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Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux in Australia

Lauren Southern and Stefan Molyneux recently went on a speaking tour of Australia. They had planned on also speaking in New Zealand, but were prevented from doing so by authorities who feared their would be violence, not coming from Lauren or Stefan, but from those who wished to disrupt their venues and prevent them from speaking.

Those on the Far Left, like Antifa, don’t believe in Free Speech. They attempted to disrupt their speaking. Police kept them at bay, thankfully, but then had the gall to give Lauren and Stefan a bill for $68,000 for their services. One woman inside the auditorium charged the stage when Lauren was speaking, but was stopped by the security team. As she was hauled away, she screamed over, and over, “I love refugees.” Virtue signalling.

In the first video, James Fox Higgins, of The Rational Rise, an Australian, discusses the event.

In the second video, Lauren and Stefan appear on The Bolt Report, an Australian program. Andrew Bolt, the host, talks with the two about some of the “controversial” things they are accused of.

In the next video, Lauren Southern discusses multiculturalism. She was interrupted three times during her speech by those who sought to prevent her from speaking. The third time was when the virtue signalling girl charged the stage.

In the fourth video, Stefan Molyneux speaks. He defended Western culture and civilization. He defended Free Speech as a necessary part of a successful civilization.

The Globalist Left wants to stifle dissent by stifling Free Speech. They do not wish to engage in rational discussion, because their beliefs have no basis in rational thought. They will not discuss Western civilization in any terms other than derision, if they will discuss it at all. Certainly ANTIFA will not enter discussions.



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