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Italy Closes ALL Ports For The Summer | Merkel Hangs On For Life | Hungarian Minister Destroys BBC

In the following video by the Iconoclast, Angela Merkel is shown first, speaking (in two instances) AGAINST immigration. These two speeches were from times past, however, and now Merkel LOVES immigration, though the same conditions exist that she railed about in her early speeches.

Angela Merkel has changed her tune in recent years, much to the detriment of Germany. Now her coalition government is hanging by a thread, as one of her coalition partners wants limitations on immigration. Merkel is now being forced to backtrack, though she is fighting every step.

Meanwhile, in Hungary, the government is restricting immigration, and the Globalist BBC and Brussels are haranguing the leaders of the government as being racists and Islamophobic and all the usual insults they can come up with, but the leaders of Hungary are standing firm.

Italy, meanwhile has closed its ports to NGO migrant ships carrying immigrants picked up off the coast of Libya who are ferrying them to Italy. Italy is saying no more, as the rise of Populist/Nationalist sentiment in Italy brought in a new government that seeks to protect Italy against the massive wave of illegal immigrants.

Angela Merkel, meanwhile, fights against Italy and Hungary for doing the very things she once supported. Don’t you just love the consistency of Angela Merkel?


Shorty Dawkins



  1. After my wife and I spent 2 months in Germany last year, we were told by many Germans that they are not allowed to speak bad about the government for fear of being arrested. We mistakenly thought free speech was allowed throughout Europe, guess we were wrong. They also can’t speak nor do they hear the news of all the migrants raping their women. It is kept quiet. We don’t even hear much abut it here in the Us.

  2. Chances are that Merkel is not camping out with the immigrants she cherishes so dearly.

  3. Germany MUST get rid of East German Angela if it wishes to stay relevant in the era of President Trump. Germany MUST stand up to her and the Muslim invasion if the country is to survive. If not Germany is KAPUT. The Germans should look to Poland, Hungary, Italy, Austria, et., for leadership and direction Trump once again demands the Germany pay its 2% of GDP to NATO.

    1. ABSOLUTELY RIGHT! Merkel is the worst thing to happen to Germany since (I hesitate to say, Adolf Hitler, but suspect that is pretty close). She is spear-heading the Muslimization of Germany. Germany is becoming another Muslim enclave. As a result, German women are being raped and degraded to nothing more than objects to be used and discarded

  4. I support globalization that supports nationalism, just as I support this democratic republic which allows individual states in the United States, make their own policies and protect their own interests. I DO NOT support socialism or communism or any ism that would impinge on religious or personal freedom as outlined in our Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The Declaration of Independence makes clear the point of the United States. Americans and the world need to understand these important distinctions in order to promote peace while maintaining national security and independence for all nations and to protect each and all from criminal corruption by having such natural checks and balances.

  5. If it isn’t obvious by now what the game plan is of the Godless, Satan worshiping, power-mad, NWO-elitist ghouls is by now you are either brainless or a suicidal useful idiot or both; they are using Islamic terrorism and it’s by-product mass immigration as their spear-head for their One World TOTALITARIAN Government – that simple! Sheeple, especially those on the Left had better get their heads out of their asses while they still have them! I assert that REVOLUTION will be the final SOLUTION against these demonic psychopaths that are ruling the world with the help of their god Satan! WTFU!

    1. I agree except for the religion part. It is not about non-believers it is about criminals. It would be like stating all Germans are Nazzzzis. All Nazzzzzis might be German, but not all Germans are Nazzzzzis. It is really a matter of integrity.

  6. Merkel is on her way out of gov. Watch the people rise up and kick her rear out. She is following the globalist and that is the wrong road to take. She shows that she doesn’t care what the people think.!!!!! To read a news report that a man from somali or somewhere else beheaded the women and their baby is gross, and all these people need to be kicked out. How in Gods name can you trust them. They are like animals and have a mouth to boot. Calling people phobic is no longer working. Its the peoples country that needs to come first not the illegals. They are destroying the country. Their manners stink to high heaven.

  7. Notice her change came about after her and Obummer hung out for the big meeting about the EU Aand his telling her all was roses and we’re she to take a few Muslims in it would get more rosey . She ate this up big time to the point that today their ,muslims are wanting to take the country over. We’re he not Bathouse Obammer you might ,think he may of given her more.

  8. Germans now understand why we love our 2nd amendment. First they lost their guns and now free speech among other rights are being taken away and it seems like they have little they can to do about it. Look at what they did to Tommy Robinson in the U.K. and if you get put in prison it is filled with radical Muslims and the government lets them have their way with you. The people of Europe i am afraid need a revolution.

  9. In my opinion Merkel is just another puppet of the new world order fanatics. BBC and their propaganda is no different than Hilary and CNN. They love to put on a show for the masses and do their best to deceive. Tyrants have always existed but these days they hiding in the shadows and their puppets are display.

    1. In my opinion Merkel is just another puppet of the new world order fanatics. BBC and their propaganda is no different than Hilary and CNN. They love to put on a show for the masses and do their best to deceive. Tyrants have always existed but these days they are hiding in the shadows and their puppets are on display.

  10. ALL: In Nazi Germany this joke went around….. Dentists had begun practicing their craft through their patients noses. Why? Everyone was afraid to open their mouth.

  11. Incredible that Merkel is still in power. You would think that the German people would have woken up by now and realized how she was destroying the Fatherland.

  12. You can bet your bottom dollar that those ships will be making a bee line to the USA right about now. Now we will see whose side Trump is really on ! Personally, I think they should all be sent to the Negev where they can all be put to work making the desert bloom. Now that would be poetic karma !

  13. I’ve been a big supporter of oath keepers for a long time, however the rise of nationalism in Europe is not a good thing. The reason Germany is anti-nationalist is because of their rocky past with the NSDAP or nazi party. Nationalism brought people like Mussolini and Hitler into power. And the comment about speaking out against the German government getting you arrested is bull sh*t. I was stationed in Germany 5 years and you have essentially the same rights and freedoms there as you do here. No guns for civilians and a functional healthcare platform were the only real differences I saw when I was there (however i lived on-base).

  14. Merkel is a NWO globalist puppet – she will do anything they tell her just like Obozo did here.

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