty fell on our watch. We were not man enough to refresh the tree of liberty.

    Here we are trashing the State of California. Sadly, they chose Socialism. Yet how is that of the concern of any of us living in another State? We are so lost that we fail to recognize that of all the States California is the strongest enemy of #1 Enemy, Lincoln’s Northern model of a highly centralized supreme federal government.

    So keep clinging to the failed Constitution, Lincoln’s Northern model and system intent on destroying us, Republicans, FOX news and perpetual wars for bankers and globalists. Wake me up with the inevitable break-up occurs. Then ‘Give me the Articles of Confederation or give me death’.

  48. I just became aware of OK and will consider joining. I would never criticize actions of others if I were not there to support in the first place. I would suggest that perhaps better planning may result in a better outcome. There will always be a threat of violence when confronting Soros funded radicals.

    Maybe in the future there could be a segment of membership like George Washington’s Immortals (a good book). Members who acknowledge they may likely get injured in the defense of freedom. OK leadership would not have to worry about innocent casualties if a well prepared volunteer group are willing to stand their ground.

    The leftist have great advantages. They are well funded and have legal defense if they are arrested.

    Most Anarchists dont have a job or family to consider when flocking to a protest. Thats why they are able to “OCCUPY” places. Good men of conscience will come forward with enough forewarning. Police may be able to ban defensive weapons but doubt then can prevent helmets from being worn.

  49. “So at the end of the day, what did you really prove?”

    “LAPD informed our leadership that there were already 50 Maxine Waters supporters in front of her office armed with steel pipes and baseball bats. And LAPD also stated there were three busloads full of other Maxine Waters supporters staged nearby, waiting for us to arrive before they deployed. LAPD advised our on the ground leadership that LAPD could not guarantee the safety of any protesters, and strongly advised that the protest not be held because of the danger. LAPD added that if a riot occurred, and we were attacked, the LAPD officers would withdraw and we would be on our own.”

    “Which only proves our point.
    You can’t even hold a peaceful protest in front of Maxine Waters’ office, protesting her incitement of her supporters to violence, without facing the violence of her supporters, to the point of lethal force.”

    Exactly what he said. Now, to support and defend the US Constitution, and the state of *California from the traitorous Maxine Waters (*Oath sworn) and her criminal thugs (May not even be in this nation legally/Lawfully (constitutional conditions met) he needs to start drawing up a list of charges against them, her, the LAPD (also Oath sworn) to pound in that fact, make her and those who were willing to harm others in her name, etc.

    What kind of charges?

    *California Constitution (highest LAW of the state), Article 20. SEC. 3. Members of the Legislature, and all public officers and employees, executive, legislative, and judicial, except such inferior officers and employees as may be by law exempted, shall, before they enter upon the duties of their respective offices, take and subscribe the following oath or affirmation: “I, ___________, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of California against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the State of California; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties upon which I am about to enter.
    “And I do further swear (or affirm) that I do not advocate, nor am I a member of any party or organization, political or otherwise, that now advocates the overthrow of the Government of the United States or of the State of California by force or violence or other unlawful means; that within the five years immediately preceding the taking of this oath (or affirmation) I have not been a member of any party or organization, political or otherwise, that advocated the overthrow of the Government of the United States or of the State of California by force or violence or other unlawful means except as follows:
    _____ (If no affiliations, write in the words “No Exceptions”) _____
    and that during such time as I hold the office of _____ (name of office) _____
    I will not advocate nor become a member of any party or organization, political or otherwise, that advocates the overthrow of the Government of the United States or of the State of California by force or violence or other unlawful means.”

    And no other oath, declaration, or test, shall be required as a qualification for any public office or employment.
    “Public officer and employee” includes every officer and employee of the State, including the University of California, every county, city, city and county, district, and authority, including any department, division, bureau, board, commission, agency, or instrumentality of any of the foregoing. (Sec. 3 amended Nov. 4, 1952, by Prop. 6. Res.Ch. 69, 1951.)

    18 U.S. Code § 241: Conspiracy against rights: If two or more persons conspire to injure, oppress, threaten, or intimidate any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege secured to him by the Constitution or laws of the United States, or because of his having so exercised the same; or
    If two or more persons go in disguise on the highway, or on the premises of another, with intent to prevent or hinder his free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege so secured— They shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and if death results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include kidnapping (the term “kidnapping” means an offense that has as its elements the abduction, restraining, confining, or carrying away of another person by force or threat of force) or an attempt to kidnap, aggravated sexual abuse or an attempt to commit aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to kill, they shall be fined under this title or imprisoned for any term of years or for life, or both, or may be sentenced to death. (June 25, 1948, ch. 645, 62 Stat. 696; Pub. L. 90–284, title I, § 103(a), Apr. 11, 1968, 82 Stat. 75; Pub. L. 100–690, title VII, § 7018(a), (b)(1), Nov. 18, 1988, 102 Stat. 4396; Pub. L. 103–322, title VI, § 60006(a), title XXXII, §§ 320103(a), 320201(a), title XXXIII, § 330016(1)(L), Sept. 13, 1994, 108 Stat. 1970, 2109, 2113, 2147; Pub. L. 104–294, title VI, §§ 604(b)(14)(A), 607(a), Oct. 11, 1996, 110 Stat. 3507, 3511.)

    18 U.S. Code § 242 – Deprivation of rights under color of law: Whoever, under color of any law, statute, ordinance, regulation, or custom, willfully subjects any person in any State, Territory, Commonwealth, Possession, or District to the deprivation of any rights, privileges, or immunities secured or protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States, or to different punishments, pains, or penalties, on account of such person being an alien, or by reason of his color, or race, than are prescribed for the punishment of citizens, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year, or both; and if bodily injury results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include the use, attempted use, or threatened use of a dangerous weapon, explosives, or fire, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and if death results from the acts committed in violation of this section or if such acts include kidnapping or an attempt to kidnap, aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to commit aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to kill, shall be fined under this title, or imprisoned for any term of years or for life, or both, or may be sentenced to death.

    (June 25, 1948, ch. 645, 62 Stat. 696; Pub. L. 90–284, title I, § 103(b), Apr. 11, 1968, 82 Stat. 75; Pub. L. 100–690, title VII, § 7019, Nov. 18, 1988, 102 Stat. 4396; Pub. L. 103–322, title VI, § 60006(b), title XXXII, §§ 320103(b), 320201(b), title XXXIII, § 330016(1)(H), Sept. 13, 1994, 108 Stat. 1970, 2109, 2113, 2147; Pub. L. 104–294, title VI, §§ 604(b)(14)(B), 607(a), Oct. 11, 1996, 110 Stat. 3507, 3511.)
    Summary: Section 242 of Title 18 makes it a crime for a person acting under color of any law to willfully deprive a person of a right or privilege protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States.
    For the purpose of Section 242, acts under “color of law” include acts not only done by federal, state, or local officials within the their lawful authority, but also acts done beyond the bounds of that official’s lawful authority, if the acts are done while the official is purporting to or pretending to act in the performance of his/her official duties. Persons acting under color of law within the meaning of this statute include police officers, prisons guards and other law enforcement officials, as well as judges, care providers in public health facilities, and others who are acting as public officials. It is not necessary that the crime be motivated by animus toward the race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status or national origin of the victim.
    The offense is punishable by a range of imprisonment up to a life term, or the death penalty, depending upon the circumstances of the crime, and the resulting injury, if any.

    652. Statute of Limitations for Conspiracy: Conspiracy is a continuing offense. For statutes such as 18 U.S.C. § 371, which require an overt act in furtherance of the conspiracy, the statute of limitations begins to run on the date of the last overt act. See Fiswick v. United States, 329 U.S. 211 (1946); United States v. Butler, 792 F.2d 1528 (11th Cir. 1986). For conspiracy statutes which do not require proof of an overt act, such as RICO (18 U.S.C. § 1961) or 21 U.S.C. § 846, the government must allege and prove that the conspiracy continued into the limitations period. The crucial question in this regard is the scope of the conspiratorial agreement, and the conspiracy is deemed to continue until its purpose has been achieved or abandoned. See United States v. Northern Imp. Co., 814 F.2d 540 (8th Cir. 1987); United States v. Coia, 719 F.2d 1120 (11th Cir. 1983), cert. denied, 466 U.S. 973 (1984).
    An individual’s “withdrawal” from a conspiracy starts the statute of limitations running as to that individual. “Withdrawal” from a conspiracy for this purpose means that the conspirator must take affirmative action by making a clean breast to the authorities or communicating his or her disassociation to the other conspirators. See United States v. Gonzalez, 797 F.2d 915 (10th Cir. 1986).

    Treason’ (Section 2385), Misprision of Treason (Section 2382), Section 802 (Title 18)
    Treason – Article III, Section 3 of the Constitution of the United States provides: “Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court.
    The Congress shall have Power to declare the Punishment of Treason, but no Attainder of Treason shall work Corruption of Blood, or Forfeiture except during the Life of the Person attainted.”
    Three elements must be present for an offense to constitute treason:
    — An obligation of Allegiance to the legal order, (M.W. is Oath bound to the ‘legal order)
    — Intent to move against the legal order, plus (re-read above article, see “LAPD informed our leadership that there were already 50 Maxine Waters supporters in front of her office armed with steel pipes and baseball bats. And LAPD also stated there were three busloads full of other Maxine Waters supporters staged nearby, waiting for us to arrive before they deployed”)
    — Action to violate that obligation. (see numerous videos, news reports, etc of the aftermath even when OK left, shows action)

    Domestic Terrorism: “Acts dangerous to human life that are a violation of the criminal laws of the United States or of any State;” which “appear to be intended–to intimidate or coerce a civilian population; (or) to influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion”
    28 C.F.R. Section 0.85 Terrorism is defined as “the unlawful use of force and violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives”.

    Anymore questions? Draw up charges, press charges, keep in the public eye showing that to STOP violent action that might harm people who might be innocently in the area , working in the area, etc. Make the case publicly and in the court so that if one fails the other may prevail. Probably should set up a fund for this action.

  50. Bret has this correct. What I would suggest is that we get organized and play people to their strengths. The other side is organizing as evidenced by this story at the Blaze.

    I tried to organize a group here in WA., but as Bret is pointing out, no one wanted to ACT. Something that we need to also consider; the Progressives are slime, but they play a mean game. Adopting some of their procedures is not a bad idea. Throw out the lying, but accept that the Bible is full of “Deceptive Techniques” and we can apply ourselves to the Game. Examples; Moses led his folk out of Egypt with the torches at the back of the columns to give the effect they were marching toward Egypt., Deborah had her cousin surround the mud valley at Temple Mount and had a small constituency lead the Roman Chariots into the mud to gain advantage., Jesus took his flock out into a boat presumptively knowing the storm was a brewing, and well, told them “Ye have little faith.”

    We need to infiltrate the Corporations, Schools and Government. We need to find a source of income for this activism. Our group was infiltrated by what Stewart calls a Fifth Column attack, but it didn’t matter because no one wanted to ACT. We were easy prey. Look at what Bret is saying, he’s correct. We need to step up! They are.

  51. What do you think would have been achieved with the violence, and NO BACK-UP? Oathkeepers is now positioned to not only bring up a lawsuit, but to bring down and imprison Maxine Waters and her gang of thugs.

    The US Constitution requires of us to use LAWFUL MEANS until there is no real LAW left in America. When we can no longer charge and prosecute the scum for their actions is when the Second comes into action. Anything else is us working against our legitimate government ourselves. BTW, read your own state’s Constitution yet? Read the Oaths required of those who serve within your state’s government so that YOU will know when their actions are breaking the highest LAW of your state?

    Here is California’s required Oath that Maxine Waters took. I’ll put into all caps parts of it.

    “I, ___________, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I WILL SUPPORT AND DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES AND THE CONSTITUTION OF THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA AGAINST ALL ENEMIES, FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC; THAT I WILL BEAR TRUE FAITH AND ALLEGIANCE TO THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES AND THE CONSTITUTION OF THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA; that I take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion; and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties upon which I am about to enter.

    _____ (If no affiliations, write in the words “No Exceptions”) _____ and that during such time as I hold the office of _____ (name of office) _____ I will not advocate nor become a member of any party or organization, political or otherwise, that advocates the overthrow of the Government of the United States or of the State of California by force or violence or other unlawful means.”

    Some things that can also be corrected at that time (filing and pressing charges, is the erroneous concept that the Oathkeepers are a “far right militia”, though ALL Americans are required to be, that Oathkeepers were there for trouble (some of the union organizers there), but were instead using this required to to be PROTECTED by those who serve within our governments, particularly in the enforcement arm (remember, just say “NO” does apply when required to KEEP that Oath) platform to PEACEFULLY protest the violence and force that Maxine Waters has been calling for, etc, etc, etc

    People think, READ the US Constitution – supreme LAW of this nation, supreme CONTRACT for ALL who serve, yes, even LAPD. Read your own state’s Constitution so that if serving within government YOUR actions are always LAWFUL unless a coward/bought off/blackmailed/etc to stand for what you were either elected, hired, contracted, etc to do; and if not in government, so that you can hold them ACCOUNTABLE.

  52. After reading all the comments, my take away from them is both sides have a point. What bothers me is the big picture that the media is printing is the OK had no plan and came across as afraid to follow through.
    The guy from the board is correct as well as those who want to stand your ground.there has to be a back up plan and media friendly people who will tell the truth.shame on Fox News for the story and don’t count on the Blaze to be fair .
    I don’t have any better ideas to add but I can see there was no back up plan and that overall makes what happened even worse. Some how the fight is coming, it’s only a matter of when not if. We all have to decide when to start to stand. What happened here was only a problem that is causing us to fight amongst ourselves and that’s not good.
    With the alt. Media out there and I’m sure some know of the various shows , showing them support to be able to attend the rallies to report the truth would be a start. And maybe a few to live stream the results of what the left does so it can be posted to on air as it happens. No big crowd just a few can possibly do that. An idea ?
    The message is not going to get out on the good OK is doing if there are more of what happened with Mad Max , it made OK look bad in the overall picture and taking the high road was lost .

  53. Hi Patriots, Hope all is doing well,
    I was wondering if anyone saw the comment that Maxine Waters made on Yahoo news about the Oath Keepers, it was about how she back the 1st Amendment freedom of speech and she Maxine Waters said that this is even true for a group as repugnant as the Oath Keepers an antigovernment militia know for its intimidation tactics and for protesting in military style clothing while carrying assault weapons. Waters continued to say, Although I was concerned about their planned protest at my office because of the groups reputation for being armed and militant tactics and racist rhetoric.

    This is the crap that these people are driving into the heads of collage students and anyone who will listening to them and they believe it. I can’t believe that communist Waters is part of our Government, promoting the violence and racist hate speeches across the United States and nothing seams to be done about it, this is what we are dealing with these Day’s and it is getting worse everyday, and still their are people out there that are not aware of what is going on, and most won’t until it’s on their front door steps by then it’s almost to late, me personally I don’t know how to get through to them, I even have family members the same way. What can we do ??? God Bless the United States the Republic and all members of the Oath Keepers.

  54. “LAPD added that if a riot occurred, and we were attacked, the LAPD officers would withdraw and we would be on our own”.

    That would be outright cowardice. LEO’s DO NOT get to ensure their safety by ignoring the public’s safety. Too many police officers seem to think their going home at the end of the day, trumps all else. If the police are not willing to put their life/safety on the line to protect the public, they need to give up the badge or have it taken away.

  55. Oath Keepers is all about the freedom all of us desire. The Constitution is the perfect instrument to guarantee your freedom. Join Oath Keepers, they are all about preserving your natural right codified in the U. S Constitution for every American (irrespective of race or color or whatever else people use to separate us).

  56. You smell that! I love the smell of napalm in the morning, it smells like………..VICTORY! Hang in there everyone I think we”l have our victory this November.

  57. I say the answer is to recruit more O K members, I ordered a pack of 400 o k cards and I passed them out everywhere I can think of , I put them in all the veteran org. Mail boxes, if I see a veteran license plate I pull up and give them a card, anyone I can think of out on the street. I say the bigger we are the more influence we have and that makes things easier to accomplish!

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