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Deep State Attacks! The Mainstream Media’s Coup Against President Trump!!!

The Deep State feels threatened and is on full bore attack mode. The Mainstream Media, and its pathetic talking heads, have been told to attack Trump for meeting with Vladimir Putin. They tried desperately to stop the meeting and failed. Now they have sent their Media Minions, and their Deep State operatives, like John Brennan, to try and rejuvenate the “Impeach Trump” movement.

While spouting ridiculous lies about what happened in Helsinki, the Deep State is showing to all and sundry their true selves. The biggest worry they see is that Trump has nominated a second Supreme Court Justice, which, to them, is intolerable. One way to prevent the Supreme Court nominee from being confirmed is to attempt to impeach Trump, and to delay the confirmation process.

The Deep State is aware of the paradigm shift happening in the US and Europe. They are playing for time in hopes of coming up with a way to block the ascension of populist/nationalist/traditionalist governments, which are in direct opposition to their Globalist plans. They see their Globalist vision slipping away. They are now pulling out all stops to prevent that from happening. Like cornered animals, they are fighting for their very survival. They will seek to draw their minions out into the streets in an attack on ICE, the MAGA hat wearers, Trump supporters and any and all who oppose Globalism.

Yet, as the #Walkaway Campaign shows, their support is dwindling. More and more people are turning away from the Political Correctness Fascism that is the Far Left. More and more people are turning away from the Cultural Marxism that permeates the Globalist vision. The mask of Globalism has been lifted, and the ugly creature behind it has been seen.


Shorty Dawkins