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Dan Harmon Calls for Extermination of Americans!

Dan Harmon, the creep who made a number of child-rape videos, is now calling for the extermination of all Nazis, who he claims make up 29% of the population in the USA.

In a profanity laced video you can see below, he calls for war against the Nazis, and screams like a maniac that the 29% need to be eliminated, and he is not kidding. He means it.

Harmon, of course, will not fight that war. Like all psychopaths, he will hide in his estate and expect others to do it for him. Meanwhile, he’ll make more child rape videos. He’s a real sicko.



Shorty Dawkins



  1. The guy narrating the YouTube video mentions “military coup.” I have been doing that since the mid-1980s. I believe that ongoing events is attesting that I am a sage, a pundit. The political system is intertwined with all other of the many USA systems so do not expect voting to prevent the USA from falling into an abyss of horrors from which there is no escape.

    The future is bleak from my perspective. Naysayers better hope I am wrong. A New Dark Age awaits.

    1. Considering 1776, I’d say the only way to return to 1789 is through a similar path. The “deep state” cabal, as were the British then and now, is not going away through the election process, nor those fools who support the darkness of the sinister (left). People keep reelecting “no name” black heart song bird, the same mentality reelect MW and so on and so on. Common sense does not register in the minds of evil men. The 4 A.M. memo is their life, their daily direction. The left play hard ball, we play pussyhat girly slow pitch. The left is coordinated, we are fractured over minutia.

      Remember the Sept 12, 2001 a nation came together, but six months later was divided. Why? Mission accomplished, it was time to proceed with the norm: Division.

  2. All the pedos are going to jail…including the untouchables….some to the electric chair, some to gallows, some a firing squad. Some a cell with big bubba. Are you counting the global numbers?

  3. Dan Harmon is obviously mentally ill. The narrator said, “He knows exactly what he is doing.” I don’t think he does. Again I say, Dan Harmon is mentally ill and is not able to function in a civilized, ordered, moral society. Based on his own words, I think he is not a safe person.

    1. Is Dan Harmon mentally ill, or is he evil? Are they the same thing, or different?

      He is calling for the extermination of millions who disagree with him. Didn’t the Bolsheviks, Hitler, Mao and Pol Pot do the same? They knew precisely what they were doing. It was political to them. Were they mentally ill, or evil?

      Good people recoil at evil and consider it to be an illness. Is it? Or is it simply evil. Is irrationality a mental illness, or something else?

      Shorty Dawkins

      1. All these attacks on the right are describing what the far left exactly is. They continue to blame us for what they are guilty of but Saul Alynski taught them to blame their enemy for what they in fact are guilty of. He is no more to me than a large pile of excrement who all too often are the ones whose voice is heard for the vast majority of real Americans are silenced by the communist media. They will lose big time.

  4. It seems to me that this idiot just put a bulls eye behind his head. Why isn’t he arrested already is beyond me.

  5. I’m sick of you so called “Oath Keepers/ Patriots/Proud Boys” calling this guy SICK while you line your families up to take in a movie. You so called self righteous do gooders pay 10/16 dollars a seat and buy $30 popcorn to give these millionaires Golden platforms to spew their disgusting rhetoric. WAKE the HELL UP, You in a war and Its your Kids that are the Prize. I took my 2 cable boxes into COX and cancelled my $149 a month bill. When they ask why I was cancelling, I told them That I was not going to give CNN another 46 cents of my $149 a month bill they then offered to lower my monthly payments. I told them hell no….

    But you’ll keep paying $100 to go see Guardians of the Galaxy ELEVENTEEN

    “because its entertaining!”

    Let the box office crumble.

    1. I am an Oath Keeper and do not go to movies. Nor do I nor my wife even have cable TV and I’m no “do gooder” as you put it. And as far as this pussgut POS calling for extermination, I wish that he’d try and start at my doorstep! But we know that he won’t nor will the millions of other snowflake crybabies as they are cowards inside and out.

  6. Who is this guy and why should I care what a crazy man says? Look his insane ass up! He is a danger to civilized society.

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