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How to Escape the Democrat Plantation (an easy guide).

Candace Owens is an African-American who has turned away from the Democratic Plantation, as she calls it, and recognizes that the Democrats, though claiming to care for blacks in this country, have done little to help the black community. She recognizes that the black community has been indoctrinated, for years, by the liberal media into submission to the Democrats, and that it is time for the black community to wake up.

Candace, in this video, is speaking primarily to the black community, but her message of indoctrination can be applied directly to the entire nation. We have been lied to and indoctrinated by the media and the educational system for decades. We have been indoctrinated into believing the Globalist vision of Utopia.

We can all learn something from Candace Owens. Like it, or not, we are all, at present, on the Plantation.



Shorty Dawkins