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Yes, The Tide Is Turning Against The Globalists


I wrote an article, recently, and pointed out that  “The tide is turning against the Globalists.” A comment appeared in the comment section stating: ” So when the author writes “The tide is turning against the Globalists”, I have to ask where he is seeing that?

I am seeing the tide turning in many ways.

Nationalism and globalism are diametrically opposed to each other. Globalists want to eliminate borders and national sovereignty and create a One World government ruled by selected oligarchs: their version of Plato’s Utopia. To show that the tide is turning against Globalism, one needs only to point out the rise in Nationalism. Here in the USA, Donald Trump, a Nationalist/Populist, was elected President, beating Hillary Clinton, a Globalist.

It was his message of Nationalist/Populism, embodied in his slogan, “Make America Great Again”, that people voted for. He decried the globalists. He stood for American sovereignty.

When was the last time the US had a President that unwaveringly stood for American sovereignty and values? Not since Reagan. Clinton, Bush 1, Bush 2 and Obama were all Globalists.

Globalism, by its very nature, is global in scope. What has been happening in other countries and regions? Well, there was Brexit, for one. The voters in the UK voted to leave the Globalist European Union, though their Prime Minister, Theresa May, a globalist, (She was anti-Brexit), has been dragging her heals on implementing the withdrawal.

In Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia, those countries have voted in Populist/Nationalist governments, opposed to the mass migration into Europe; which is supported at every turn by Globalists, such as George Soros, Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron.

Italy just elected, (by a wide margin), a coalition government of Nationalist/Populists that are anti-immigration and anti-EU. The last election in France showed a large increase in favor of the Nationalist/Populist parties. The same occurred in the Netherlands and even in Germany. A Nationalist/Populist party in Sweden is now the largest political party there, though it is not in the governing coalition.

Back here, in the US, the Globalist Mainstream Media is in serious decline, as their parroting and promotion of the Globalist agenda is being ignored by more and more people. The MSM viewership/readership is declining, as we “deplorables” seek our news elsewhere.

Andrew McCabe was fired and Peter Strzok had his security clearance revoked and he was escorted from the FBI headquarters.

Over 2,000 arrests have been made recently  in a roundup of child pornography and sex trading activities. The Sex cult NXIVM was shut down recently.

Many Congressmen and Senators are not running for re-election. John McCain is ill and not running for re-election. Senators Bob Corker and Jeff Flake, vehement anti-Trumpers (read Globalists), are not running for re-election. There will be many new faces in Congress next year. It is up to us to vote for anti-Globalist Nationalist/Populists.

There are some who want instant change, but that is not how change happens. They always see the glass as half empty. The Globalists have been pushing their agenda for at least a hundred years. Undoing what they have wrought will not be overnight, but it need not take a hundred years. What the Globalists did, they did secretly, in many instances. We don’t need to hide.

As anti-Globalist sentiment rises, the voices of the Globalists become shriller, and angrier. Globalist parrots, like George Soros, Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton, along with the Globalist shills in the MSM continue to demonize Trump and the Nationalist/Populist wave that is surging worldwide. All they can do is call us names, as their arguments are hollow. Their attacks are hate-filled and sound crazier by the day. They know their influence is waning. They see their beloved Utopia fading into the distance. It, like all Utopias, will end on the scrap heap of history.





Shorty Dawkins



  1. Well written Mr. Dawkins, you breathe hope into strong values and courage. I hope and pray it makes it way north across the border very soon. David Edwards, living in the woods of British Columbia.

  2. Just wanted to relay that the article on The tide turning was a good one and very true

    1. I would also recommend everyone go to youtube and search for “the swamp” interviews provided by newer members of congress who openly discuss the mind blowing ‘government’ corruption they are facing every day. I also agree with Mr. Dawkins, the Globalist media has simply become an echo chamber for Snowflakes. Thoughtful people stopped listening/believing media propaganda a long time ago. Moreover, the “fringe” crazies are being heavily funded; and their asinine behavior broadcast far and wide, by the Globalist media to make it appear they exist in far greater numbers than they actually do. However, I see no escape from the inevitable showdown; the Globalist tyrants will never voluntarily stop their activities.

  3. Thank u Mr. Dawkins. i thoroughly enjoyed this article. i have lived a long time, but until ovomit, i have paid no attention politics. Now in the autumn of my life, my hair is on fire. u have explained the globist, Nationalist/Populist aims, i am more clearly focused. i belong to several constitutional groups and we hope to help our new President get elected again in 2020.

  4. Then what of these supremacist globalists are they to be left alone to do this over and over as their religious texts push them to do? When world domination is an excerpt from a religious text maybe that religious text needs to go the way the globalists do. The federal reserve is still making policy, the MSM is still pushing their hatred and propaganda. In actuality the globalists are winning and the words may fit the actions to be taken but no real action has been taken.

    1. Zane,

      The Federal Reserve needs to be abolished. Its functions need to be returned to the Treasury Department. Until it is, we are just debt slaves.

      Shorty Dawkins

        1. Jack,

          To give a thumbs up, scroll down below the article to my author blurb To the right of it you can give a thumbs up, if you should be so inclined. Thank you for your consideration.

          Shorty Dawkins

  5. Very remote from my reality as it relates to observations of California, Washington, Oregon and close behind, Nevada and Texas as candidates, in the running, as well as many, already mis-representing the people and our Constitution-Bill of Rights, are all loud-and-proud Progressives. Depressing and shameful!!

    1. In Texas stepping in cattle crap is a daily routine, on the ranches where REAL Texans work and thrive. With our Texas weather down here, snowflakes melt quickly and if we get hit by any kind of blizzard, we will, in due time we will step up and apply the heat to melt the snow. Remember the Alamo! Then NEVER FORGET IT!

  6. Thanks for helping to lend clarity to an otherwise confusing issue. Nationalism vs Globalism is the most important issue we face today. Keep up the good writing! Vince Ansel, currently living in the Sonoran Desert of Arizona (thank God for air-conditioning)!

  7. At a meeting yesterday my friend and fellow Oath Keeper said that he just invested over $1,000 for two life memberships in Oath Keepers (for he and his wife) because in his view, Oath Keepers is the only national organization that has the Constitution and keeping it as our supreme law as it’s focus.

    As a septuagenarian, death doesn’t hold much concern for me. I’m right with the lord and will gladly do whatever is necessary to protect our beloved country from the tyranny of the globalists.

    I was trained by my government to “Kill Commies for Christ” and I haven’t forgotten how. I hope they will see that they don’t have a chance in hell of winning and will just fade into the night, but somehow I don’t think that will happen. They will have to be crushed like any other insurrection and it is incumbent on each and every one of us who love America to take up the fight.

    Remember the four boxes of liberty: the Soap Box, the Jury Box, the Ballot Box and the Cartridge Box. They don’t seem to have any fear of the first three!

  8. I agree that the signs (and acts) are there…but there are so many NWO Marxists in place (in the US), in the judiciary and (more importantly) in the legislative branch, that there is a coming tipping point of numbers, beyond which the swamp may no longer be drained. The assumed Republican majority in Congress is actually a majority of Dems and RINOs (NWO supporters); and this majority is constantly growing because R-party leadership infil-traitors are (and have been for over 50 years) defrauding our votes, to allow only RINOs to win the primaries. I saw a video, (which was quickly taken off the net) of a high R-party official refusing to accept (count) about 30 ELECTORS votes for Ron Paul in the 2012 presidential election (Yes. Why was absolutely nothing done). If conservatives don’t make a big enough fuss, directly to Trump about this, we may just pass by that tipping point. He MUST get some uncorrupted people from the (purposefully delayed, dysfunctional) FBI and DOJ to bring these R-party felons to justice. Then the next step will be to get every sec. of state indicted for refusing to ensure an accurate vote. A CA anti-vote fraud org. recommends the best way to ensure that ones vote is counted is to vote on paper, in person, at the polls; a pain, but well worth it, I believe. A ‘smart’ voter ID (not Fed ID), with citizenship status in it, should be required to REREGISTER (cleaning up the rolls will probably require this), and to vote. The only reason Trump won was by an utter landslide that literally wiped out MILLIONS of fraudulent votes. In most elections we will not be so fortunate. Most elections are too close to overcome the fraudulent votes. Also, direct fraud by the party leaders in the primaries cannot be overcome. A recent example of this was when the DNC defrauded votes for Bernie to cause a win for Hillary in the primary. MAGA !

  9. Shorty, I believe you are quoting me, so I think I’ll respond, and reference this organization as being part of the problem.
    We have a rule of law in this nation. I could start by listing the myriad of statutes that are violated every day by government at every level. I could also list the fact that We the People are ignorant to a level that is beyond dangerous. I recently spent 18 weeks on a Grand Jury to see people who do nothing but follow orders. In my state, an attorney cannot instruct the petit jury about nullification under fear of contempt charges.
    I could remind you that we have dual citizens in our congress, along with socialists. We’ve just had 2 wildly socialist candidates win their primaries. We have a S. Ctr. that hasn’t a clue as to their expressed duty.
    We have millions that have invaded our borders, and those people are bringing crime, and disease that were previously eradicated here. I’ll state that the minute I open my mouth I’m called a conspiracy theorist, no matter what facts I bring forward. I could go on, but lets go to the most fundamental aspect of law, upon which this nation of Popular Sovereignty rests.
    Article 1, Section 8, Cls. 15&16 institutionalize Militia as the authority “to execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections, and repel Invasions.” It is not good guys with guns who have this authority, nor is it the police, FBI, and a myriad of agencies that are unconstitutional in their function.
    Organizations such as this, with man power behind it, avoid the subject like the plague. There are a few on here who claim that they are proponents and have often written about it, but where is the movement to educate the membership as to the DUTY to keep and bear arms so that government is pushed out of our daily lives?
    I’m sure that people such as Stewart Rhodes and yourself, I’ll join you, can march on over to the headquarters of the NRA, and GOA and admonish them for their clearly anti-2nd stance. This is done to keep the contributions flowing, and I sometimes wonder about this group.
    There are other issues in economics that are mind boggling, but suffice it to say that the vast majority will always vote for tyranny. We are seeing it every day in the news, and we are seeing it in our elections.
    Having said that, I hope that I am wrong and you are right. I pray that for my children and grandchildren, but I’ve already seen far too much to have that hope in the fact that we refuse to pick up and enforce what the Founders recognized and institutionalized as the ultimate power “to execute the Laws of the Union.”

  10. Good news indeed!

    And I would like to point out that for years the Polish people were made fun of, on the premise that they weren’t as smart as the people making jokes about them. Well, guess what? Poland is turning out to be a rare gem, protecting her people by refusing to go along with the importation of primitive people from violent cultures. I only hope that we in the USA do as well as Poland has done.

    Well done, Poland!

  11. Good piece, Shorty! I agree with your observations, but we’ve got our work cut out for us. The Globalists have a well ingrained agenda (read 21) that has been incorporated into our public schools for years now (read core curriculum) and is reinforced in our very liberal colleges and universities.

    All of us must stand our ground and not be silent, as in, “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore”!

  12. USE elite-owned media has immense influence and regularly reports “news” in a manner to encourage the masses to support globalization.

    1. “USE elite-owned media has immense influence and regularly reports “news” in a manner to encourage the masses to support globalization.”

      Proof-reading a requirement when no “edit” option exists. I encourage the world to mentally convert “USE” to “USA.” Thank you.

  13. Great article and I agree, Trump and MAGA has a good foothold at the moment even though they barbecue him and every word that comes from him on a daily basis. Eight years of that foreign Socialist Muslim imposter took its toll, but “we” survived. There are still too many of “us” that are not willing to succumb to the Illuminati and Communist Globalism. Therefore, we will remain an Independent, Self Governing, Sovereign, Constitutional Republic. As an added insurance benefit, lets insure that we win the Mid Terms and elect him for a second term. Lets drive as many nails into the Socialist Globalist coffin that we can while we have the opportunity. God Bless America.

  14. Yes, we have a beach head. And a long tough fight ahead of us. Never, ever underestimate the Globalists/Communists. That would be a terrible mistake.

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