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Elizabeth Warren Wants Higher Taxes

Sen. Elizabeth Warren is a Far Left Democrat who hates the thought of you keeping your money, instead of sending it to her, and her cronies, in Washington, D.C. via the IRS.

It’s no surprise that a Far Left Democrat wants more money to spend on Social Programs. Far Left Democrats always do. It is how they fund the programs that trap the recipients in dependency and thus on the Democrat Party.

Warren pines for the days when taxes were much higher. The idea of a 50% tax rate seems reasonable to her. Listen to her in the following video.


Shorty Dawkins


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  1. Ask her for her tax return. Then ask her why she took all those deductions. Ask why she didn’t write a check to the IRS to make up for the portion of 50 % of her gross income she didn’t pay. Could the hypocrisy be any deeper?

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