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Make Babies Great Again – (And Families)

In an article in Breitbart, Make Babies Great Again: Hungarian Fertility Rates Rise, Turns Back Demographic Decline:

Hungary’s pro-family culture has resulted in a rising fertility rate for married women which is “winding back the clock” on demographic decline — a trend once deemed irreversible in Europe and used by globalists to justify mass migration from the third world.

Who would ever have thought that the answer to demographic decline would be more babies? It is totally shocking, isn’t it? Babies, those cute little bundles of joy that grow up to be …….. adults.

For decades, the globalists have discouraged women from having babies. They have created a meme that says to modern women that motherhood is slavery to a patriarchal society and it is time for women to liberate themselves and focus on careers, not motherhood. As a result, the Western nations that have swallowed this meme have a current birthrate that is below replacement level (including the US).

The globalists then decide that this declining birthrate must be countered by an influx of immigration; to stabilize, or even grow, the population. Of course, they still promote us Westerners to be childless, or having small families, which is a form of cultural genocide, but it’s all for the “greater good”, right?

Hungary, and other Eastern European nations, are promoting families and childbirth, rather than discouraging them. They choose not to accept waves of immigrants with different cultures, preferring to save their cultures, rather than destroy them. This, of course, is in direct opposition to the goals of the globalists, who seek to destroy Western culture.

At the center of Western civilization sits the family. The family unit, composed of mother, father and children, is the strength of any culture. The globalists, since the advent of the Cultural Revolution of the 1960s, with “free love” and “women’s liberation”, along with the obsession with consumerism, have sought to destroy families. They, quite openly, have promoted population reduction. They have been very successful at this, as the “native populations” of the Western nations are all having fewer children than needed to replace the current populations. Without immigration, those populations would be declining. Whether you believe there are too many people, or not, a declining population puts a strain on the younger members to support an aging population. Accepting waves of immigrants from diverse cultures, (cultural diversity), as a means of economic salvation, creates clashes of cultures, which will lead to the demise of a given culture, which is precisely what the globalists want.

In Hungary, they want to preserve their culture. Do we?

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  1. Declare a new holiday: Get Pregnant Day. Not sure the soyboys are “up” to it. The pussyhats will be old childless maids. Real men and women will prevail. Natural selection has a way of weeding out weaknesses over generations.

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