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Leftwing Colleges Lose Students while Conservative Colleges Surge!!!

While Far Left colleges are losing students, conservative colleges are gaining students! Rather than attending the Far Left indoctrination centers, (that cost far more), more, and more, students are turning to conservative and Christian colleges.

As those Leftist colleges, which are seeing declining enrollments, seek to suppress conservative voices and thought, why would any conservative choose to spend outrageous amounts of money to endure the indoctrination offered, and receive abuse, when there are alternatives?


Shorty Dawkins



  1. Mr. Dawkins,

    Thank you for your report on a growing trend toward conservative colleges. I know there are many private left wing colleges and universities. Most or all of the public colleges and universities are left wingers. A few private colleges and universities are known by their actual practice to be conservative politically. I hope more are conservative in the other areas of life, too, not just politically.

    You are correct that a lot of college age people are not attending because the career returns for a degree are far down due to corporations moving out of the country (remember the George H. W. Bush presidency: low interest loans for corporations who move to Mexico, etc.). President Trump has stated that America has 95 million able workers who are chronically unemployed and/or have given up looking for work. A huge amount of college graduates cannot find work in the area of their degree. I recall reading of a worker who was fired because the employer found out the employee had a higher degree than he/she stated on his/her application. The worker misrepresented him/herself, so they were out the door. We have a lot of overqualified applicants who are just trying to get a paying job. This is a widespread problem that has been created by the political left and the globalists (anti-nationalists).

    You mentioned school loans. they are not being paid back at the anticipated rate and interest. Many graduates are trying to repay loans with an income based repayment plan (thank the Lord for IBR plans) with payments that may not even match the interest on the loan. America is in a desperate plight because of this problem. Someone sold us out.

    Conservative colleges are a must. I hope we have more conservatives citizens in America than left wingers. Look at the picks for judges at various levels. How many of them attended a conservative law school? There seem to be some from Catholic law schools (at least two on President Trump’s list) , but how many conservative Protestant, Jewish, or public law schools do we have in America?

    Thank you for your important report. I hope the growth in conservative colleges and universities will be a trend in America future.

  2. To supplement my day job, I teach part-time two evenings per week as an adjunct instructor in a 9 month welding program at a local community college. The school also offers machinist, millwright, pipefitter, electrician, plumbing and HVAC programs to name a few. Students come out in 9-18 months with marketable skills, and little to no debt. Most get jobs quickly. Despite this, and with free grant and scholarship money, it’s difficult to fill programs with students. There’s a stigma beat into young folks heads that the trades are for losers, are dead ends, or provide a lifetime of poor wages. Also, many young folks have unrealistic entry-level wage expectations. Yet, trades like machinist can still earn a comfortable living. In my day job, I deal with industrial accounts who are desperate for welders and machinists. With universities being rife with leftist ideology, leaving young people with insurmountable student loan debt for worthless toilet paper degrees, and having animus towards males, traditionalists, and Christians, I believe that young people should look towards other options such as thevtrades, entrepreneurship, or some type of earn-while-you learn OJT. Sadly, unlike Germany, apprenticeships and OJT are a thing of the past. All I can say is “Caveat emptor” with higher education today.

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