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Comcast Pulls Bid for 21st Century Fox, Paves Way For Disney Takeover

In a report on Breitbart, it was stated that Comcast has withdrawn its bid for 21st Century Fox, clearing the way for Disney to buy them.

What does this mean? Several things.

First, it is a further consolidation of the mainstream media into fewer hands.

Second Fox News, which is really the Neo-Con wing of the Globalists, (Yes, they are pushed as Conservative, but are, in actuality, just the protected, accepted Neo-Con wing of globalism), will be taken over by Disney, which is on the Globalist Left. If Comcast, the other bidder for Fox had won the bid, it would mean the same, as Comcast is, like Disney, on the Left wing of Globalism. The Left wing of the Globalists are merely vying for the spoils, as it were.

With the exceptions of Tucker Carlson and (sometimes) Sean Hannity, Fox News, and other Fox programming is primarily slanted toward the Neo-Con ideology. The Neo-Cons, as exemplified by the Bush family, John McCain, Bob Corker, Lyndsay Graham and others, are all Globalists who pretend to be conservative, but promote the Globalist Agenda, with a slightly conservative leaning.

Once Disney takes control of 21st Century Fox and puts its imprint on it, you will see a steady tilt toward the Left. They won’t make wholesale changes, but changes will be made. Will Carlson and Hannity survive? Or will they merely be muzzled? That remains to be seen, but Disney owns ESPN, and we can see what happened there. They also own ABC.

Fox had seen steady growth, as people turned away from CNN, MSNBC and others on the Far Left. The same will happen to Fox. People are turning away from the Far Left; away from Globalism. Now, with Disney purchasing Fox, the mask of Right wing Globalism, as personified by Fox, will be exposed. It will be time for conservatives who oppose Globalism to turn from Fox.



Shorty Dawkins