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California: Assault Weapon Informational Bulletin; What to Do if You Missed the Registration Deadline

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Sunday, July 1, was the deadline to register “assault weapons” with the California Department of Justice. If you did not register your bullet-button firearm with CA DOJ, whether by choice or because the online-only registration system prevented you from doing so, you now have limited options to avoid potential criminal charges for continued possession of your lawfully acquired property. Given CA DOJ’s history of failing to inform gun owners of their responsibility, it is entirely possible hundreds, if not thousands, of California gun owners unwittingly became criminals at the stroke of midnight on July 1. NRA and CRPA attorneys have prepared an informative bulletin for gun owners that provides brief summaries of the legal options available to gun owners besides registration and additional information on how to handle any potential contacts by CA DOJ agents or local law enforcement.

Links to more information at NRA-ILA






  1. Boy, am I glad we left CA three years ago. It is a hard choice to make, but true patriots may wish to consider disobeying unconstitutional laws.
    The consequences may be very difficult to face. Why doesn’t NRA do anything to stop this nonsense? Remember what the first patriots did when the British tried to take their guns and ammunition plus arrest two of their leaders. They started the war for independence. If you don’t wish to fight then pack you UHaul and leave. Sooner or later we may be forced into a corner with no option but to fight for our rights.

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