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25 Edible Plants, Fruits and Trees for Wilderness Survival

There are lots of edible plants that grow wild throughout woods, fields and perhaps in your backyards. From dandelion, daisy and burdock to crab apple, primrose and elderberry, if you know your plants, you can survive eating what nature provides.

Here are 25 wild plants available to you.


Shorty Dawkins


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  1. The list from the video for those that are time challenged:

    1. Primrose
    2. Thistle
    3. Fireweed
    4. Young Fireweed
    5. Dandelion
    6. Stinging Nettles
    7. Dead Nettles
    8. Daisies
    9. Hawthorn
    10. Rowan
    11. Garlic Mustard
    12. Red Clover
    13. Knapweed
    14. Greater Knapweed
    15. Burdock
    16. Elderberry
    17. Blackberry
    18. Pineapple Weed
    19. Rosehip
    20. Crab Apples
    21. Pine Needles
    22. Pine Nuts
    23. Poppy Seed
    24. Walnut
    25. Acorn

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