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Battle Lines Are Clearly Drawn – Multicultural Utopia VS Populist Traditionalists

In a very revealing article posted by Paul Joseph Watson, on, Paul points out a HuffPost Germany writer, Veit Lindner, who asserts, that to stop the momentum of the “new right,” “it would actually be best to just replace” the German people with foreigners.

Huffington Post Germany calls for the German people to be abolished and Germany to be “repeopled”

“Attention, Germans! Fall in for comprehensive repeopling!” he writes, before going on to welcome, “Black, brown, yellow, white, Asians and Arabs, Africans, you people from America, India, people of all faiths – come and help us! Stream in and repeople us, but thoroughly!”

“A little more genetic and cultural seed-scattering here and a little more self-abolition through reproduction fatigue there – that, as Deniz Yücel once called it, would be the “most beautiful side of the perishing of a people,” added Lindner, remarking, “We are either all foreigners or no one is.”

Can you say Cultural Genocide? That is precisely what this writer is calling for! And it is what the Globalists seek. The Huffington Post is one of the unashamedly Globalist supporting media outlets.

Cultural Genocide is the goal of Globalism. It is what is behind the mass migration we are seeing in the US and Europe. It is Western Culture that they seek to destroy, and it is the growth of populist/nationalist traditionalism that has them scared. The two cannot coexist. One seeks to destroy the other. They are opposites.

As the HuffPost Germany writer, Veit Lindner, clearly points out, he wishes to destroy German culture, and its people, by importing wave after wave of immigrants who, he hopes, will change Germany into a multicultural “utopia”.

Germans, and other native Europeans, are waking up to the Globalist Cultural Genocide and are saying “No!”. The populists are saying “We love our culture and traditions. We plan to keep them.”

Thus the battle lines are being carefully drawn. The 20th Century growth of Globalism is, in the 21st Century, being challenged. The veil of what the Globalists envision has been drawn back for all to see. It no longer hides in the shadows. They seek to destroy our Western cultures.

Throughout many parts of Europe, the Globalists are losing ground and the Populists have been gaining ground. The relentless march to the Globalist Utopia has been halted. It has not been destroyed. Not yet, but it is imperiled. The voices, and votes, of the people, who wish to save their cultures, have halted the Globalist march.

We are in a turning point of history. The Globalist visions of the 20th Century are being rejected, as a new wave of Nationalist pride has grown to oppose it. New movements grow in stages, of course, and take time to blossom. Right now, we are seeing the buds of Populism popping through the ground. Will they survive? Time will tell. But we are engaged in a great battle for our cultural existence. It is up to us to stand firm against the Globalist Utopia that seeks to destroy our way of life.


Shorty Dawkins



  1. Wasn’t this sort of thing tried circa 1933-1945. By a man named Adolph Hitler and the National Socialist German Workers Party only they wanted to repopulate eastern Europe with “Aryan Super race”?
    What is the difference between them and Huffington Post call for it?

    1. Hitler wanted one master race , used incredible weaponary to assist- utopians want multicultural race you over population! Leadership is identical but outcome will be different as evidenced over the last year!

    2. Spoken like a true liberal. Well, you probably never studied history, and only learned what your liberal teahers taught. Hitler, wanted Germany for Germans. Everyone else out. What is wrong with national pride? You want everyone to have a culture but white people. Same in the US. The Mexicans, Blacks, Asians., now. Muslims, all want their own culture, but white people are hated for this. You want all white people gone, or interacted with marriage to rid the world of white people. If that isn’t hate, I do not know what is. It is an evil hate. But. Have no fear, Europe will decent into hell with your rampant immigrants. But the US will not. You know why,—–‘–”-Guns. We the people will fight, and fight and kill if it comes to war. So, will you be at the front leading the charge of liberal globalism, or hiding in the closet when the war starts.

  2. The only upside to this in Germany is that they will be too busy trying to save their own nation to even remotely think about about ever giving us a third world war anytime soon. But, if they fail to save their culture, then even if we manage to save our own, then you can bet the globalists there will be more than happy to give us another to try and wipe us out. Therefore, when the battle for our own way of life is won, or anyone else’s for that matter, then we cannot allow our military forces to be dismantled again as the globalist leftist freaks will still be after us again someday from the countries where they win.

    1. I can’t help but wonder…who is going to save the globalists? They can’t be that stupid. It sure won’t be the muzzies protecting them when everyone else is dead from the jihad.

    2. When they are done and should the Good Lord give us victory, it will be up to us to make sure they are done everywhere – it was written and still stands’ that with the Globalist Elite Deep State that “We the People”, America, Canada, Britain, Western Europe who stand for Freedom and Justice will need to see to it that they and there forces of Evil are absolutely Obliterated – as the Globalists’ are like a deadly virus that will re-grow, start rebuilding for a New World Order and Technocratic Dictatorship again – when the y are finished – they must be finished completely!

  3. Veit Lindner is just another typical lie-beral idiotized by Lucy Furr ! Don’t ignore them though- mass insanity from satanity is gaining ground. Remember, if you’re not part of the solution then you’re part of the problem! Speak up and speak out in defense of our values and our country.

  4. It is Obvious that We the People who are the Supposed White “Privileged” People which is Total Bullshit cannot Let This Happen in Our Country and Our Freedom as the Way we know it will be a Changed Place like Germany is Becoming, and We the People Must Never Let This Happen in this Country under Our Constitution which the Leftist Socialist Party Pukes Say That this Must Change! I am White and My Blood is Red,my Eyes are Blue~Well I Guess I’m as Patriotic As it Gets! We are already having a Problem with the Muslim People and I was there (in the Middle East) and all I can say is that We Cannot Let this Happen in This Country No Matter what the Consequences May Be! ALLAH is Not Our GOD and Mohammed is NOT Our Savior Jesus Christ is Our Savior and it Takes We the People to Commit to this and Never Ever Let this Happen in Our Country! Just Say No! As George Washington Said”Without the Bible and GOD Or Country will Never Make It!”

  5. Do not be heartened if “cultural genocide” is slowed or is not accompanied by large-scale actual human deaths. The goal of the alt-left is to eliminate all “cultures”. Just as the Taliban destroyed historic monuments to eliminate any historical, cultural frame of reference for their population so they could install their own culture (“we will fight to the death to live in squalor and beat our women”), so is the alt-left trying to destroy cultures that give populations a moral and behavioural compass so they will accept ‘by any means necessary” as the new norm. Other examples include Mao’s cultural revolution and Pol Pot’s reversion to agriculture and Castro’s “liberation” of the Cuban “masses”, except these involved mass slaughter of the non-conformists. Clearly, the Demaroids want a wave of new voters on the dependency plantation and their “brown Shirts”, the Antifa, Black Block, BLM thugs, et al. are prepared to use any means necessary to achieve alt-left primacy. Warning bells in our own US cultural genocide are the destruction of Civil War monuments, elimination of biology-based genders, censoring of any conservative speech, and denigration of traditional values. President Trump and the Republican right better step up quickly with information and education to prepare conservatives, moderated and libertarians to confront this assault on our country.

  6. Time theGermans roll time back to 1944 andarm them and let them regain thier country. ‘Tis along with sending the old witch who now is in charge to a islamic country oe a full time prison for life with no parole ever to be given.

    1. Thank you for defending great German people, whom General Patton called “the greatest race in Europe”.

  7. It is Obvious that We the People who are the Supposed White Privileged Which is Totally Bunk must Keep an Eye On What is Taking Place in Europe Because the Muslim People Have Only One thing on There Mind, and That is Total World Dominance!! I’m Seeing More and More than Ever Before Muslims Moving around This Country at a Fast Pace! Whats Worse is the Black Community are Converting to the Muslim Faith More than Ever Before! We the People who are for GOD Country Constitution and Our Freedom Cannot Let These People Grow into a Threat and it Seems to be the Case in Our Country! I am a Proud Patriot and Veteran and I was in the Middle East along with Africa and it Seems Like History is Repeating Itself and They Want a “Holy War” the Stage is Set and it is becoming a Problem in alot of States in Our Country and We Just Have to Say No! Look at what Our Supposed Last President Barrack Obama did to Our Country! Get a Grip People He is Not a Christian! His Agenda took US Back a Century in Relation between White and Black People! We Cannot Afford to Let this Keep Going On! It is Bad Enough that These Leftist Socialist Party Pukes are Letting the Mexican Illegal Aliens into Our Country and Being Taken in By Safe Haven States which is Totally Crazy Who Really is Going to Pay for This Big Ass Bill? I think that You get the Picture.Just Say No!! Before We Become the Minority of the United States of America!! Ceace And Resist at All Costs Before the Leftist Socialist Party Gains More and More Illegal Aliens Who Really Will Be the Future Voters in There Party!! It Makes Me Sick that I have Seen How these Muslims Live and it is not a Pretty Picture!! We Don’t Need Them Nor Do We Want them PERIOD

  8. Are the German people that dumbed down and numbed down that they are going to allow this to happen again. “Those who do not know their history are sure to repeat it”. Duh!!

  9. An IMPORTANT correction:

    Multicultural Totalitarian Police State VS Populist Traditionalists

  10. Huma Abedin which was Hillary Clinton’s right hand for years mother was a member of the Muslim sisterhood which is connected to the Muslim Brotherhood Abedin’s brother was a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. Abedin was one of the people that read all of the email that Hillary was sent by the government that was classified what would have prevented her from passing it on to her mother as well as her brother, Nothing! The Muslims scream that they will take over the USA if it takes a hundred years at the rate they are going in the USA they may succeed if they are not kept out of this country an stopped. They are building Mosques at every opportunity. They want Sharia law here like they have in every country in the EU, there are no go zones that are in every EU country where the police cannot go as well as the fire department. The East block countries that used to be part of Russia have built fences guarded by the armed military to keep the so called refugees out. Right now President Trump is building a high wall on a section of the border with Mexico to block the terrorists from coming over here. Hamas has been in South America since the 80’s any of the illegals trying to get across the border could be terrorists many of them dress just like the Mexicans they also speak Spanish. All I can say is hang onto your guns because the left wing wants all of us disarmed so we can’t fight back.

  11. We have a whole bunch of Democrats in America, who are experts at effing things up. You can have all of them if you want, no charge, in fact we’ll pay the air fare to ship them over to you.

  12. As the article reads……Battle Lines Are Clearly Drawn. I see no possible way to avoid it. Mitt Radates post above hit the bulls eye dead center. Stand ready.

  13. The Germans need to get Angela Merkel out-of-office. This elitist, globalist nut job is responsible for over one-million immigrants coming into Germany that also has caused other European nations to endure mass migration. There’s something terribly wrong with a people who want to destroy their race, culture and faith by Suicide. Not all of these migrants are wonderful as the Democrats of the U.S. claim. Rapes have gone up in Germany and Sweden and nothing is done about it. Women are told to keep quiet as this interferes with the One World Government take-over of countries by these hordes of people from way different cultures and faith. Instead of pussy-footing around, call these Globalists what they are – Communists, the same as the Democrats in the U.S. who like to call themselves Progressives. That’s just a “cleaned-up” name for Alinsky Communism who Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton favored. We are in a battle between God vs Satan, good vs evil. America for one needs to beg God to come back into our country and set things right since mankind is not capable of doing this for themselves. Otherwise – everything as we’ve known it – our freedom and liberty will be lost.

  14. Don’t fool yourselves. I am all for nationalism and populism, as they are outlined in this article. BUT, the globalists are winning, and in the end, will win. Why? Because they are out there DOING their plan while we sit on our collective assess and whine and TALK about wanting to stop them while we DO nothing. They are dumbing down our young people like never before. Just this morning, a news article stated that Duke University, one of the best in the country, is no longer requiring applicants to submit ACT or SAT scores for essay composition or writing. Why? They want all applicants to have a “level playing field” when having their applications considered. Translation: Some kids are so stupid, they can’t write a simple sentence, but we don’t want to interfere with their opportunity to become tomorrow’s leaders just because they’re that stupid. All in the name of multiculturalism/globalism/fascism. We are still being invaded by hordes of uneducated, impoverished, welfare-dependent masses by the hundreds of thousands/millions per year while increasing the number of “migrants” we take in from Africa and the middle east all the time. Pretty soon, the feds will terminate all programs designed to benefit minority populations. Why? Because the don’t want those programs to benefit the NEW minority of white anglo Americans.
    We who believe in maintaining our national unity and pride are in the minority, and we are becoming a smaller minority by the day.

  15. Please remember that the world must be governed by the globalists before the anti christ can arise. What does that tell you?

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