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Leftist Stalks Kent State Gun Girl; Takes Photos & Threatens to Assault Her

After her graduation photos with an AR-10 rifle went viral, Kent State graduate Kaitlin Bennett received countless death threats online from leftists. While many of these threats have come from incensed, anonymous liberals from all over the country, this past weekend Bennett received a much more credible one from just across a restaurant booth.

On Saturday night, Bennett and her friend Natalie went to eat at a restaurant in northeast Ohio. Just a week ago, Natalie herself was a victim of online harassment, after leftists on Twitter bullied her off the social media platform for supporting the 2nd amendment. Not having seen each other since, the two met at the restaurant to escape from the online drama for a night.

Shortly after the two sat down however, a group of young, overweight women entered the restaurant and immediately gasped when they laid eyes on Bennett. The group took out their phones and proceeded to snap photos of Bennett and her friend, making her feel visibly uncomfortable. Not only did they have to change booths because of the harassment, but the restaurant threatened to kick the group of women out if they continued.

After they left, the waitress told Bennett that the women were in fact taking photos of her. A day later, tweets surfaced from one of the girls in the group who snapped photos. Amber Davis of Ravenna, Ohio posted photos of Bennett to her Twitter with the caption, “Is this the gun slinging slasher from KSU someone help.” A follow-up tweet from Davis reads, “Update, it fucking is,,, someone PayPal me $50 and I’ll punch her in the head.”


Leftist Stalks Kent State Gun Girl; Takes Photos & Threatens to Assault Her


The waitress from the restaurant messaged Bennett on Twitter to update her on the situation, telling her, “she wrote on her ticket for our manager to go kill himself!! like what makes you even think it’s okay to say that. we showed him tonight she posted these pics and he said if they ever come [here] again they’re calling the police lol. like everyone’s entitled to their own opinion but there’s no reason for her to be sitting there and saying that you should die.”

The waitress continued, “she told one of the girls here that you should die and you get everything that comes to you.”






  1. Apparently, no one should have a gun, because guns kill people, and we should care more about people’s lives, but if you simply own a gun, you should die, just for having the audacity to own one. Your life has less value than the anti-gunner’s life. Makes perfect sense,…to a leftist bliss-ninny.

    1. I can’t begin to tell you how relieved I am knowing that my guns have been fully trained not to kill anyone without my express permission. To test them I occasionally leave the house but hide just around the corner to make sure they dont leave the house. It’s been 54 years since my dad gave me my first gun and it and the few I’ve bought since have yet to disobey my instructions.
      It must be a leftist issue. You know maybe being too lenient, not strict enough or maybe just bad teaching, that they have guns that go around killing people. Maybe the issue isn’t (or shouldn’t be) about banning guns but instead banning liberals?

  2. It is so sad that Miss Bennett, cannot express her personal philosophy, without fear. This is how the Nazi’s and the communists silenced dissenting opinions in years gone by. If she was my daughter, I would be taking extreme security measures to insure her safety. Also, ANY online threats would be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. May God stretch out his hand of protection over this brave girl.

  3. Ms. Bennett,
    Move to the South. You would be welcomed, and you would be safe from bullies down here.
    Amber Davis, you can go to, well you know where you can go.

  4. Thus we observe the power of indoctrination. Technology eases the brainwashing of the masses. The ease of individuals to convey propaganda to others in their peer group assists those influencing the masses. As the numbers of patriots continue to fall and the leftist PB cohort grows the power of tyranny grows.

    Believe that freedom fighter numbers overwhelm the PC mob if you want but sheer numbers mean little when the main indoctrination sources are owned by NWO tyrants whose armies of lackeys work relentlessly 24/7 to keep the propaganda gushing forth.

    A growing number of Web sites disallow my content that strives to counter the crud spewing forth from the many elite-owned Web sites. Those calorie-laden clucking hens cackling their discontent at the patriot gal are becoming the norm while our rifle-toting patriot is becoming the rarity.

    How do patriots combat all that is confronting us?

    Ample preaching to the choir but the choir dwindles while evil grows. And grows.

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