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John Brennan – Deep State Actor

John Brennan was the CIA Director under Barack Obama. He has been relentless in undermining the Trump Administration and promoting the interests of the Deep State. He Tweeted the following after Trump’s meeting with Putin:


What did Trump actually do to deserve this derision? While the Far Left and Deep State Globalists scream bloody murder, proclaiming Trump is a traitor for meeting with Putin, what is it that he did that was treasonous? He met with him, and said a few nice things about Putin. He tried to improve relations between the two countries, but that was it. What is it that the Deep State and the Far Left are so worked up about?

The Deep State Globalists have created a meme that almost everything that is wrong in the world is the result of Russian meddling. “Russia did it”, is their concerted claim, repeated ad nauseum in the Mainstream Media, and through the Globalist politicians. All the Globalist voices repeat the same talking points, which are full of slogans and short on information; and truth.

The Globalists have created the “Russia did it” meme as a means of deflecting attention from their own nefarious deeds, and to keep their unthinking minions agitated and ready to march, riot and to generally act disgusting. The Globalists have chosen Russia as the “enemy” and they continue to play that card; regardless of facts and truth.

“Republican Patriots: Where are you???”, Brennan asks. What Republican Patriots is he referring to? Deep State Republicans. The anti-Trump Republicans and those who have supported the Globalists for decades. Mitt Romney, the Bush family, John McCain, John Kasich and Jeff Flake come quickly to mind. There are others, of course, and it was these “Republican Patriots” that Brennan called out to. They are not American Patriots. No, they are Globalist Patriots. They are seeking to destroy America and create a Globalist Utopia (read Dystopia).

Calling yourself an American Patriot is easy. Being an American Patriot is hard, for it pits you up against a pack of powerful liars. The Globalists promise us Utopia, but give is Hell.


Shorty Dawkins



  1. John Brennan has a face that could startle a race horse from a distance of 100 yards or more!! As a matter of fact, it is my opinion, Ol’ Johnny Brennan could quite possibly, without costume or makeup, fulfill the role for Frankenstein’s monster, depicted in Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley’s 2019 remake. Brennan and Peter Strzok, alike have some Frankenstein monster face expressions going on!!!! Both Brennan and Strzok, AKA deep state Strokes, have the natural ability, or have had extensive lessons in choreography, to appear as they do when filmed on camera in front of media videographers , to portray themselves as such. Never the less, the American citizen that witness their choreographed media addresses via television and/or internet platforms, wonder how the hell these individuals were ever heired, appointed, or elected in the first place!! Incompetent to say the least…. Do the rest of us a favor and retire.

  2. He may be guilty of crimes against the people of the United States. Trump has aleady said he is a very bad guy. I am sure there is more to come and Brennen will undoubtedly get his cumuppence. I look for many in the deep state to go to prison during Trumps second term.

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