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Chicago Freeway Protest Highlights Gun Grabber Sense of Entitlement over Rights of Others

Chicago Freeway Protest Highlights Gun Grabber Sense of Entitlement over Rights of Others
They don’t care who they impose themselves upon. You rights just aren’t important to them. If they were, they wouldn’t be trying to ban them. (St. Sabina Faith Community Facebook photos)

“‘We Live In a State of Emergency’: Chicago Protesters Shut Down Highway to Demand Americans Disarm,” ZeroHedge reported Sunday. “Thousands of protesters led by Father Michael Pfleger shut down the Dan Ryan Expressway on Saturday to demand ‘common sense gun laws, community resources, better schools, jobs and economic development.'”

“Snuffy” Pfleger again. The rogue priest not only urged a mob to “snuff out“” a legal firearms dealer “like a rat” a few years back, but is now distancing himself from a supporter arrested on illegal gun charges who has been identified as part of his “security” apparatus.

Then there’s Mayor Rahm Emanuel. The Obama apparatchik ignored Chicago PD public safety concerns, threw his support behind the protest, and dissed the governor in the process. Citizen disarmament has never been about “public safety” anyway (quite the opposite, actually).

It’s no surprise “survivors” Emma González and David Hogg would try for their share of the spotlight – along with “stay-at-home-mom” Shannon Watts.

That would be “¿Armas para que?” Emma, the daughter of a refugee from Castro’s Cuba, “Big Lie” proponent Hogg who preposterously claims to be “pro second amendment,” and Defensive Gun Use disparager Shannon, who curiously didn’t appear all that vocal about public health when she was being paid big bucks by Monsanto at the same time allegations were flying about its weed killer, cancer deaths, and falsified data.

“I think there is a clear message being sent across the country and that is that we live in a state of emergency in Chicago,” protestor, Cook County Commissioner and Congressional candidate Chuy Garcia declared. Finally some truth out of these people, even if the inescapable conclusion is unintended!

That state of emergency should be all the proof any objective observer needs to realize that managing the city is beyond the capability of the corrupt incompetents and outright subversives calling the shots. Perhaps the governor should give Garcia exactly what he’s asking for, particularly when taxpayers have essential services like roadways denied to them while the mob is egged on by the very people tasked with “insur[ing] domestic tranquility.”

The Illinois Department of Transportation maintains the Dan Ryan Expressway (which is part of the Interstate Highway System) and pedestrian obstruction is a hazard as well as a gross imposition on the rights of others who are lawfully using the system. Contrary to Emanuel’s assertion that the unlawful protest was “peaceful,” not only did it create a hazard, but one person has no right to violate the personal and commercial travel rights of another by physically imposing themselves and blocking others from going about their lives and business.

Still, as with all such actions taken by those who believe their lot in life is to obnoxiously demand that others obey them, there are plenty of indications the demeanor of the “protestors” is getting on more and more on normal people’s nerves. People previously not engaged in the “debate” have been dragged into it and inconvenienced without any say in the matter—and millions more now see it could just as easily happen to them. On top of that, there’s the sheer ridiculousness of using Chicago’s out-of-control gangland murders and total disregard for all “gun control laws” as the bar by which everyone else’s rights must be measured.

“Number of people shot in Chicago this year surpasses 1,400,” The Chicago Tribune reported Monday.

Does anyone want to hazard a guess as to how many of the perps were NRA members, the ones the lying gun-grabbers are always saying have “blood on their hands“?


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David Codrea’s opinions are his own. See “Who speaks for Oath Keepers?”



David Codrea blogs at The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance (, and is a field editor/columnist for GUNS Magazine. Named “Journalist of the Year” in 2011 by the Second Amendment Foundation for his groundbreaking work on the “Fast and Furious” ATF “gunwalking” scandal, he is a frequent event speaker and guest on national radio and television programs.



  1. Surround the crowd with national guard troops. Hustle them into transport vehicles. Take them to a secure compound. Bring In a magistrate and process them one at a time for their crimes. Establish bail and release them. If they fail to show up in court, issue bench warrants and revoke bail.

      1. The difference is, they only nabbed a few for appearances of doing something. I’m talking about arresting everyone there and playing for keeps. I know,…it’s a pipe dream, but I can dream.

        1. The day is going to come when we’ll have to “play for keeps”.
          I’m not going to start it but, once it starts, I’m in with both feet.

          1. Well said and when they start it they are going to realize that because we have not been violent it does not mean we will not be if it comes to defending ourselves and families. I am with you brother.

          2. Once years ago my car was surrounded by teens who pounded on the hood and yelled slurs until I reved the engine and drove through the crowd, bouncing them off the finders as they tried to get out of the way.
            Southwest L.A., none the less.
            Why let mobs block you when you can just drive through, especially when in fear for your life?

    1. I say round up each and every one of them and place them in a Containment Camp until they can see the judge. These are Domestic Terrorist and should be treated as such. They do not deserve to get out on bail. Start enforcing the laws and you will see this crap come to a halt real quick.

  2. Progressives like these don’t deserve to be American for they hate everything that is American. They don’t even live up to the promises they made such as they would move to Canada if Trump won. Obama sheep.

  3. MOB, noun [from Latin mobilis, movable, variable.]

    1. A crowd or promiscuous multitude of people, rude, tumultuous and disorderly.

    2. A disorderly assembly.

    Had every Athenian citizen been a Socrates, every Athenian assembly would still have been a mob

    3. A huddled dress.

    MOB, verb transitive To attack in a disorderly crowd; to harass tumultuously.

    1. To wrap up in a cowl or vail.

  4. Once again I have to Say that We the People are Becoming We the Controlled to the Leftist Socialist Party Pukes who are Obviously Not in a straight frame of mind! It is Our Turn to Say that We the People who are For the Second Amendment Rights and the Constitution of Our Country to Show up in Big Numbers Go To Washington DC and March Upon the Steps of the House of Representatives and Show them Who Really Has the Power Of the People!! We Must do this Or they the Idiots will get there way and We’ll be Handing over our Rights!!

    1. WE the People are no longer CITIZENS in the eyes of the Progressive Left WE are now SUBJECTS- You know that Basket of Deplorables, that Nancy Pelosi speaks of mimicking her Goddess Hillary “The Chosen One” Clinton of the Klinton Krime Kartel. aka the KKK.

  5. These progressive leftist liberals want us to believe that they speak for at least half of our country when, in truth, they are well in the MINORITY! The lamestream media simply keeps pushing them in our face!

    IMHO, it’s one thing to protest against animal cruelty, domestic abuse, TRUE racial intollerance, etc. But it’s QUITE THE OTHER THING when these so-called ‘Americans’ PROTEST AGAINST WHAT OUR CONSTITUTION PROTECTS!

    These piss poor ‘Helpful Idiots’ don’t like what’s in our Constitution?!? TOUGH! LEAVE OUR COUNTRY, THEN! There’s PLENTY of people in other countries…especially in SOCIALIST AND COMMUNIST countries…who would GLADLY SWITCH PLACES WITH YOU IGNORANT FOOLS!

    Lock and load.

    1. Our First ELECTED POTUS labeled them Educated Derelicts, Lenin labeled them his Useful Idiots. Once again a Nation founded by Geniuses and being run by Morons.

  6. “Expressio unius est exclusio alterius.”
    The U.S. Constitution is the supreme law of the land. All members of the legislatures of every State, the Congress, the Judiciary, and the Executive all swear an oath to protect and defend the Constitution.
    Article 1, Section 8, Cls. 15&16 place the power “to execute the Laws of the Union” in the hands of Militia, which is defined as the whole people by the authors of the Second Amendment. Sedition, and subversion are defined as undermining the lawful authority.
    Since the Constitution states in no uncertain terms that the power of the Sword is in the hands of the People, and not the government, attempting to undermine this authority can be defined by either sedition or subversion.
    In addition the legislature has absolutely no delegated authority to redefine Militia, remove its power, or grant that power to another agency creation by any organic act other than the amendment process. There may be a case to be brought against those who are attempting to force government to undermine the rule of law.

  7. Short and sweet but most importantly true: REVOLUTION will be the final SOLUTION – guaranteed! These mindless Leftist suicidal stooges are going to keep ramping up their violence and unlawful behavior until they have their noses bloodied because they are being protected by the Godless, Satan worshiping, power-mad, NWO-ELITIST ghouls that besides being hell-bound they are hell-bent on making it a living hell for all of “US” and the world excluding them who will go on living as the kings and queens that they currently are doing on the public dole; they will need to be ERADICATED, not PLACATED as most of the sheeple would like to think! Armr==================================? – – – – – – -, we’ll eventually be needing them against Them, like it or not!

    1. By the time that they figure out a civil war with real bullets is not like their favorite video game then they will be too dead to do anything about it, and the world will be a better place to live in without them.

  8. A typical Obama, Emmanuel and Soros Tactic. They don’t blames themselves as much as pushing it off on everyone else, Why not March into the blighted neighborhoods where the problems are? Yeah, I wouldn’t go there either, They would like nothing better than to disarm everyone except their storm troopers, like these Black Panthers (Armed) seemingly absent at this event (at least the militants) What these radicals seem to forget, Our Forefathers didn’t put this in the Constitution so that we could go shoot rabbits, it’s there to allow us to protect ourselves from them and a oppressing government.

  9. I believe we already have “common sense” gun laws on the books. It’s called the Secondment Amendment.

  10. There’s no such thing as a common sense gun law. I’m not sure what liberal decided to hijack that phrase, but they need to read Mr. Paine’s writing and understand its meaning a little better.

  11. My question is simply this: When the F**k are all levels of law enforcement going to start protecting OUR rights and put a stop to this mob crap? If they block the roads, run over their asses. If they get in our face and yell at us like they are doing to Trump staff and supporters, then punch their friggin’ lights out. If they pull ANY type of weapon, send their asses straight to hell. Let God and satan argue over their worthless souls. It’s time we stopped tolerating all this insanity and fight fire with overwhelming fire. Enough is enough already.

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