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Left-Wing Antifa Terrorists ‘Freaking Out’ over Proposed ‘Unmasking’ Law

This article comes from Breitbart.

by John Nolte

The left-wing terrorist organization that calls itself Antifa is “freaking out” over a proposed law that would enhance penalties for anyone who “injures, oppresses, threatens, or intimidates any person” while wearing a disguise or mask.

Throughout our country, and for a number of years now — and primarily because the establishment media fantasizes about,  promotes, enflames and  approves of the violence committed against the right (naturally, HuffPo opposes the unmasking law) — Antifa has been allowed to run rampant, committing countless acts of violence against everyday, peaceful supporters of President Donald Trump.

Antifa has also been responsible for untold amounts of vandalism and property damage, and targets the alt-right.

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Shorty Dawkins



  1. Right. The useful idiots are an arm if the left media. An avenue channel to drive the cabal’s agenda. Just like Black Lives Matter during Hussein’s reign. It’s a feable attempt to create another excuse why they need to take our guns. Mass shootings etc, all put in place for the media and lefty to take our freedom and liberty.

    The mask is good. It identifies the enemy, just like the CNN logo.

    1. WGP, I agree! I LIKE IT when they wear masks. Ditto for them dressing all in black. Makes it easy to identify the enemy. Spot on. Let them keep wearing masks. Will cut down on blue-on-blue issues. Kinda like how ISIS often dresses all in black. Makes it easy to sort friend from foe.


  2. I guess Batman, Robin, and the Lone Ranger will have to comply with the law also…

  3. There are already too many Federal Laws. This is a Tenth Amendment issue and such laws should be enacted at the state level. Potentially such a law could be misapplied and or misused. We have already seen what powerful people can do under the guise of Federal Law.

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