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Candidate Confession Goes to Heart of Prescient Gun-Grabber Lie

Candidate Confession Goes to Heart of Prescient Gun-Grabber Lie
How much will these seeming differences make in 20 years if Republicans continue selling us out on immigration?

“Tedra Cobb, the Democratic candidate in New York’s 21st Congressional District, told a group of teenage supporters that she supports a ban on certain firearms but won’t say so publicly for fear of losing her election,” The Washington Free Beacon reports.

“Do not say that you want an assault rifle ban because you will not win,” Cobb admits on video, quoting a Moms Demand Action representative’s advice to her.

That’s a curious admission, because according to MSN – and there’s an impartial data-gatherer for you – “70% of Americans support stricter laws on assault weapons. That’s 87% of Democrats and 52% of Republicans.”

Candidate Confession Goes to Heart of Prescient Gun-Grabber Lie
Not quite the “majority” for “gun control” we’ve been led to believe…

Could it be that’s a manipulated lie that doesn’t hold up in the real world, kind of like the claim that “97 percent support background checks for all gun buyers,” despite actual results from Nevada telling a different story? The heavily-funded Question 1 passed by less than one percent of the vote and failed in every Nevada County except Clark (see side graphic).

The beneficiary of Cobb’s windfall admission (and subsequent disingenuous CYA backpeddling), at least among gun owners, is NRA-supported Republican incumbent Elise Stefanik. But claiming to be “proud of [her] record on the Second Amendment” notwithstanding, gun owners entrusting politicians with power deserve to see such records clearly, and Stefanik’s should not be above closer scrutiny.

“The congresswoman did say she breaks with the NRA when it comes to the devices known as bump stocks, which she wants to see banned,” a Times-Union report of an April town hall meeting revealed. Big mistake, but NRA’s hands aren’t all that clean themselves—their call for “regulation” was all the green light the Trump administration needed to press forward with a “rules” change that, if passed, will give unelected bureaucrats powers to redefine and ban that subsequent administrations will be ecstatic to expand upon.

But while her overall record is pretty good, there’s one area where Stefanik’s actions threaten to undo every advancement made and set us on the path for evisceration of the “legally-recognized” right: She has a “D-” grade from immigration watchdog NumbersUSA, with “F-“ grades for “Reduce Unnecessary Worker Visas,  Reduce Refugee and Asylum Fraud [and] Challenge Status Quo.”

Candidate Confession Goes to Heart of Prescient Gun-Grabber Lie
How will this not end up bringing about Obama’s “fundamental transformation”?

By all objective measures, represents the greatest growing threat gun owners will face. All credible polls show such populations favor gun restrictions by an overwhelming margin, as does the California experience. Further, after over 20 years the needle barely moves to the right.

As with guns, Stefanik offers contradictions. in 2014, she said she supported deporting illegals. More recently, she “crossed party lines to sign a discharge petition to force a series of floor votes on four DACA, immigration and border security bills,” and “announced her support for the compromise immigration bill.”

Democrats have been clear on what they expect that to lead to.

“Amnesty” and a “pathway to citizenship” for MILLIONS of foreign nationals in this country illegally (and legally, with CURRENT culturally suicidal policies) will overwhelmingly favor Democrats and anti-gunners. Resulting supermajorities in state and federal legislatures will then be able to pass whatever anti-gun edicts they desire. Such majorities will in turn result in nominations and confirmations of judges to the Supreme and federal courts who will uphold those edicts and it will be “game over” for the Second Amendment – at least as far as legislative and judicial attempts at redress go.

No doubt Cobb would be “worse,” but if this is the best Republicans in tandem with NRA can offer, a question asked by Hillary Clinton comes to mind:

“What difference at this point does it make?”

If not reversed, by us and now, the day will come when more and more Republicans will abandon gun owners. And Democrats will no longer need to hide their inner totalitarian because the number of voters favoring disarmament will no longer be a lie.


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David Codrea blogs at The War on Guns: Notes from the Resistance (, and is a field editor/columnist for GUNS Magazine. Named “Journalist of the Year” in 2011 by the Second Amendment Foundation for his groundbreaking work on the “Fast and Furious” ATF “gunwalking” scandal, he is a frequent event speaker and guest on national radio and television programs.



  1. Polls don’t mean anything, not even sure why they are used anymore! Look at 2016 election most of the 4,000 polls in this country had Hilary winning. What that shows is, polls being taken in predominant liberal areas and if they are polls for the right, then they are taken in predominant right wing areas. Come on guys, get real, gun owners and law abiding citizens with half a brain realize POLLS MEAN NOTHING and don’t change anyone’s minds on anything! Most people either research it or go down and check products or people in person to see if the poll is fake or might be reasonably true!

    1. Polls are nothing more than partisan attempts to seed groupthink, conformity, and mob mentality.

      “Lookie here! This is what all the cool kids think. You don’t want to be social outcasts do you?”

  2. If the flood of invading hordes of slum-dwelling, disease-bearing, unwashed millions is going to change our country just twenty years from now into a demoncrat utopia, what the hell are we waiting for? I would rather fight the good fight while our numbers are more equal rather than waiting until we are hopelessly outnumbered by our enemies.

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